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  1. This article is spot on.
    Appreciate your efforts in putting this together.

  2. Thanks for this well written article!

  3. Had no idea there were so many.

  4. @lena:
    Thanks lena, I put everything in order to be a reference for all of you who want to start by email campaign/newsletter.

    Yup, exactly. So much services out there and this is just a reference of lists collection and also combined with overview and tips.

    Depends on what your needs and what you want to simplify your campaign. If you liked the simple one, you can use iContact or Mailchimp. But if you want more, you can try to use Campaign Monitor or Aweber.

  5. Wow what a great roundup.

  6. a pretty good article with links to “Bulletproof Email Marketing” services…. although I’m not real crazy about these concepts of sending unsolicited emails to long lists of people…. who never asked for them !! But if done in a “proper manner” I can see their usefulness in alerting people to products or services they could really use, had they thought of them !!

  7. @carpentry:
    You’re welcome. It’s nice for me to share with other people about something useful.

    So yes, I totally agree with you about “concepts of sending unsolicited emails to long lists of people who never asked for them”. Try to always use an opt-in form. That’s an option to be aware of, and it can protect you from being accused of spamming.

  8. Great Article..!! Would appreciate if you could put up the best practices which needs to be followed while doing an email campaign..

  9. Very Nice & Useful information about email marketing.

  10. @solutions:
    first, i would like to thank you for comment and suggestion. It helps me doing better for the next one, thanks :) but for now, I can’t help you. I just can put your idea in the “email marketing tips” section. maybe next time, i’m sorry.

    thanks Dean for comments. I totally tells everyone about experience with email marketing services. And yes, it can become an option for home/small industries while doing an product campaign. you can even use this services to promote your ezine or newsletter. I’m glad you like it.

    thanks Robert, glad you like it. I put everything in order to be a reference about email campaign/newsletter.

    thanks for all the comments guys/gals. Always appreciate feed back :)

  11. I am not really a firm believer in email marketing, almost reminds me of the mundane aspect of telemarketers…great ideas!

  12. Great list !
    Although sometimes they look annoying being in our inbox.
    But they’re gonna be useful if just packed attractive n moderate.

    Well done .

  13. thanks @jordan and @selfinc for comments and sharing with us.

  14. informative article.

  15. This is such a great article and I must say that you have described so well about e-mail marketing.Now a days e-mail marketing is very popular and so many small businesses are preferring this marketing as it is a convenient and easy way for markeitng.

  16. This is a very detailed teaching materials, for “email marketing” do not know friends can learn more knowledge in this.

  17. thanks @mallwp for “very detailed teaching materials”, please spreading this one to another, thanks :)

  18. Great article Bro. But talk about Email Services, is there any free service ?

  19. thanks @isparmo for your comment in here. i think, mailchimp is the best for free services. it contains up to send 3,000 times/mo and list less than 500. if you want more, you can try another services as pay as you go. if you not sure what mailchimp can do for you, you can try to set up your blog newsletter by this services. thanks

  20. Wow, now that was a comprehensive post. Got it bookmarked, thanks for organzing all that. Great Resource

  21. Great article. Till now I have not involved in Email marketing. Definitely deserves a stumble.

  22. Thanks for a very interesting article Bima. Do you have any views on the larger services like Silverpop or Communicator which seem to include lots of other services as well?

  23. @electric:
    Silverpop is a leading provider of permission-based email marketing solutions, strategy and services. Ranked as having the highest business value and richest feature set by JupiterResearch in 2004, Silverpop was also acknowledged by research company Forrester as a “strong performer” that “stands out with an interface that is quite easy to use while providing strong functionality.” Silverpop helps marketers cultivate and maintain long-term strategic relationships with customers and partners by maximizing the potential of email as a relationship tool. Its flexible service model allows marketers to choose from full service or ASP and easily move between the two, making it an ideal solution for marketers at any stage of using email. Silverpop provides email marketing to industry leading companies including The Bombay Company, British Sky Broadcasting, and more.

    so my views about Silverpop, gives you the deeper customer insight you need to create and automate one-to-one messaging that results in more meaningful relationships with customers and greater lifetime value.

    thanks for all the comments guys/gals.

  24. Great article – thanks for sharing such a useful resource.
    keep going on.

  25. Thanks for the awesome tutorial, will be testing these sites

  26. thanks…

  27. Great info, will be watching with interest.

  28. Thanks for adding Benchmark Email to the list! We really appreciate it.

    Great post!

  29. I knew there were a lot, but I had no idea there were this many. One more I’ve heard of but never used is called myNewsletterBuilder.

    Also, I’m currently working on a pricing tool to allow you to find out how much these services will cost depending on your email or subscriber counts. I thought I had gotten all most of them but this article proved me wrong. If you want you can check it out at

  30. Thanks for the emailing tips. I definitely needed help to see how I can mass email, and make some money from it!

  31. Think you are missing a couple of key platforms, but a pretty good list.

    Is it in any order?


  32. Email jetable

  33. Thanks for this well written article!
    Appreciate your efforts in putting this together.

  34. Nice article Bima Arafah..

  35. ActiveCampaign would be another email marketing option with both a hosted service and downloaded version.

  36. Wow, impressive list of email services there. I use Aweber and free Mailchimp service. I don’t even know some of them. Might check out what they offer.

    Also I tried Interspire on my test machine, it’s great software however it’s different when your not hosting in on your own server.

    I will bookmark this post for my reference. Thanks!

  37. Thank you for your sharing!

  38. great article!! thx for ur sharing

  39. very inspiring and great tutorial :)

  40. I am into email marketing from many year but have not read such good article on this topic. I will definitely bookmark this one for future reference. Thanks

  41. Great tips on e-mail marketing. I like the way how the article is presented.


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