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  1. Thanks! I’m new to web design – can these be used used as font replacements on websites (e.g. Cufon, etc)?

  2. Nice round-up although some of the fonts (Aller, My Musa Ornata, My Fair Cody etc) have been around for a while now. Piquance and Sylar look interesting and are def. on my download list now.

  3. Thank you!!! Super post

    • Nice Collection..

  4. really it’s amazing font. Go rock web design.


  6. Nice collection.
    @lily it is possible with css to use a custom font.
    Search on google for css custom font.

  7. I very much like, thanks

  8. Beautiful ones.. I loved them all.. Fantastic…

  9. Wooop wooop! Great stuff thanks for the resource!! Can never have to many fonts :D

  10. ROKE1984 is really good one.
    Thanks a lot iShift for this nice roundup :)

  11. Cool specially “The Underdog Journey”

    Thanks for sharing

  12. i like “Dilys”

    thanks for the great roundup

  13. Thanks for cool fonts.

  14. Fantastic one.Thanks……..

  15. Nice Collection.. I like Hero most…. Thanks for this…

  16. Null is my fav and love the colouring

  17. These fonts are really cool!!!! thanks a lot!!! Is it possible to post a list of great curly fonts as well???

  18. excellent fonts they will really help your designs come alive and they look so professional. Great work

  19. Thanks for the list, all fonts are nice.

  20. This is a great collection of fonts! My favorite is Leander.

  21. Wow awesome samples.

  22. Good post. I love the fonts. They are very beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

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