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  1. Nice collection. I would have a comment about Yamaha though (I work for Yamaha as a local designer).

    The Yamaha logo (current) is red and not blue (for motorcycles). The blue one is not in use from middle (I think) of 2009. Also, text “Yamaha” has to bo next to forks.

    Example: <- logo in the right upper corner.

    Just so you know ;) Great article.


  2. This article is poorly researched. It’s missing the newest logo revisions for makers such as Cadillac, Audi, and Mercedes. The histories are also lacking, as the one for SAAB makes no mention of the fact the automaker died last year then came back to life, and as of this week is now known as SAAB Spyker.

    Otherwise, thanks?

  3. Great article for the designers that are into their cars!

    Love to see how they have refined their logos throughout the decades to get what we see today.

  4. Mercedes has changed the logo a while ago into a very plane-based identity.

  5. wow, looks like some of the logos has changed a lot, e.g. Mazda, but some of them, like Mitsubishi, are almost the same as 30 years ago!

  6. @Matic – Thanks for the heads-up… Post updated.

    @Cameron R. – We updated the latest info and graphics about Audi, Cadillac, Mercedes and Saab. Please feel free to share more if you have other info about any recent updates.

  7. Awesome round up…. I was not aware of this old logos..


  8. Nice collection of logos here. Its really good to see how the companies have changed their logos to adapt to trends through the decades.

    Mazda has had some pretty drastic logo changes over the years compared to some of the others!!

    Thanks.. Cool post

  9. Nice article. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Interesting :) Nice to see development :)

  11. Anyone find it lame that all the logos have a similar metallic/3D treatment. The past to present evolution is nice to see, but I feel the auto industries have fallen flat, moving only on short term trends rather than intelligent creative lasting design.

  12. Interesting article. Cool to see the progressions. Sadly some of them haven’t changed for the better!

  13. wow..!
    its some great collections..!

  14. …. nothing bad to say and I like the info !!

  15. Nice post. Never knew anything like this

  16. Wow, very thorough. I’m surprised out how many of these logos employ a wonton smattering of gradients. Looks nice in some cases, overdone in others. Modernization has definitely hit the majority though! Can’t wait to have a garage full of these someday ;).

  17. BMW’s logo for 70’s and 80’s period.. what were they thinking?

  18. Nice collection, with lots of interesting facts, but please, review a little bit your text translated probably with Google translate. For Citroen for example, the text sounds awful.

  19. Amazing List and very interessant and beautiful at the same time, to see the history and transformations of all the logos.
    But I have to made a suggestion to you, about the History of the Volkswagen’s logo.
    There’s something not really correct in your description, what I mean is:
    you wrote: “In 1937, the Gesellschaft zur Vorbereitung des Deutschen Volkswagens mbH was created (it became simply Volkswagenwerk GmbH a year later). In 1938, Hitler opened a state funded Volkswagen factory in “”Walburg””.

    The first Factory was opened in Wolfsburg, not Walburg.

    Just because I work in, I feel free to be a bit more specific :)

    Anyway good work thank you very good for new Inspirations.

  20. The BMW Roundel you have for the 70’s and 80’s was actually just BMW Motorsport’s logo during that time.

    Also, the myth about the airplane propellor was debunked recently, it’s actually a representation of the Bavarian Flag.

  21. very brilliant ……… thx for sharing …….. really love it

  22. really nice article…keep up the good work

  23. very informative pot…

  24. Thanks for the great info here.

  25. interesting and useful info.

    thnks for sharing

  26. Excellent logos : thanks for sharing

  27. i like the every details of car symbol in this website………………..

  28. some of them looks scary…

  29. i like to see how they evolved. if you look closer you can see the trend how they jumped back, from a logo of that present, to the “older” version and revitalized the image: Cadillac, Mercedes, fiat etc.

  30. Wow.. its really a good article about the brands and their logo.


  32. Its important to take an inspiration from old so that it help us to create new innovation.

    Ivan Vincent.

  33. U forgot chevy and dodge


  35. they should change their logos at a period

  36. Nice collection of logos here. Its really good to see how the companies have changed their logos to adapt to trends through the decades.
    i like to see how they evolved…?

  37. Um, that Citroen 1973 is totally wrong. Like that’s clearly an old Citroen from the pre-Traction Avant days. Of course, no one in America got that..

  38. And why is Yamaha even on this list? The article says “automotive group” and well, there’s a lot of other deserving companies that should be on the list (Why not put Fuji Heavy industries on there?)

    Besides, the Yamaha Logo has barely changed. Ooh, it’s another color and the tuning forks break into the circle. That’s hardly a change. And the other four logo are like identical. Yawn.

  39. nice collection…… I VERY LIKE IT…..

  40. I’m not biased or anything, but I felt this list was informative and below par at the same time. HOW could you mention Renault, Mitsubishi or Yamaha before you mention The Greats such as Pontiac, Chevrolet, or Plymouth??? At the very least a Ford…. They at least had decent off-sets such as Lincoln & Mercury which would’ve fit perfectly on this list! I’m a little disappointed w/ this one guys….

  41. The infomation was very helpful . Thank you !

  42. Good work, I myself have a keen interest in the automobile sector and I prepare blogs on the same. Ford company logo has been changed more than 8 times in the last 100 years. Your information helped me a lot to prepare my blogs.

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