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  1. Very inspiring collection of website logos. I like Infinite Love and Chemistree.
    Very creative.

  2. great

    thank you

  3. Nice works here… great collection!

  4. Very nice and inspiring.. Thanks for sharing..

  5. Some nice logos here. I like MonKey

  6. Great looking Logos, from a talented bunch! It really makes me desire a rebrand after seeing some of these fresh ideas.

  7. GGreat logo designs… fabulous inspirations abound… I thank Anders Ross for posting this great article on his instantShift blog !!

  8. great article.
    Thank you !

  9. Impressive collection! Thanks for doing all this great research on logos :) Takes a while to round-up so many successful logos. Great picks.

  10. Very very inspiring list… thanks for sharing

    My favorites: #1 Asgardia #2Mobilegg #3 Power-Up

  11. great & inspiring..
    thx IS…. \o/

  12. Awesome List, Thank you ! :)

  13. What a great job, thank you so much!

  14. creative collection

  15. awesome collection, indeed logo is important for’s give an idea for creating own logo. i would like to add more

    30 Web 2.0 Popular Logo Tutorial in Photoshop

  16. Awesome logos. Cool logos

  17. Lovely little collection ;]

  18. good selection of logos, well done

  19. Awesome Logos.

  20. Great collection of inspiring logo designs here. Will be bookmarking this post for some new inspiration for my next logo designs. Thanks for sharing.

  21. Great collection! Notice the repeating theme here: clean, simple, not too many colors. Love the first logo.

  22. Great Logos, fantastic work. Really cool logos.


  23. Those are fantastic

  24. cool designs! =D

  25. Beautiful collection of logos! I love the butterfly one. All are innovative and colorful.

    • Thanks for your like. Its my logo. You are very welcome…

  26. This article has been shared on Go and vote it!

  27. Really cool concepts of logo, and tanks to Ali Qayyum for mentioning tutorial.

  28. Beautiful logos, very inspiring!

  29. great,thx

  30. Simple while professional Logos. Thanks for posting them.

  31. really nice! thanks

  32. Great article! it is really helpful for those who want to design logos!

    Now I am using this logo maker:
    A straightfoward logo maker. Simple, but it really works for me.

  33. Excellent Logo. very professionally designed

  34. Great logo. The design is stunning. Less detail but look very nice and easy to recognize.

  35. Excellent collection of logos, thank you for sharing . . .


  36. Great collection of logs,really i get inspired with this article.Thanks for the awesome collection.

  37. Nice… finally a site that understands concept, form and typography!!! Good job, Anders!

  38. great of Logo Design Inspiration: 61 Awesome Fresh Designs~ Thanks for sharing~

  39. fanastic design thank you very much

  40. Nice collection! All creations have the corrent heigth:width ratio and this is very important…

  41. Loved your collection of logos, really inspirational. In particular I loved chemistree :) the most.

  42. Awesome Logos…

  43. Great logo designs you made very good work guys!

  44. Inspiration is my pation and i am pationed with your logo designs right now!

  45. I am impressed you made amazing work!

  46. nice collection, i really liked them very much

  47. Very very inspiring. Thank you.

  48. Very nice work this is really inspiration!

  49. nice very nice work :)

  50. ‘WOW’ What an Idea in every unit?


  51. Inspiring logos, gr8 design ideas!!!

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