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  1. amazing collection!

  2. Fantastic collection guys, going into my permanent stash.

  3. Very nice logo collection

  4. big thank you for this article.

  5. excellent logos

  6. super stuff, nice post, thanks

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  8. WoW :) great collection of logos. Thanks for sharing this awesome post.

  9. Very inspirational collection, thanks for the share! I’d love to host something like this on my blog, let me know if you’d be interested.

  10. Another Amazing Sources get inspiration…

  11. excellent logos, aas , wire & fastclick are awesome , check out my last blog i also highlighted some inspiration logos

  12. Fantastic logos.Thanks!

  13. There’s some nice clean designs in there. Noticed how popular the origami look is becoming of late.

    I love pimengo!!!

  14. there’s some great logos in there. definitely shows the creativity people can use. thanks for putting the list together.

  15. Nice Collection, great source of inspiration.

  16. Really nice

  17. aaah got really creative logos … inspired more!!!i like this what bout web tutorials for the start up students m wondering if u could help me with em coz m so weak in web design.

  18. Very Inspirtation, I like ‘STEPS’

  19. Whats with the Nosotros, Chopeh?, & Paybox logos? Why does someone think that color makes a logo? Look at them in Black & White & see if you still think its a good logo. Just Saying.

  20. @iinstantShift – thanks for including my logo.

    @bman – Colour helped me express what I wanted from my logo, and where as I do have a B/W version for certain uses I felt that the colour version was the stronger brand mark, and the one that represented me the most. I appreciate your criticism, but colour is an essiental part of logo design (including lack of) and I’m more than happy with the logo I created.

  21. supper logos.. great job

  22. WOw collection.

  23. nice logos, the “gulp” logo is my favorite

  24. Thanks for sharing a really cool collection of logos… i liked Net Bangers… !! its pretty good..!! :-D

  25. WoW!!!!!Great works!!!
    I love it!!

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