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  1. Great post I love free fonts! :) Thank you for sharing these with us!

  2. …. A great collection of free fonts, actually, 35 of the latest high quality fonts to be exact…. fantastic collection for sure !! Thanks “deepak” for sharing and I want to thank “Daniel Adams” for creating “instantShift”…. I hope I have that right, oh yeh, thanks Daniel for posting this great collection too !! :)

  3. I thiught I saw/knew every free font by now…not; greats fonts!

  4. Great list.. downloaded many of em. I hate when it says “registration required’ arrghh !! :D

  5. Free and fonts – 2 very good words to put together… great stuff! :-)

  6. An ornamental version of Arial? …uh, no thanks.

  7. Hi gracias por el material

  8. Diggin’ Kilogram and Franchise!!

    Thanks for sharing!!

  9. hey….nice resource

  10. Super nice collection. Thanks for sharing!

  11. wow.. thanks for the cool collections of fonts. I loved the collections. :)

  12. Nice list of fonts, thanks for sharing!

  13. Merge & Expressway are my favorites. I’ll use them. Great sharing.

  14. thanks for the stellar list of fonts.

    if you want even more high quality and premiere fonts, check – it has a dumpload worth of typography resources. it is a beautiful forum dedicated to typography and type design.

    again, thanks for the resources above. i appreciate it.

  15. Thanks for sharing this wonderful collections of fonts..


    Xcellence IT

  16. Great fonts thanks for sharing

  17. Thanks! Some of these fonts are as we speak helping to flesh out my font library… it would be nice if you could denote which sites requires registration, though… it is a hassle.

  18. Sweet collection thanks. :)

    The link to Sketchetica however is broken.

  19. very useful, thanks for sharing.

  20. Great collection. Thanks

  21. Very helpful post, I just love the Beda Bing and Soda ones the most!
    Thanks for sharing, will use many :)

    • hi i m chating

  22. Really it’s a dazzling and implausible collection, i hope you will continue to collect more mind boggling collection.

  23. Thanks for the excellent roundup. I’m about to use Flux Architect font on my Flash CMS website from FlashMoto
    I’m gonna test it with FlashMoto font uploader. Hoping, I’ll succeed!

    Thanks once again.

  24. Really nice collection ! Thanks for sharing

  25. Very nice font!! Thanks for sharing!

  26. thanx for help me fornt is ocom

  27. This article has been shared on Go and vote it!

  28. Amazing fonts!

  29. I’m a newbie! I would love to view these fonts that I have downloaded but I’m having problems viewing it! What is the program that is used to open these fonts? Any body could help!? Thank you

  30. Sorry, Sketchetica´s link is broken… I need this font …

  31. thank you good post

  32. great post! really dig the fonts. glad you kept it to 35, when you get in the 100’s is almost gets overwhelming.

  33. really an excellent collection

  34. A great article!!
    thanks for sharing!

  35. Great article and fonts! Thanks for sharing!

  36. Really nice collection ! Thanks

  37. thanks for sharing this… nice collection

  38. Thanks. I have downloaded ur free fonts. Thanks for sharing…

  39. Most excellent! Nice to find some additional views and comments as well, very inspiring!

  40. Really nice collection ! Thanks

  41. W@0..nice fonts..

  42. Really nice collection ! Thanks

  43. nice design…..tnx for these collection…

  44. Good. I like It. Tanks everybody

  45. it’s cool fonts.

  46. Excellent Presentation. Nice Collection. Thx 4 Sharing.

  47. thanks for sharing this ….

  48. Thank you nice post i have downloaded our free fonts

  49. thanks you please update me with new fonts via my email

  50. thanks you

  51. Cheers for this. Do you update these annually? I haven’t seen one for 2016

  52. thanks for this unmeasurable gift be greatly blessed

  53. great fonts .. nice collections.

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