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  1. Dear Very nice selections. Thanks for compiling and sharing. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your awesome selection

  2. you can never have too many fonts, thanks!

  3. Thanks for these!!

    Some really nice font here.. and there all free!!!

    I really like Kaine Block and frozen pandanman.. Look forward to using these soon!!


  4. great font here. thanks

  5. That’s great, u never have too many fonts x)

  6. Nice fonts design.

  7. Great Fonts & thank you for this marvelous Resource.

  8. Unbelievable fonts

  9. Thanks for these great font selections.. I’m always looking for new fonts.

  10. Awesome collection here, think i took about 25 of them, thanks

  11. Thanks !
    Free stuff is always GREAT! =D

  12. Here is also a collection awesome Gothic Fonts:

  13. …. some cool fonts and a great collection too…. I think I’ll check out the “Gothic font” link that “FunSpill” left here too…. thanks “iShift” !!

  14. Love the Prociono

  15. @iZabotin- There is two version of glide font available. One is Glide which is paid and another is Glidesketch which is free.

  16. What’s the deal with licensing for these, I know they are “free” but can they be used commercially or for personal use only?

    Nice fonts though :)

  17. Glidesketch is not free!

  18. nice fonts

    You have posted such a nice article. Thumbs up! Very nice article.

  19. Love the Prociono too

  20. Great collection, some really nice ones you got here.

  21. Its a good description about typography.I like most of these fonts for designs.I will get my favorites for designs.I have to say that this is such a great collection and I do appreciate you.

  22. Wow, I like the look of so many of these fonts!! Bookmarked!!


  23. Great collection, some really nice ones you got here.

  24. I love Single Sleeve. Is really nice

  25. These are GREAT! I used it on an initial site layout today and they seemed to pop out…yet not in too distracting of a way. Thanks.

  26. I love this site. Great job…great links…great work.
    Don´t stop, please

  27. his is a very nice font collection. Thanks for sharing.

  28. Great range of fonts … will use some of these for sure

  29. Very nice Font Collection.

  30. Great POst- Thanks you for sharing.

  31. Thanks for the fonts!

  32. great collection.
    thanks for sharing.

  33. {{{{{ MASSIVE THANKS }}}}}

  34. Pretty awesome selecting you’ve got here – must say, not to keen on Riesling (personally), but i like Illegal Curves more than is probably healthy!

    AeroFrog looks a bit to un-readable for me, probably a great ‘statement’ font though! And how fun is Kaboom! Where did you find all these? Just over time?



  35. Verr Good

  36. Pretty awesome selecting you’ve got here – must say, not to keen on

  37. Really you have shared some useful information over the post. It was really the most important day for you. I like the post very much. Thanks a lot for sharing.

  38. Thank you very much for that extraordinarily first class editorial! Very creative, one of the nicer sites I have seen today. Keep up the great work.

  39. Thanks so much for sharing this!

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