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InstantShift is leading design and inspiration related community which provides daily resources for web designers and developers.

Currently iShift averages 600K+ visitors per month (more than 850K page views), and 20000+ RSS subscribers and, based on the statistics so far, and it is steadily growing.

Some Statistics

Here’s some statistics figures you might want to cross-reference, web traffic figures as accurate as February 2012.

  • Daily Visitors: 20,000+ (~600K visitors per month)
  • Daily Page views: 28,000+ (~850K page views per month)
  • Feed Subscribers: ~20,000
  • Google Page Rank: 5
  • Technorati Rank: Top 2,500

The audience is very targeted and it consists of web designers, web developers, bloggers and enthusiast, most of them professionals that visit this site on daily basis. We delivers fresh and high quality content as we believe in quality not quantity.

Our articles are often featured on the front page of delicious and made their places on particular niche of stumbleupon and well received on various blogs throughout the community.

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InstantShift offers following types of site-wide banners with direct links:

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Text link Ad Options

We’ve got few options for text link ads. Contact us to know more.

Special offer

We offer special discount for advertisers who are planning to purchase for multiple months and using respective option they are allowed to pay same rate for entire advertising period. That means your rate of payments unaffected if we increased our rate of advertising anytime in between the advertising period.


The banners can be purchased on 1 calendar month basis. That means if your advertising starts on a 10th of month it will end on a 9th of the following month. Payments can be done with PayPal only. Payments must be received in full before your campaign starts.

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Current Sponsors

Special thanks to some of our long time ad sponsors.

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