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  1. Hi Thanks for the Awesome article! I never know that Pepsi changed it logo in 2009. Also it’s amazing how you arrange them in a list with cool logo images. Thanks for your efforts.


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  6. I really enjoyed your article, thank you for the list must have been a hard work.


  7. Very inspiring and great article :) loved it

  8. Nice list ,its amazing how the logos have evolved over time.

  9. I like consistent logos like VW and GE. Companies that change too often are making bad attempts to reinvent the brand. Walmarta newest is a sad attempt to look cleaner and brighter. It looks like the pepsi logo tripped and fell

  10. Wow great chronology!

    It’s really cool to see the evolution of their logos and history behind it. Thanks

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  12. This is really very interesting how logo changed overtime for these corporate companies.

    nice job.

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    Good job, Dkumar!

  15. Thanks for this post, I was looking for some great examples of the evolution of brand design with major brands to share in a business case I’m developing. Thanks! I didn’t realize that apple began with such an interesting logo design.

  16. interesting how ford seemed to foretell the huge trend nowadays with that smooth glossy highlighted look. understandably, today’s versions are a bit more polished (for example, apple’s at the top of your list), but still intriguing that ford did it over 30 years ago (although maybe not all that surprising, given the industry). i guess fashion is never invented – it’s only reinvented. nice compilation, thanks!

  17. This was a great read! It was really interesting to see how the logos we see every day evolved. I love logo design.

  18. Nice list. Apparently, the most significant thing you’re missing is rudimentary knowledge of the English language.

  19. The GE logo has been known as “The Meatball” within GE for many years.

  20. Very enjoyable, however, the GE logo hardly changes between 34 and 03… Also, “in 1971, Folks at Kodak tryong to adds more complexity to the mark.” -horrible spelling and grammar.

  21. well, we can say that for google logo also. ;) it hardly changed since beginning. Isn’t it.

    Anyway, I like their logo but I am not pleased with their favicon. They could have done better job.

  22. Actually, the Volkswagen was Ferdinand Porsche’s idea. Hitler, who was aware of Porsche’s work in this area, provided the means for Porsche to realize an inexpensive car for the masses, which fit right in with the political atmosphere of the day. Porsche was pretty much apolitical, but was still jailed after the war for his association with the regime.

  23. Actually, the Volkswagen was Ferdinand Porsche’s idea. Hitler, who was aware of Porsche’s work in this area, provided the means for Porsche to realize an inexpensive car for the masses, which fit right in with the political atmosphere of the day. Porsche was pretty much apolitical, but was still jailed after the war for his association with the regime.

    Also, the KdF-wagen was called the “Type 1,” not the Beetle, which is one of the many nicknames it picked up over the years. The VW Bus is the Type 2, etc.

  24. Great post!

    Apple: Gets better and better

    Shell: The progression is impressive, its simplified more and more over time.

    Xerox: There’s been a lot of bad feedback regarding this new design, the symbol looks like its off some logo template site and the font is a little weird.

    BMW: perfect

    Nike: perfect

    IBM: Hurts my eyes a little, its a hard logo to work with as a result. Would’ve liked to see something better.

    Canon: perfect

    Google: nice progression, its one of those logo’s that can be displayed in this way without having to look all serious and corporate.

    Kodak: The more I look at the font the more I think it kinds looks like a camera, well done!

    Microsoft: Haven’t changed much since ’87, not much to say except I think its fine as it is

    VW: Perfection ++++

    Mastercard: I like the previous logo better.

    Firefox: The current logo looks great

    Pepsi: Looks like they were inspired by their rivals in the early days I feel. The ’73 version is the best out of all of them

    LG: looks good, not the easiest logo to work with.

    Mercedes-Benz: What an amazing progression, they continue to focus on elegance and prestige

    General Electric Company: nice logo, simple and clean

    Nokia: Current logo is friendly and quite nice

    Ford: I like the previous logo blue as the current one looks far too Web 2.0. The previous one as a whole looks way better.

    WALMART: Dont like it one bit. The yellow rays look strange and the font type is too plain.

  25. Your BMW logo timeline is incorrect. The logo listed as “70s and 80s” is actually the early BMW Motorsport division logo in the 70s and early-80s, prior to the adoption of the current three-color ‘///M’ design.

  26. The 70’s were a confusing time for many of us, even BMW

  27. Xerox themselves seem to have forgotten their pixely logo, so I can’t blame you. I’ve always liked this one:

  28. Max Weir – are you dumb. Don’t you think you are a bit serious to write all this blah blah. Whose gonna read it. Why so hype… Logo design is nothing more then lighting a candle. Anyone can do it.

  29. @Tom Stockwell

    Actually, the first Apple logo was designed by one of the founders of Apple (Ronald Wayne), who at the time of designing was not aware of the fact that it would be used as the logo. He told that in the recently released documentary Welcome to Macintosh.

  30. Great work and well written. Maybe I found a mistake… on my 25 years old Canon I have an Logo thats not listet here.

    Check it…



  31. Pepsi logo still looks like the second to last one in some countries, actually. I am pretty sure I’ve never seen the last one.

  32. Hi

    That was very informative about the evolution of various corporate logos. Kudos to you and the great effort…..



  33. My ’98 Jetta GLX has that blue logo (that says since 2000) on both the manual and the black cloth thing the manual goes in.

  34. There is no “kwa” sound in Japanese. The information that Japanese people pronounce it that way is thus incorrect. In fact, they never have pronounced Canon this way.

  35. great list!
    but afaik the mercedes logo now comes in plain white with the logo and the type separated … right?!

  36. i seem to recall reading somewhere that the missing piece in the apple logo does NOT represent a bite, but a dent (from where it hit newton’s head). that’s the connection to the original logo.

  37. In autumn of 1971, I was a junior at Roswell High in Roswell, New Mexico. Many times during my high school years I contributed graphic designs to various clubs, choral productions, the cheerleaders, drama club productions, etc. Roswell has always been a very conservative, Republican community, and some of the teachers thought it would be a very good fund raiser if I designed a license plate that the local town folk would enjoy displaying on their cars. In New Mexico, we have only one plate on the back of the vehicle, so you can put whatever you want on the front. I designed that ubiquitous elephant, that looks kind of like a mail box with a spout curving off the right side, which is the logo of the Republican party. Originally, I drew it with five staggered white stars within a field of blue, across the top, and red and white stipes across the bottom. The design these days has been simplified to solid blue on top and solid red on the bottom, but the basic shape of the elephant is still the same. These license plates were silk screened by the shop class and then sold by the DECA club. I was never paid one cent for my contribution, except I got plenty of thanks from everyone involved. The logo was immediately adopted by the Chaves County Republican party and was used all throughout the elections leading up to November 1972. When the elections of 1976 rolled around, it was the logo of the New Mexico Republican party. And then in 1980, when Reagan was challenging Carter for the presidency, it was the logo of the national GOP. My mom told me many times that I should get the elephant copyrighted, but being such a stoner as I was in those days, I watched many years fly by until I figured nobody would ever believe me if I attempted to proclaim this as my own invention. I live near Santa Fe now, and I’ve thought of traveling down to Roswell and inquiring at my old high school to see if one of these plates is still sitting in some dusty forgotten closet somewhere. I’ve been an artist, a sign maker, and a graphics designer all of these years, having always been self-employed. I’m 53 years old and I’ve never voted Republican.

  38. For those of you interested in Google’s page history:

    This shows the history of the Google page from today to its beginnings…

  39. @Ryan Ozuas – Logo designing is a very hard and creative job as it needs hours of hardwork and days of thinking.

    @Edi – Very Nice link. I wonder how many hours they actually spent on making such video.

  40. the current Mercedes Logo is not correct. They switched to a simple 2D style star I think one year ago… they are running against the 3d-look of all car brands. look at the website of mercedes.

  41. You say: “If you visit the official Volkswagen site! then you cannot get this.”

    This is not true! Look at and visit the “Chronik” (currently only German but will be available in english too”. When you read the second part (1937-1945) you will even see Hitler mentioned «Für das von Ferdinand Porsche entwickelte Fahrzeug prägte Hitler den Begriff “KdF-Wagen”» (For the, car, developed by Ferdinand Porsche, Hitler “coined” the term “KdF-Wagen” (humble translation by me)).

    Besides this little polemic of yours, I like your collection. Thanks for it!

  42. “You can see this in the first of it’s kind GE logo.”

    That should be “its” (possessive, without the apostrophe).

  43. “‘ Nokia’ in Finnish means means a dark, furry animal… ”

    The things you learn about your mother tongue =/
    – Sorry folks, no furry animals connected to Nokia’s story. Nokia is just a village nearby Tampere.

  44. The bit about how Microsoft was started is not correct. The programming language BASIC was created at Darthmouth College in 1964, a decade before Microsoft was founded. Gates & Allen implemented one version of it, but it was certainly not the first programming language for microcomputers.

  45. FYI: Steve Wozniak most certainly did NOT liquidate his share of Apple for $800, Ronald Wayne did.

  46. Hey! Where’s Coca-Cola :D

  47. @Ryan – Logo design is not so easy as you thing. There is a complete theory behind all these.

    • learn how to spell creep

  48. 01. Apple
    3rd paragraph: for Apple, and there … should be: for Apple, and their

    03. Xerox
    3rd paragraph: people associate there … should be: people associate their

    07. Canon
    3rd paragraph: clearly visible in there … should be: clearly visible in their

    10. Microsoft
    4th paragraph: the integrated there … should be: they integrated their

  49. @darco, Roguish Smurf – Thank for the info… post updated :)

  50. Nice post…thanks for compiling it!

    I just did heaps of research on Apple, and most sources agree that Apple is called Apple largely because it came ahead of Atari in the phone book (similar rationale was later applied to Amiga). The color logo was likely pointing to the fact that the Apple II had color, though the gay pride connection seems pretty plausible.

    As for slow sales…cut ’em some slack, man! The Apple I was handbuilt! :P But I agree, that logo is pretty, uh, homely.

    Looking at Apple’s typography is interesting. They’ve only had three corporate typefaces, and the first one is super 80s looking :)


  51. Who is going to make a timeline about this on for example.

  52. Nice article!!!

  53. excellent collection ! I really enjoyed going through them !

  54. I can easily understand why the list doesn’t contain the evolution of the Carlsberg logo.

  55. nice collectiongreat

  56. @PenaltyKillah – Not that difficult to verify. Just check the date on which both the article published. Now, i guess it’s quite easy to tell Who’s plagiarizing who??

    It’s happens a lot these days, Thanks for the information though :)

  57. Great article :-D!

  58. Yo creo que los logos fueron avanzando a medida que los programas de diseños tambien lo fueron haciendo… Me encantan los logos de Apple y de Google… Estan muy buenos… No sabia que habia empresas tan viejas!!! Excelente entrada! :)

  59. tat was a huge and a great display of mascots.plz send me logos related to mechanical engineering.
    thank u

  60. was something very useful.

  61. wow, awesome!

    well, i think there is a miss-typing, “… such as LG Chemicals, LT ‘T’elecom, and …”

  62. Anyone remember Olivetti, the typewriter and office machine manufacturer who Joe Namath into an Olivetti Girl for a TV spot? You can follow their logo evolution at: (Italian only, click the Successiva button to advance)

    and see their latest logo at

  63. It was a awesome article to read.. So nice to know about the evolution of these gaints .. Great article.. Keep writing..

  64. nice logos i had never seen before

  65. Really a nice collection of logos presented. Thanks for the wonderful work you have done.

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    its clear that lots of research was put into this. keep it up!

  67. how about Target, Kmart,BigLots, Raleys, FoodMaxx, etc..

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  71. Really nice selection. I’m working on a design right now. You really helped me out here! Great hiistory of logotypes! thx

  72. Gr8 job!
    Thanks for all the info.

  73. Why Your Business Needs A Professionaly Designed Logo! | KDzyne – Graphic, Website, & Logo

  74. DKumar, I would also suggest the Sony logo history:

    and the Nissan logo history:

    They are pretty interesting. I’ve been to the new Nissan building in Yokohama, Japan and they have a wall there will all the different logos used from the first Datsun, back in 1935 until the current version.

  75. New logo is a symbol of identity and proof

  76. Why Your Business Needs A Professionaly Designed Logo! | KDzyne – Graphic, Website, & Logo

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  78. Great post. This is an amazing collection you’ve put up here. Personally I find the Apple logo evolution very interesting.

  79. In your research, have you seen a company with different ”looks” to their specific logo, depending upon the product?

  80. Great list.

    Is it just me or does the Google logo really suck? I know they’re a huge company about to take over the world but a rule when using graphic design software is never over emboss!

    Do we over look all that cuz they Google?

    Anyway, cool references. About to evolve a logo at the moment

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    i want to know about history of CHANEL, i mean that: why the name of CHANEL had been selected? why?


  82. All logo & history very well show

    logo same say ” changes every where”

  83. Hey thats great! I got to the end and wished there were 10 more pages

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  84. a real good article..a must read…

  85. logo evolution

  86. Great stuff, thanks for your article. Any ideas if there are any books which catalogue and shed more insight into the history of corporate logos? I’m finding the inspiration and evolution of logos quite stimulating..

  87. I am looking for the company which has a blue shiel and white-outlined flag post inside. i hav seen this logo many time in many places but could not find the company name. let me repeat again. the shield is similar to UPS logo jst blue in colour and the interior is a white flag post oulined.

    Thank you in advance for any help.

  88. amazing

  89. Thanks so much. Thanks for taking the time to show how that have changed through out the years.

  90. The Mercedes Logo changed recently as a result of the finalization of the sale of Chrysler, with the corporate name change to Daimler. The current logo has taken away some of the 3-D effect of the star.

  91. wow like the Volkswagen logo evolve into like a wordpress really great

  92. Great job. Didn’t know how and why company changes their logos.

  93. Google changed a logo this year.. kind of flat.. check techcrunch for update

  94. Nice logos, its good to see how times change and they still keep their corporate brand through out the years: I like the Apple, IBM and Shell logos.

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    Thanks, that was amazing !! I loved reading them..
    nicely put in history of the logos.. :)

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  97. Brilliant article can’t believe what some of them started off as.

  98. Thanks for the great write up. It hurts me every time I see the Xerox and Google logos.

  99. Very nice article. well composed. ..good job man.

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  103. I have had this type of research brewing in my head for quite some time! Good job! I constantly tell people that they must not be afraid to change with the times. Love the photos!

  104. What a utilization of tools and effects you did, It’s really amazing work, I am inspired by your work and obviously this blog is perfect.

  105. Interesting collections. I appreciate your passion on collecting these logos.

  106. Personally I don’t think Pepsi should have ever changed the white swoosh on their logo. It just doesn’t feel like the Pepsi I recognize and grew up with now that it’s been “modernized”

  107. wonderful compilation of data! useful info, all in a single page.

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  109. quite inspirational, most of the strong brands till date have the same element from where they started.

  110. This is interesting. Thanks for sharing.

  111. It’s a great insight, how great logos evolve. Cheers to your effort,
    I Suggest you can still add some more interesting brands to your list like:
    Johnnie Walker, Coca Cola, Adidas

  112. I’ll never forget the Microsoft logo from the early 90s. Back then all of this stuff was new and the idea of typing on a blog wasn’t even a dream. The web consisted of what we could find on AOL. Great history lesson on logos, much appreciated.

  113. Cool logo examples thanks for the post

  114. Really a sequential way of introducing the precious knowledge to us ,good and memorable way of introducing these history.

    Keep going ….
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  115. I don’t know why people are impressed by things like this. I’m sure the assembler of this list spent a lot of time hunting down brand images, but it’s not worth it when accompanied by nothing but mindless conjecture, blatant innacuracies, and broken English. The only unifying element seems to be the childlike suggestibility of the author, as he’s ready to label the most recent version of every design either as ‘stylish’ or another banal, nontechnical, meaningless term. For an piece dealing with corporate identity, there’s a serious lack of intellectual curiousity, and even basic fact-checking, present here.

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  119. Doesn’t the Pepsi logo look like the Air Korea logo? I also think it’s interesting how the older logos all tend to be more descriptive and the newer logos are more evocative. I wonder if that is because logos tend to be less descriptive these days or if companies as they get older tend to have less descriptive logos because they are not needed (everyone already recognizes them).

  120. The “new” Walmart logo as it appears on this page is not correct. This is a version of the logo that was not approved for usage, and should not be reflected as the new Walmart logo.

  121. I think the 1935 and 1953 Canon logos are reversed.

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  125. Thanks for an interesting article.

    I’m wondering why you say that Pepsi made away with the word mark altogether? They have not. A quick look at shows the word mark in connection to the symbol…

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    Firefox actually look more like a firebird in the past

    That is really unexpected of the company

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  129. Thank you for all the very interesting information. Really well done! Can’t believe they put that creepy creature on the original Nokia logo!

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  136. amazing evolution logos !! its really interesting to watch changes of big brand logos !!

  137. these are brilliant – I remember most of these!

  138. did you know pepsi and coke used to acturly contained cokecane

  139. Great compilation but I think you’re missing something.

    Where’s Coca-Cola? :)


  140. i noticed the first volks wagon logo has a swatica in it…. thats funny, but bad

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  145. This is cool.I have always been in love with the classic Mozilla logo and with the improvements in its recent logo i think it is the best one in the given list.

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  149. I dont like the current apple logo. i prefer the one from 1976-1998. The third one is really bad.

  150. Very interesting. I really like the development of the canon logo.

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  154. how great logos evolve. Cheers to your effort,
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    Johnnie Walker, Coca Cola, Adidas

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  158. Has anyone else noticed the similarity between the new Pepsi logo and the Korean Airlines logo?

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  206. The history of the Pepsi logo is not entirely correct. The logo labeled 1973 is actually the 1987 revision. The 1970-1987 logo looked like this:

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  208. The green Microsoft logo from 1975 doesn’t jibe with my memory. The logo depicted here:

    graced many early Microsoft products including Olympic Decathlon and the Z80 Softcard around 1981 and 1982. I don’t think the “green” logo made an appearance until 1983 or 1984:

    Here’s a base page for both images:

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  215. This is why I LOVE logo and brand identity. Creating that simple mark that will represent and establish a company’s vision and be the face for every client or customer they ever do business with should never be underestimated, especially by the company who represents that mark. The power of the graphical mark is king, especially in a time starved world where establishing an immediate response is paramount. Elegant, clever, memorable minimalism rules!

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  220. The Pepsi logo also still contains the original logo on the lower case in in pepsi, when the words are included.

  221. It’s safe to say that Nokia really made some changes lol. I believe that is some sort of fish to now nothing. It’s funny to see that.

    The more I look at these designs the more I feel like starting off complex then coming back the other way around may be the best approach. It seems like everyone went from complex to simple for obvious reasons, but if you have an identity I guess breaking it down into a memorable logo could be bit easier. Some just make sense as cleaned up versions, but I’ve always found it challenging to be simple and memorable from the beginning .

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