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  1. Great logo…

  2. great logo designs, thank you :)

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  4. Nice Collection. Thanks for sharing.

    • u guys are so stupit and these examples suck geta life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • So Britney which ‘skool’ did you go to in order to receive such a sharp intellectual and insightful analysis? Given the standard of your spelling and grammar I’m guessing you still use crayons.

  5. Great collection indeed. Thanks for the post Daniel. I’m very much inspired for my current project.

  6. Truly inspiring! Great list. Thx

  7. @Lopez – Thanks for heads up… Showcase updated !!

    • These are great sample designs. Good work :) I’m currently running an online logo contest and am not satisfied with the result. Can you assist me? Thanks for your prompt reply.

  8. Totally fresh and very cool collection. Many thanks, really enjoyed ! :)

  9. Nice Collection. This is an amazing list. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Did you know the images are not showing up in Chrome browser?

  11. Ops… now it does, not sure what happened.

  12. Great logo selection. Some were FANTASTIC!! Some were….”interesting”. Its funny to see “gradient” effect are coming back again. What’s next? “embossing”? :)

  13. Great logo collection! Thanks!!!

  14. Great list!

    My favorite part? Seeing new stuff that I haven’t seen before — which sometimes I feel is hard to come by.

    Thanks for sharing!

  15. i got a tweet from you on the amazing work of guido daniele and i was searching for the link at your site but it pointed me to this article (and extended over to

    anyway, i had reproduced it over at my blog and obviously i had to mention your fine site and slodive’s. my article is as follows

    thanks for the very fine article

  16. Nice collection…thanks!

  17. Excellent logos, I like the new trends in some logos, like colorful or 3d, really great choises guys.

    BTW the qoutekid logo is twice!!

  18. There are some cool logos for inspiration here. Thanks for sharing!

  19. Nice collection! I love the balloon chef logo. Although I don’t normally create illustrative or even as complex logos as that, it’s illustrative style really appeals to me. This is definitely some great inspiration for my next designs.

  20. Nice collect, Thanks.

  21. Excellent logos, thanks for the list :)

  22. Very nice collection Daniel. In general, I prefer simple logos.

  23. Great creative ideas going on.
    Some excellent inspiration, thanks.

  24. thanks for this collection … very inspiring :)

  25. Great collection :)

  26. Beautiful collection…

    It reminds me this beautiful set of creative business cards:

  27. Amazing set of corporate brand images. They dish out inspiration to those who make corporate brand designing as a means of income.

    I’d pick the simpler ones any given day.

  28. Very good collection

  29. Thanks a ton for featuring my exfaq and Quotekid logos! This is a great collection! :)

  30. this is just awesome.

    I gotta Q I would like to get on your list to be updated of new design blog post but I could not find a link. is there a way you could send me an email to get on your list for this blog?

    if so I would appreciate it you showcase lovely inspiring work

    keep up the great work

  31. Nice collection of logos. So much inspiration.

  32. Great logo collection.

    Whenever I read this blog many questions comes in my mind. There are 50 logo listed and they have created different background for each logo.

    How you do so? I am very curious to know.

  33. nice collection of logo designs, i should appreciate for your work

  34. Nice Visualisation man good going boss….

    Nice Work

  35. Wow :) Great collection of logos . Really inspired me a lot. Very creative and smart design. Thanks for sharing this nice post.

  36. Amazing logos. Very inspiring

  37. Awesome set,

    The bird and sofa icons are well created ..


  38. Very very good set of icons.

    I like the pause logo.

    Thanks for compilation.

  39. Seriously hard to choose the best one

  40. Shane
    October 5, 2009

    Nice collection of logos. So much inspiration.

  41. love the balloon chef logo

  42. So apparently a good logo means just using clever double-entendres or puns in an icon. With many of these, sure I can see the word/ name conveyed quite literally in the design (OIL!?) but what does the company do? I can’t even think of the industry some of these would be for. Sorry just being honest.

  43. very nice collection of logos. thank you for the compilation!

  44. These are really great designs, most are clean and simple but i like logos like that anyway.

  45. Very cool logos! I showcased my own logos and business cards at

  46. The logos are very simple…

  47. It’s great to see good logo’s. We at Faitheo came up with our logo and feel it is great and gets the point across. You should check out our site not only to see the logo but if you are a Christian you will love our blog posts and our future plans. Hope to see you inside. God bless.
    You can also follow us on twitter @Faitheo

  48. Nice Logo thank you

  49. Very nice logo designs :)

    Logos specially with “gradient” effect looking awesome.

  50. Woooooow!

  51. Great logo collections!! thanks for sharing your logo collection. :)

  52. Excellent…!!!

  53. Some really nice designs you have here! thanks for sharing! Very creative indeed!

  54. Great list. Good ideas working.

  55. Woah, if only I could create such logos. o.O


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