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  1. Some gorgeous ones here :D totaly new for me…

  2. Great stuff here – definitely worth a delicious bookmark

  3. Is it just me, or does that Keyhole one look like the O is a toilet or bedpan?

    I know its supposed to be the keyhole and tumbler, but that is all I see when I look at that.


  4. Awesome list for logo inspiration

  5. This a great collection of modern logos. Very inspirational. Great post.

  6. WOW! there is not one logo In this line up that I don’t like great spot to get Inspiration because a logo is one of the hard parts of designing.

  7. nice collection.Thanks :-)

  8. Just one word! WOW!!

  9. Some cool designs here.

  10. Hate to interject but, there seems to be quite a few illustrations being passed as logos now days. Not saying any of them are bad or of poor quality (heck I’m not an illustrator so they are better than I can do), just most of the ‘logos’ listed above by definition aren’t actually logos.

  11. Nice collection. Thanks.

  12. This article has been shared on Go and vote it!

  13. This beautiful… wow…

  14. Thanks for sharing these logos , really inspiring

  15. Thanks so much for sharing these. I love to design logos. There are some very neat ones here, thanks!
    Kristen Bossert

  16. so much. so great. super cool

  17. some stunning examples

  18. so great. super coolsome

  19. “Fairly” nice article. :)

    Keep up the good work!

  20. Paragraph Two: Infect = infact??

  21. Nice collection. Thanks :-)

  22. Great collection! All of them are awesome and I love them all.

  23. Love a lot of them, thanks for the round up. Interesting takes that i wouldn’t have thought of.

  24. Great collection. Thanks for including bunch of mine. (:

  25. Thanks for including my Clockingbird,, Semonto and iPhoneVacancies logo’s. :)

    More here:

  26. Fantastic!

  27. Thanks for you great post

  28. Very nice inspiration !

  29. AWESOME LOGOS!! Really inspiringg!!! :))) Keep up the great posts and thank you soooooo much for sharinggg… ^^

  30. Beautiful collection!

  31. Thanks for you great post

  32. Wooooow! What a great selection here! Thanks!

  33. great list. thanks

  34. Great logos! Orginal and creative, indeed.

  35. Chilli Africa…. GENIUS!

  36. Beautiful logos (most of them), bu the moveforward one has been done multiple times before.

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