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  1. What a nice Collection…. I always love free fonts.

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  3. W0W :)

  4. What a collection… Awesome Guys. I love the way you represent the list… Impressive.

  5. Once again, thank you! This site continues to amaze me.

  6. These are glorious days for typography: the quality and quantity of fonts being developed is impressive. Also I’m cheap… I Always prefer your free font lists.

  7. Great collection! Thanks a million!

  8. Nice fonts. Thanks for the links.
    some of these are really great. :)

  9. Thanks for the roundup! great work!

  10. Free Fonts… So many… WOW !!

    Thanks Danial for all of these.

  11. Okay, so I just spent about fifteen minutes looking over this list, and while I have already tagged it because I know I will end up using quite a few of the fonts on this list, if I had to pick my three favorite fonts out of the 104, they would have to be Eight One (#30), Mido (#65) and Sketch Rockwell (#85).

  12. Wow. Really good list. Thanks! Del.icio.used

  13. Thanks

  14. Nice one. Great share.

  15. Wow great fonts! Thank you :D
    Although a few of the links are in the wrong place, but I don’t care!


  16. Thanks for this article. Really useful. I can now look at how the font looks before I use it ;)

    I also love for font downloads. Cheers

  17. thanks for the nice fonts,somme ware new to me

  18. Thank you very much for the fonts and the links, very usefull :)

  19. Great collections of free fonts.
    Will be downloading many.


  20. Nice job! Really good looking fonts!


  21. Wow, Nice Collection there ! Downloaded lots of’em.. Very Cool Collection.

  22. Bookmarked!

  23. A fantastic collection! Some of these I know I have but so many I’m not sure about or don’t. Will get downloading ;)

    Thank you for sharing!

  24. Cool :)

    Let us know if you find any free font that is interesting enough to be listed here.

    Thank you guys.

  25. gogo download

  26. Hey guys. Do any of you know what font is used in the image at the top of this article?
    Thanks :)

  27. I have downloaded all fonts from the list above and uploaded here:

  28. thanks

  29. Wow!! Awesome collection a few extra’s that wasnt there on smashing magazine’s list. Thanks

  30. Great collection, but man would it be easier if this was in a big pack!


  31. Nice list!!! Myriad pro is my fav. too and Trebuchet MS for web.

  32. great list. i didn’t know most of them before.

  33. Thank. Great collection

  34. Thank you, nice collection.

  35. Buena colección amigo, mi página favorita es


  36. Great. Thank you so so much!

  37. Very nice Collection, most of the are realyy great. Thanks.

  38. hi very very nice list and thanku so much

    and one more thing you need to give all fonts in one click to download

    if you have then plz send me on

  39. Really awesome !! … thnx for these great fonts ..

  40. Nice Collection. Page Bookmarked !!

  41. Stunning post…truly appreciate it

  42. cool collection….

    thanx very much…

  43. Thank you for the font collection

  44. Chido, chingon, nice, fantastic

  45. This is an exceptional list, thank you! I was just starting to learn Typographic =P

  46. Nice fonts! I use some of these on my free design logo project. Awesome!

  47. It’s unbelievable to get such valuable fonts for FREE. It’s a great job done by you.

    Thanks Daniel

  48. I love your blog. very much. it gives me alot of latest information and free stuff. thats very much usefull to me.

    thanks alot!

  49. thnks …these are really good …i’m going to use them for shure

    Nekeress Janos

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  51. Some nice fonts, time to start downloading

  52. thanks for fonts…:)

  53. Nice collections

  54. gud job yaaar………
    it wil helps a lot for the designers and thanks a lot….. for providing these

  55. Yoooooooo! It’s all for free? Cool?

  56. can i get western union font..plz…

  57. Just want to point out that a lot of these fonts have Creative Commons license protections against commercial use. Not sure how that impacts using them in logos.

  58. Very Very Excellent Collection !!!

  59. Hey guys! Seems there is a new free font site out there called Seems pretty nice.
    Offers a really cool search engine. Check it out .. I am quite happy with it.

  60. nice i like it =)

  61. very useful fonts. Thanks a ton.

  62. Another great collection of fonts, thanks for sharing these :)

  63. hai guy
    thanks a lot.
    really its very useful to others and me also.

  64. Thank you admin, very very good fonts

  65. nice collection. i downloaded 5 fonts. thanks for sharing..

  66. Amazing Collection !

  67. amaizing collection…thanks a lot

  68. Thanks a lot for sharing. Helpful indeed.

  69. Really Good !!!
    thanks a lot

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  71. wow..its a really fantastic and awesome font, its can be very use full for to make my design.

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  73. A great list of fonts… downloaded a few, thanks :)

  74. Very useful article, I was looking for new fonts, here I found the quality and quantity.

  75. I am looking for a font called “France”. Does anyone know where I might find it for download? Thanks. Steve

  76. Thanks to you, it’s really good chosen fonts

  77. Stunning collection of fonts. I was searching for Ubuntu font for a long long time.

  78. Great. I was just looking for inspiration for a new logo I’m creating… your article gave me some ideas.

    Thanks Daniel :)

  79. Nice collection. . . Thanks for sharing it

  80. nice ans useful post

  81. That was really informative.

  82. That was really informative.

  83. Excellent Fonts! Thanks man!

  84. You guys rock, great collection, I have just added your site to our resource section for bloggers and web site designers. Thank you again..

  85. You are definitely a skilled writer. You definitely know how to write to keep the audience engaged. Cheers

  86. Hey man, this site is one of the most useful tools online. I have some great ideas for your fonts. I’d like for to follow my blogs and future site. I’ll keep you posted on updates. Keep them coming Adam. Thanks!

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    You have been more than impressive. Such a nice blog.
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  88. Thees are really nice fonts.

    Thanks for the links.

    Do any one know where can i download all above fonts in a single click.
    I mean a zip file..

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    As we know that typography can be used as a way of mutual understanding between you and your users. To communicate effectively, typography requires appropriate typefaces as there are a lot of unsung fonts out there that have really inspired me and all .

  120. I hope you don’t mind
    me suggesting another site for advertising-supported sites who want to stay ahead of rising user concern about behavioral targeting You get a free privacy scorecard for your site
    Okay, so I just spent about fifteen minutes looking over this list, and while I have already tagged it because I know I will end up using quite a few of the fonts on this list, if I had to pick my three favorite fonts out of the 104, they would have to be Eight One (#30), Mido (#65) and Sketch Rockwell (#85).

  121. Nice collection of fonts………

  122. Do not use these fonts for commercial use without checking the EULA (End User Licence Agreement) of each font. You can be sued. No joke.

  123. Great collection to use.

  124. thanks….Nice collection

  125. This is the best collection I’ve seen so fare.

  126. Hi, could I quote some of the information from this blog if I reference you with a link back to your site? Regards

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  130. Awesome fonts

  131. Great list fo fonts, i particularly liek the scribble one, are we able tore sue these comercially (all of them) ?

  132. great list of fonts,are we able to just take them and use them on clients sites?

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  138. Wow! Lots of amazing free fonts here.

    I want to start designing logos to sell. Can these fonts be used without infringing on copyright laws?

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    this is awesome.. helped me a lot to find my font!

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  147. You have a really a nice collection of fonts. Love to download some of them. Thanks for sharing with us.

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  149. Grammar mistake of “an good”.
    And why is there the arrow here (while typing a comment)? I can’s see some of the letters I’m typing. It’s annoying.

  150. When I see the list of fonts, I was curious if these fonts could be applied to linux. When I visited the link, I am glad that it is definitely free and it is applicable to linux. Unfortunately, some of my favorite fonts are not free so I guess the free fonts are fine with me for now.

  151. hey ur fonts were awesome!!!!!!! nice collection of fonts u have …u can also visit my site and help me for my logo design

  152. Great fonts, the 28 days later one is awesome

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  173. hello guys, tnx for perfect sharing, buuut how can i get it all in one file like zip or rar ? it is hard to download one by one…tnx in advance for your kind help.

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  181. dear sir i want the rajni gandha pan masala font where i get if any brother help me than please design the outline and rajnigandha font and mail me i am thankful its so urgent.

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  183. The best collections of free fonts, use it many times to design logo. thanks.

  184. These fonts are highly creative and are really like a treasure for any designer. One must bookmark it. I have also used number of fonts from this collection. Thanks for sharing with us.

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  189. awesome set of resources! thank you for sharing this and doing the research for us all to discover. i will definitely be referencing this time to time.

    i just want to add, another excellent resource / place for typography is – it by far is the most complete and solid font site i have visited. you can test the fonts online

    thanks again for the excellent links!

  190. Well, this is another inspiring list, but it’s rather misleading. Lots of these are not free, and of those that are, almost none are free for commercial use. So it’s not a list that’s actually useful for web designers or logo artists, ie, commercial enterprises. Kind of a disappointment!

  191. This font is alos very beautiful.

  192. Well, this is another inspiring list, but it’s rather misleading. Lots of these are not free

  193. i just want to add, another excellent resource / place for typography is – it by far is the most complete and solid font site i have visited. you can test the fonts online

    thanks again for the excellent links!

  194. place for typography is logofonts This font is alos very beautiful.

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