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  1. Very good list. Malibu & Periodica it’s my fav.

  2. This is great.. Thanks for the mega list.
    My Favorite is Amable. Its cute

  3. …. what the world needs now is more sweet fonts…. thanks for this collection !!

  4. Very nice fonts! I see a few that looks very appealing to my eye! Thanks for the list!

  5. COOL fonts collection! Much Thanks.
    Bookmarked ;)

    Also wrote about Solomon font review recently:

  6. wow best list in a while. love them

  7. Nice list of fresh fonts! Bookmarked. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Exceptional list thanks for sharing.

  9. Most of them are not considering the fact that they should think about bringing difference between O (oh) & 0 (zero), l (small L) & 1 (one), I (big I) & l (small L), I (big I) & 1 (one).

  10. Can we have an article based on the my previous comments to make aware font designers about these things ? Thanks.

  11. Thanks cool list! Got a link where we can download them all at once?

  12. Thanks for this cool font collection!

  13. These are just lovely! I love the Solomon Normal font. It’s so nice to see some refreshing fonts in a post. Thanks for this!

  14. Excelent!!! Congratulation!!!!

  15. LOlllll…. Tyron Bache.. so anxious.. giving a few clicks on ads on this blog will surely get u the fonts at once. ;)

  16. thanks for sharing, nice list

  17. Can someone tell me why I should I used any of these of fonts and what they’re good for? Other than the usual “oh these look cool” nonsense? Which are best for readability? Which are best for headlines? Print, web or animation? Anyone? Can anyone give any reasonable, intelligent, coherent reason why I or anyone else should bother to download or use any of these fonts?

  18. great list, thank u :)

  19. Awesome Collection Thanks for the post.

    Best Regards

  20. Thank you very much to include my font Mister Jun in your list ! You can find more informations on the download page, but i precise it’s free for all use (commercial include). If you use it, let me see your work by sending me an e-mail :)

  21. Picked up some nice fonts, but I have to say: Austin Powers? Really?

  22. Cool fonts..!! Thanks!!

  23. Or you could get all your fonts without downloading or using Photoshop, for Free.

  24. the fonts were cool but i only grabbed like 3 of them .. ehhhh

  25. Cool! thanks for the compilation…

    Nice Choice..

  26. i must say…!!! just in TiMe…

    very nice collection… thanks for sharing…

  27. very useful

  28. The links for Metal and Amable didn’t work on the past. Now are fixed, and you can dowload for free again at

    Could anybody fix the links and delete this comment?
    Thank you.

  29. @Alberto – Links working fine.

  30. very useful
    its cool :)

  31. Nice collections

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