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  2. great and free fonts – what can be better, typography is really important aspect of good web-design, You collected here quite a good list.

  3. I really like Juicy Hunt and Denne Sketchy. I love typography and neat fonts. Thanks for the collections!

  4. nice read, thanks for posting these resources. another site to chcheck out is it is a typography forum with a lot of excellent fonts for graphic designers. you can find a lot of exclusive and quality fonts there. it is a private community so i dont know if youll be able to get in, but if you can, it is definitely worth it.

  5. the layer cake font is an Illustrator file?

  6. Thx for the great List =)

  7. Excellent recopilation guys, ty for all. I see many fonts new for me.

  8. Not bad..

    Some of these fonts look very standard, but there are a few very original ones! Thanks for the collection!

    Facet and Cube ones are the best to me..

  9. Very nice list! Thank you!

  10. Really essential and cool fonts.

  11. Great list, thanks!

  12. Superb! Never before have I come across such a wonderful list of free fonts. Almost can’t believe some of them are free, while they’re so well made.


  13. Excelente recopilación!

  14. thank you!

  15. Quite an impressive list! Thank you!
    You may want to check your Font download links though..
    The Droid Font Download link refers to an error message page…

  16. Not sure why, but none of the example images are displaying…

  17. nice list of fonts. However some links don’t seem to be working anymore.

  18. That’s so rad my fonts LT Chickenhawk and Frail & Bedazzled made the list. Thanks :)

  19. Nice list. Thanks! There are a few here I will be adding to my font files ;)

  20. Excellent List. Thanks for sharing. I have bookmarked and will be using a few.

  21. Hello, very good article, one of my writers also creó a similar collection to this but a little but girl, if you like the you can add to the list of related articles.

    Greetings and Thank you again.

  22. Super fonts collection!

  23. free fonts! thanks.

  24. Great selection – cheers!!!

  25. Cheers for the list, a few of the sans-serif ones in particular are really useful

  26. Thanks..

  27. Thanks, great list and I’ve downloaded 3. Cheers.

  28. wow! thank you! val, quad, cube 02 & facet just brilliant! for some reason the links are broken ad couldn’t download them.:( beautiful collection!

  29. awesome!
    most of them were seen here the first time. so this is not another crappy 40-freefonts-post.

    thank you very very much!

  30. Johannes Henseler, hi I am sorry but I doubt you had seen my font lt chickenhawk before unless on dafont, i just recently joined deviant art where it has gotten some new attention. Prior to this I hadn’t seen it on so many lists like this (though it was number one on dafont for three weeks, go figure?). not that it matters, I am sure you will think my font is another sucky free font anywyas. Just my two cents. That’s cool though, everyone is a critic. You must be very talented judging by your comment. congrats.

  31. Great list, thanks very much

  32. Excuse me while I squee! with delight. There’s nothing like new fonts to make a girl happy.

    Thank you for the great list!

  33. Great fonts. I’m amazed that fonts of this quality are free! Keep it up!

  34. Awesome! Thanks for the list!

  35. Great too great.

  36. Some awesome fonts you’ve gotten here! I really like layer cake and cube – so cool-lookin’

  37. Freie Fonts für die Design Verbesserung »

  38. Great article, thx :)
    Also some nice free fonts

  39. The best of the free hand written fonts… Awesome…… Thanks for sharing… Useful to all……..

  40. Excelente! Muchas gracias!

  41. Looks so festive.

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