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  2. Great list! I just love the look of Tiza, sketchy yet arty.
    Kudows for providing us with the direct download link!

    Okay, now I’m going to look for a calculator to make sense of this crazy mathematical formula to prove that I’m a human.

  3. Excellent round up of some quality typefaces. I’d just like to send a quick shout out to an older post of mine detailing some inexpensive alternates on MyFonts, which, while not “free”, certainly aren’t expensive and may be worthy of some consideration in their own rights.

  4. Great stuff! Thanks very much :)

  5. Awesome set. Thanks for sharing!

  6. looks really cool , thanks for sharing

  7. Great fonts thanks for sharing :)

  8. love scooper – i think it is a nice sketch font. thanks for the recommendations.

    another quality resource for fonts is – it is a typography forum that is private and by moderation approval only, but if you can get in, it can provide you with about any font youd ever want. i know alejandro paul, house industries, canada type, font shop and others call themselves members.

  9. One of the best font roundups I’ve seen.

    I came all the way from my RSS reader just to let you know.

    Great picks.

  10. Nice font list…!!!

  11. I can’t believe you missed Calluna, just out from exljbris

    You can see it in use at

  12. nice collections, love it

  13. Finally, a free-font listing that doesn’t contain fonts featured on 12,000 other blogs! You rock, thanks for this.

  14. really creative collection you sharing.

  15. cant see the images on your page, i often read your blog but in googlereader and directly on the page the images wont be loadet.

    on any page it is the same…

    the onlything that has been loadet is the architecture

  16. sorry.. im again..

    Im using FF3.5.2 (Mac and PC)
    Safari is loading all images.

    (the siteinformation of FireFox tells me that all images are only 1x1px big and empty.

  17. Mentone is charging for this font – not free unfortunately!

  18. Hiya! I am such a font geek, as always I am stoked to see my fonts included in lists like this. :) :) Thanks :) :)

  19. I love fonts! I can never get enough so this resource is handy. I’ll be using Days this afternoon. Good timing.

  20. thanks … good contribution

  21. way nice, I am glad to add these to my collection

  22. thanks for collections

  23. Thus it is, I have seen designs that applying to them to a very good typography their quality raise much. I consider very important east aspect, although some designers do not give the necessary importance him. Thanks for the list!

  24. really creative collection you sharing.thanks for collections.

  25. Foldstruct, hypocrisis and file are very good fonts.
    Really creative and inspiring collection.

  26. Really cool , thanks for sharing.

  27. I made a logo out of these, thanks

  28. veryvery nice and usefull tnx

  29. Foldstruct, hypocrisis and file are very good fonts.
    Really creative and inspiring collection.

  30. really creative collection you sharing.thanks for collections.

  31. Very informative and useful article, i like to read your article very much. Thanks a lot for sharing with us.

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