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  1. Nice collection! I specially like Oval and Diner.. Thanks for sharing.

  2. isomix inverted look good

  3. There are some really awesome fonts I haven’t seen before. Keeparty is totally crazy!

  4. I did download a few of these. I do quite like the designs from FontStruct.

  5. beautiful fonts! my favorites are LANE and Keeparty.

  6. I could see Keeparty used as a kids’ alphabet or as a dropcap in a kids’ book.

    Lane would be a great alternate to Helvetica Neue (not that there’s anything wrong with HN, it’s one of my faves), and Lilly is lovely.

  7. I love the different font usage in a website. These would definitely be a choice to consider.


  8. Thanks, good list.
    I may download some of”em ! :P

  9. Great fonts. I downloaded almost all of them.

  10. My God, KeepParty is adorable.

  11. Nice collection! I specially like Oval and Diner.. Thanks for sharing……….

  12. Interesting Fonts! I love it.! Thanks for the collection

  13. excelent

  14. awesome, good work

  15. Nice designs especially the font. I’m gonna use it for my Website Design

  16. Hey guys! Seems there is a new free font site out there called Seems pretty nice.
    Offers a really cool search engine. Check it out .. I am quite happy with it.

  17. What’s the name of the font on the homepage image linking to this page?

  18. Great list of fonts!

  19. Nice fonts my favorite are LANE

  20. It is really good.

  21. Its really interesting topic.

  22. though these fonts are good, but we cant use them in web development. they can great at logo designing photoshop work.
    anyways great informative post

  23. I read many blogs and forums lately. Some are really informative some are entertaining and some are a real crack up. I must admit, a great job on this blog, I’ll be sure to check back soon.

  24. I think to make a creative designs we need great resources to check or get idea about that concept.So I think your work can make all designers work more easy.we all should appreciate your amazing work on impressive blog post.

  25. Please extend several of these fonts and send them, free, with cco, to me. Thank you.

  26. So I think your work can make all designers work more easy

  27. Awesome collection. Each one is unique.

  28. Great Collection, Thanks for sharing. It’s helpful for Designers.

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