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  1. Thanks For Fonts.
    And i like the post preview image its awesome nice effects . is there is tutorial for this image or tell from where u get this image

  2. Thanks for fresh fonts.

  3. ….. an awesome collection of cool fonts, thanks again !!

  4. Thanks,
    not all the fonts are free any longer

  5. Nice collection, its really so helpful for designers for creating new typographic wallpapers and logos.

  6. thanks for awesome fresh fonts :d

  7. Nice set….. Gordala and DAN looks really amazing.. I cant wait to use them…..

  8. Great collection once again.

  9. hi, how do you type the fonts “AVMWRAE” on wet dreamz font face?

  10. WOW!!! nice collection. I could use some. It has been 2 weeks and I’m glad I subbed to your entries :)

  11. My Fav is The Lobster Font & Thanks for this Collection!

  12. Thanks for these, great selection.

  13. stunning collection of free fonts, really useful in print and web designs. thanks for sharing

  14. I LOVE this post!
    It’s great!

  15. don´t know if anyone remarked yet, but “dancing shoes does not seem to be a font but a python library! The beautiful picurte depicts just the name of this library, but it´s not a font.

  16. Times New Roman, Helvetica, Arial, surrounds the typographical world and these typefaces are so functional that they have long since become boring, this post really has illustrated that type has seriously moved on.

  17. Awesome!!!

  18. Thanks, it is very usefull.

  19. Really nice collection of fonts, i love the Ayita Pro font. Got Faved :)

  20. Cool collection of fonts, can’t wait to use some!!


  21. Thanks, it is very usefull.

  22. thanks for the free font. Love them so much.

  23. perfect, thanks

  24. very usefull, thanks for sharing

  25. nice collection thankz for this .

  26. The Real Origami Font looks awsome, i love it

  27. Circula Medium looks amazing, really nice collection, thanks a lot

  28. Woaoww… that,s Great collection …… thanks…..

  29. Its really Very good collection . Lovely fonts Grate Looks Thanks for sharing dear

  30. Good post. Very useful resources. Thanks for sharing. Nice job.

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