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  1. brilian post.
    love this one.

  2. really nice pack… i´ll save it for future use!!

  3. downloaded about 4 fonts from here thanks!!

  4. Awesome collection – thanks for sharing!

  5. Badabum is really interesting, going to have to see what kind of design these would be best in..

  6. Loving ‘Giro’ and ‘Snail’. Great collection. Thanks for sharing

  7. Thank you for collection this fonts to us.

  8. My favorite is #2. Thanks for sharing!

  9. This beautiful fonts, tankhs….

  10. Wonderfull list, allot of new ones for me

    thx for sharing

  11. A lot of new fonts to me, thanks for sharing.

  12. Very usefull. Some very good fonts in there.

  13. Nice collection, thanks for sharing these cool fonts

  14. Awesome list. Definitely some that I have not seen before. Thanks a lot!

  15. Nice collection :-)

  16. Nice collection

    The link to folk font doesn’t run, but you can download here:

  17. Nice collection of typefaces, Thank you!

  18. Cool fonts.

  19. great roundup, some really nice fonts…bookmarked to check some of them later in detail :-)

  20. OMG “Orbitron” is exactly what I was looking for.

    Thanks a ton guys!

  21. Stunning collection of fonts. I found some new stuff

  22. Great fonts thans

  23. Hey guys… thanks for the feature on Hetilica.

    Lovely post.


  24. ooh it’s usefull…

  25. thanks very usefull

  26. It’s really impressive, the quality of links.
    Many, many thanks admin.
    Please continue the excellent work.
    Thanks again.

  27. Great fonts

  28. Love a couple of those. Pinpression is a great one.

  29. Great font collection. Thanks for sharing … appreciated!

  30. Cool! I am really going to try few fonts today

  31. oh my brother won, the sources were very good.

  32. Brilliant font share.
    I found what I was looking for. The Union font is great!

  33. Great Font, thanks but i need script fonts

  34. Thank you for collection this fonts to us.

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