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  1. Really nice list…

  2. Awesome collection and good inspiration :)

  3. Great inspiration, thanks!

  4. Great list of Logos! They are very creative and designed beautifully. I will have to reference back to this list when designing my next logo.

  5. The coffee cup made out of wires is amazin and a replica of that idea would be great for lit mag.

  6. wa ha
    So fast!

  7. Ahhh… so many of these Web 2.0 Illustrator-esque designer inbreeding! Ahhhh! Almost all of them will not be timeless and may look outdated sooner or later, trust me. However, I predict Artfire and Squaredeye to test the sands of time. Keep me posted!

    (Dayum. Just realized those are just fakes… anyway, those two will test time if they were real.)

  8. Joe, I don’t think any of them were created on websites like Almost all logos are designed by professional logo artists for their unique clients.

    I have been on few times but I never find any quality work there.

  9. Awesome work here :D

  10. NicE …

  11. Wonderful list of logos! Do you think any of these were created at a freelance site like Really like the logos with multiple colors and then simple use of gray.

  12. Apologies to my earlier comment. I’ve guess I really failed to realize how grueling the lives of professional designers are. Could just be a huge dose of the nolstalgia bug, the “they don’t make logos like used to” feeling.

    Also, ShareEffect, Sidewinder, and Flow Music really look timeless. They may as well be mistaken as creations from the ’80s or ’90s and may stand for at least half a century if they were actual logos for such brands.

  13. hi there,
    the lastest logo is mine.
    i created it for one of my creative agency

    thanx for comments…


  14. Very nice collections!

  15. Certainly some excellent designs there, love the whole web 2.0 inspired look of logo’s these days (eek, am showing my age).
    Cheers all!

  16. a Logo is always a Specific Formulation – a repeatable and legally protectable signature. the design must always be simple enough to be read in an instant, and rich enough in detail or meaning to be interesting.

  17. Wow, these are great…and some of these are really beautiful!

  18. Awesome work….
    I would like to read more posts like this one

  19. Mate, nice work!

  20. nice one

  21. I noticed that someone had made a comment that perhaps some of these logos were done on a contest site. Very doubtful – these logos are outstanding; they are unique and look like they’ve all been well thought out – these took a lot of time, probably a lot more than designers would invest on a contest.

    Clients see logos like this and often assume they should be able to get one of the same quality for about $200, an Arby’s coupon and a ball of lint – sad.

    Thanks for the post – really enjoyed it!!!

    • You nailed it. True talk.

  22. Hi,

    Thanks for publishing this list.

    Some of the logos I really liked, such as the Coffee logo, the Vivid Ways logo, the Greener logo and the Talk More logo.

    But some of the logos you included should have never made it into this list simply because they weren’t outstanding and some of them don’t even follow the rules of great logo design. Examples: the Brasil/Argentina logo, the Fishka logo-mark and the BossHogStudios logo-mark. There were others but I’m sure you get my point.

    To the previous commenter, not all of these logos are unique.

  23. that a really delicious compilation…

  24. Really a nice list of logos! Thanks a lot!

  25. excellent work

  26. nice work!

  27. nice list . . .
    those really inspire me . . . .
    hope to see more of the list . . .
    tq . . . good job

  28. Some of these are indeed incredibly cool. My personal favorite is Talkmore designed by Nido

  29. Very creative and inspirational designs. Accolades to all the designers….!!!

  30. I really like the foldit logo (in fact, everything that looks like origami)

  31. Great post! I really like the ‘Coffee’ logo! Its really creative and unique! Thanks for sharing!

  32. Great post! I really

  33. Art Fire Films has to be noticed as a great design, thank you for the great inspiration.

  34. Top 10 Best Essential Logo Design Resources Websites for 2010 « Top Website

  35. Great list there – This has helped an al full lot for inspiration on a new project we have.

  36. Not sure what this Lyons solutions guy is on about – the designs are fantastic – and much better than his logo!

  37. Absolutely Stunning logo designs..Each logo is a a story of design skills and artistic aptitude

  38. great collection of brand identities. concept driven and clear symbolic representations

  39. please give some creative logo

  40. i never seen before this kind of brillent logos

  41. Really, really awesome, and very inspiring.

  42. hi this designs are gr8,
    i wish make my travel company’s logos from you guys
    please do contact
    thank you
    god bless :)

  43. you r really creative send me all creativity

  44. my works

  45. very impressive logos

  46. the iceberg logo…
    typically only one-ninth of the volume of an iceberg is above water…

    was wondering if this one has some deeper explanation??

  47. Great collection of logos. These logos will surely inspire the designers. I personally like that Larkspur logo.
    keep doing good work

  48. Nice Collection. It will help me in designing my logo for DRIVER WITH VAN. I provide man and van services in London – UK. Thanks to everyone

  49. i really liked it and really really inspired from it, thanks buddy to surprising me

  50. Very nice logo design

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  52. cooooooool collections!

  53. Just amazing work. Thanks so much for this compilation of really awsome logos and designs. I’ll follow you.

  54. awesome inspiration, nice work


  55. Amazing..Logo is the identity of any product or service. This is the reason companies want to hire the best logo designers to design their logo and they are willing to pay any amount of money for logo designs.

  56. These are really great design work!
    Thanks for sharing with us.

    – Safiul.
    Web designer in Dhaka Bangladesh
    web design inspiration 2011:

  57. cool blog dear,keep up the good work,thanks for providing such information.i have just completed learning french now.

  58. awesome inspiration, nice work

  59. Great logos, they don’t have to be elaborate to be awesome. I wish I could find some of these designers…

  60. nice work thank you. I have added to the archive.

  61. nice work thanks.

  62. Wow! what an amazing logo design and i really appreciate the hard work that has been put in to create this. Thanks for sharing this with us and keep up the good work.

  63. Thank you for this great article. I think it’s very useful for everybody. I have been visiting your site for a while and I suggest everybody to read other articles in this site.

  64. Superb Creativity

  65. Insomnia Entertainment is just brilliant. I’m alsoluteby stunned; there is so much in that , yet it’s plain and simple.Sylion and South Pacific are next, but after a noteable gap

  66. Very nice compilation, love these logos, all of them

  67. Great work buddy, keep it up and nice sharing.

  68. Logo is a face for every company or product. Logo designs not only the symbol of company or brands its present your identity to your audience. One picture speaks a thousand words

  69. whoah this blog is great i really like studying your articles. Stay up the great work! You realize, many persons are looking around for this information, you could help them greatly.

  70. Nice Creative Logo Designs work and its look good. Completely awesome, Great blog posting and very useful. branding collection.

  71. Great collection, thanks for sharing

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