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  1. Bloody hell! Astonishing collection. Thanks for sharing

    • good collection

    • its good

  2. Have to say, that is one of the best round up’s of text based logo designs ive seen in quite a while. So much inspiration and ideas in this post, unbelievable!


  3. Wow! Awesome list! It’s an honor to see one of my logos featured!

  4. Really great collections!!!

  5. Excellent roundup – great presentation.
    My favorites:
    1. talkmore – brilliant
    2. killed
    3. half
    4. pencil

    seen bison and coffee before, but I still love those too. very inspiring.

  6. So classy. So impressive.

  7. Awesome post! Thanks

  8. Nice Work!!!

  9. you have such a good ideas, nice information, thank you for sharing

  10. These are the type of design logo that I am looking for as an inspiration, they are awesome. The killed logo is great and my favorite.

  11. Great collections, inspirating me to create more better logo…

  12. Great~

  13. These are spectacular. The “I hate you” is really funny, too. Thanks for the inspirations!

  14. That Proforma one is AWESOME!

  15. I’d say more than 95% of these logos aren’t really logos. In the other hand, 95% of them don’t respect the basics of logo design or Design for that matter. But well, this is what the Trend dictates, I wish people who want to be good designers don’t pay attention to this and/or learn to analyze what’s acceptable or bad.

  16. wow lovely logos, i loved your post, its great. But then these logos are confusing me than inspiring me. I mean they are many, atleast few would do like 10 or most 20. 150 is really confusing.. out of this many are great but rest are fillers.

    anyways its nice

  17. inspiring work :)

  18. These are all well designed. Both concept and execution. Very inspiring reference!

  19. Really cooool collection, it’s a mind refresher & a great inspiration for logo designers

  20. Bookmarked!

    Thanks for sharing these great logos with us! Man I couldn’t even pick my top 20… There are soooo many good logos listed above, realy inspirational.

  21. Great list of logos inspiration…

  22. Great collection, good inspiration

  23. Really great works, tnx a lot.

  24. GREAT! Thanks!

  25. Awesome!!!

    Gopal Raju,

  26. wow thanks for sharing some pretty awesome designs here!

  27. Great inspirations indeed!

    Thanks for sharing!


  28. “Coffee” is my personal favorite …. but all of them are unique and inspiring… neat collection

  29. great collection:)

  30. dats viriez good ! tanks lokh hulmfikh ishpolz dats logo iz hainzen fit doshpil..
    plz send mi zolfanz shiftboz hikhtfar hanzaroshtok hamish . tankz doshpil harns kir to kose nanaton hamfel bishtokh . bay

  31. Thanx for mentioning the logo. Lovely collection

  32. That’s real good stuff.

  33. Nice Logo designs. Nice inspiration. You really helped me design my own stuff! thx for the post.

  34. excellent text based logo designs for designers inspirations.

  35. woooww, reeellly good!
    u got tutorials fr dat?!

  36. Nice Collection

  37. Wow! Awesome list! It’s an honor to see one of my logos featured!

  38. great list! love these text only logos.

  39. Your Message…

  40. Awesome;) Very very nice collection!

  41. great collection

  42. Many of them aren’t really logos. Some others are clearly ghost logos, that would work well for that hypothetical company name. Clever design, ok. But not logo design.

  43. really awesome work…..
    i also learn many things…..i improve my work after this..
    u really inspire me

  44. Awesome! This really makes me think twice about changing my site’s ugly logo. I really need this kind of inspirational logo. Really great artwork! Thanks for sharing this useful info.

  45. Great logos, Thanks for sharing, Cheers!

  46. Could anyone do me a favour? I need 3 text-logos to make class T-shirts. It’s printed blue sky and some clouds. I want the text “New skyline, new world”.
    The second one is the text “I [heart] English” with the number 27 inside of the heart.
    The third one is a big “D” with some lines follow that D (like “are Double”, “angerous”, “Death”). There’re some vector pattern around those words and hang a round below (that would be my school logo).

    Sorry, My bad English. I don’t know much.

  47. Beautiful. Fantastic collection of genius designers. Especially, loop logo, go bar are too good.

  48. Fantastic collection ……..

  49. The designs are very beautiful. Awesome list and very inspirational for designing logos.

  50. Great to see style and simplicity the brother and sister of great ddesign. Keep at it designers!

  51. most of the above images aren’t logos but illustration. wikipedia logo and you know what i mean.

  52. ‘A Logo is a graphical element that, together with its logotype (a uniquely set and arranged typeface) form a trademark or commercial brand.’
    That definition is wrong. There a lot of logo’s that don’t use a logo mark (or graphical element as you call it).

  53. Very impressive … The title isn’t stretching … I’m inspired

  54. Very cool design collection. Great effort. Very inspiring for designers.

  55. Great creative logo i think is ‘On Wine’ Long. I like it very much.

  56. Nice reference before designing a logo. A good logo needs lots of thinking and work.

  57. nice post… really impressive logos here.

  58. Should call this “inspiration page” for the astonishing sharing. Thanks buddy..!! Two thumbs up…

  59. what a beautiful collection of logos……..

  60. Very creative designs. I like them all and they are a great source of inspiration to new designers like me.

  61. Thanks for this very useful info you have provided us. I will bookmark this for future reference and refer it to my friends. More power to your blog.

  62. thanks for sharing. impresive logo

  63. really cool ones.I will feel like king if get the psd of these ones.. kdding..

  64. very nice logo collection!! Thanks

  65. There truly are some talented people out there. I obviously need to put more effort into reaching the same level. Love the Vitos and Coffee logos.

  66. elegants designs, great collection:)

  67. Totally Awesome, It helped me to design my site text logo in the name elitefox [dot] net. thank you very much :)

  68. Best….. Really Excellent…!

  69. Great designs.

  70. wa wa waaaa! realy
    cOOl colLecTion!

  71. Beautiful. Fantastic collection of genius designers. Especially, loop logo, go bar are too good.

  72. unique creatives its my company
    plz creative a logo

  73. awesome work is too good :)

  74. I’m jealous! There are really impressive!

  75. classy ;)

  76. Really inspired my blocked mind.Thanks.:)

  77. Wow… great inspiration design. Very very inspiring!

  78. Scrolling through your wonderful collection of logos , I realized this is a wonderful collection to get an idea to design or select a logo.
    Thanks to share with us.

  79. This is a good blog. I appreciate the unique perspective of writing, thought. Thank you very much for the most interesting post in this nice.Very good for you

  80. nice creativity i like it. thanks for sharing nice logo collection.

  81. excellent text based logo designs for designers inspirations.

  82. Wow, this set of designs is really moving. I found myself saying, “Oh wow, that’s brilliant” over and over again. Great inspiration.

  83. can any help to design me a wording logo .. “unite 2 serve” …

  84. wow amazing logos and awesome resource for logo inspiration.

  85. wow it,s good

  86. good logo design collection, I wonder how you missed adding to the resources list, its one of the best websites for design inspiration.

  87. now you can create cool texts with effects and animation online

  88. Such a great post to know different useful information.

  89. very inspiration art work!

  90. Thank you so much admin for uploading such amazing content with us your blog is really helpful for me.

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