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  1. Those are all awesme fonts thanks for them!

  2. Recklame is definitely not free… although I certainly wish it was!

  3. Nice fonts ! Thanks a lot, Reklame, Dekar and Bebas are now installed !

  4. I really like the second one!

  5. I agree with Inspirationfeed, the second one seems to be the most original of the set. Yanone and Fat-Love are great fonts too!

  6. The Reklame Script font is really nice, the only one I really want…unfortunately it isn’t free.

  7. Nice fonts …. i like it ……

  8. Thanks for the fonts

  9. Latest collection… thanks for the fonts

  10. You can never have too many fonts, especially if they are free! Thanks for the fonts.

  11. this is great but i wish I knew how to install them. I put them in my font file but can’t see to find them when i want to use them :(

  12. Reklame Script is registration required also through, the demo is pretty limited and requires you to pay $99 to get more fonts.

  13. I truly love Reklame font… :)

  14. Thanks for posting this list of free fonts, i particularly like Dekar, very nice and clean font. If they are available to use commercially then i think I’ll be using a few of these examples.

  15. really inspiring fonts for both categories “web and graphic designing”. thanks for sharing

  16. Awesome post! thanks for sharing..

  17. Beautiful fonts. I like Reklame Script. Thanks for sharing.

  18. Wow. Great post, I’m in love with the Code font. Thanks!

  19. Smashing List! These will defiantly come in useful :-)

  20. Nice Collection, thanks for sharing

  21. Nice set of fonts, Looking forward to using some of them in my work!!


  22. i am looking for font ‘Bree’….any suggestion where i can download it for free!.

    • Hi. Did you ever find the answer to your question? Thanks

  23. i want to download these stuff…. but i can’t…
    may be next time… thank for sharing…
    very usefull…

  24. Nice! Number 5 is my favourite I think.

  25. Nice fonts!

  26. No.19 is the style my like.

  27. The No10. CR21 Modern font size seems very creative, I like this the most of all, thanks for this post with so many creative fonts.

  28. I’m really enjoying this site. I absolutely adore reading your article.

  29. Reklame Script is NOT a free font. You can download a demo font containing just the upper and lower case letters for free to try out but the full font is (as I recall) $99 putting it squarely into the commercial font category. Which is too bad. I would love to use it on the couple non-profit sites where I volunteer as the web master but they can’t afford the hosting much less $99 fonts. It is a great looking font so if you do have that kind of cash to toss about, it is money well spent.

  30. Awesome!!!Great post.Thanks for sharing.

  31. I am designing the logo for my hair shop needing some special text fonts styles. It seems the 21 is great for me for design, thank you for your free post and sharing.

  32. Excellent font collection. Thank you very much for sharing

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