16 Best Typography Blogs

Typography is one of the most important key aspects of any web design project. Among other things, effective typography always manages to achieve some of the important objectives of web projects like corporate identity, attractiveness of the project, enrichment of visual appearance, trust and interest of readers etc.

Also it’s helps you to represent the bound emotions of your scratch in front of the visitors. You can show your creativity by the choice of a unique and beautiful typography.

A good blog needs good design which includes Good layout, overall color matching, attractive logo, clear navigation and most importantly the choice of typography.

In simple words, if you want to effectively communicate with your reader or clients then typography is one of the key element which you can use very efficiently. But how to get in touch with latest happening in Typography sphere without any working knowledge. Check out this list of 16 Best Blogs for Your Typographical Inspiration.

01. I love Typography

I Love Typography, a web site devoted to typography, type, fonts and typefaces.

Official Link

02. Typographica

A daily journal of typography featuring news, observations, and open commentary on fonts and typographic design.

Official Link

03. Typophile

Best Typography Blogs

Active discussion board with font identification and type design critique forums . Sporadic features include interviews with typographers, news feed etc.

Official Link

04. FontFeed

Best Typography Blogs

FontFeed is a daily dispatch of recommended fonts, typographic technique, and digital type at work in the real world. Eat up.

Official Link

05. Type For You

Best Typography Blogs

TypeForYou is a weblog on typography. Provides interviews, articles, font reviews, book shop, and events.

Official Link

06. Typographer

Best Typography Blogs

The Typographer.org website is an eternally evolving not-for-profit typography project. It’s a Digest of typography news and commentary from David John Earls and Yves Peters.

Official Link

07. DailyType

Best Typography Blogs

Daily Type is a creative project run by several russian type designers. Day by day, they create original typefaces and post their results along with routine.

Official Link

08. FontLeech

Best Typography Blogs

A blog collecting the best free fonts on the web for download.

Official Link

09. WebTypography

Best Typography Blogs

WebTypography is The Elements of Typographic Style Applied to the Web – a practical guide to web typography

Official Link

10. FontLover

Best Typography Blogs

FontLover is all about Font news from around the globe and A+ font links.

Official Link

11. TypoTect

Best Typography Blogs

Typotect is a personal portfolio of Karl Frankowski, a recent graduate from University of Minnesota. He has crafted several freeware fonts available for download at typotect, and is currently pursuing a career as a graphic designer.

Official Link

12. TypeForYou.org

Best Typography Blogs

TypeForYou.org is a sister site of typeforyou.blogspot.com.

Official Link

13. TypeSites

Best Typography Blogs

Typesites is a weekly showcase of websites with interesting typographic design.

Official Link

14. Surfstation

Best Typography Blogs

Surfstation a webblog devoted to typography, design, fonts etc.

Official Link

15. Mark Simonson

Best Typography Blogs

Official Link

16. itchyRobot

Best Typography Blogs

Another great typography webblog.

Official Link

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