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  1. Wow, thats an awesome collection here..really inspiring! thnx a lot!!

  2. nice collection of logos here.

  3. Awsome Collection!

  4. Haha, I totally recognize the bee in the Beeline logo! It is the same bee you learn to draw at the end of Tony Soh’s “Learn Illustrator in 30 days” tutorial. Check it out.

  5. good collection.. thanks.

  6. Really Cool Collection , Thanks for sharing

  7. You did not include my links! huh

  8. Call me old-fashioned, but almost everyone of these relies on gradations or hue differentiation that isn’t always reproducible across all mediums. How would these look in plain old black and white, I wonder?

    While the Web is certainly a prominent medium, these logos either wouldn’t work (say on a package design printed using rotogravure), wouldn’t reproduce very well (say with 4-color process), or would add to printing costs (say spot-color on top of 4-color).

    While they do look nice over all, they fail on a lot of other levels…

    -old school

    • This was actually my first thought with a LOT of these, that’s precisely what I was taught in college, and I didn’t even specialize in physical printing in my studies. Kind of a major thing, for sure.

  9. Wow! Thanks for a very nice collection of logos! Great stuff!

  10. Some really great logos there, thanks for sharing.

  11. This is a fantastic collection of logos, great post!

  12. Amazing collection… very inspirational

  13. Agree with oldschool… almost all logos seem to be made for web, so they wont look that good when printed.

  14. A great collection of awesome looking designs. While many of them look great, they aren’t necessarily practical. For example, most of these could never be stitched into a shirt, etc. While the gradient effects certainly look stunning, it’s not always a good choice. At the very least, it drives up printing costs in certain applications.

  15. Agree with Old School. Although most of them are nice, some of them just look as icons, than logos.

  16. Yes, what Old School and other said – one of the basic rules of logo design is: make sure it will reproduce well in black and white. There are some very nice designs here, but a lot of them won’t work in b & w.

  17. These are great, although some of them are really difficult to read. I do agree with Old School, that none of these will work in print, but I don’t think many of them are intended for anywhere other than the web.

  18. A nice collection of logos. It was worth the visit.

  19. – Tons of them but are they patented.

  20. Nice logos – good job assembling all of them!

  21. any nice ideas, thanks.

  22. They are all great logos. My favorite is Fresh Fish. Genius.

  23. Awesome!

    Gopal Raju

  24. So many of them are so simple and colorful.

    No wonder they are so attractive. So creative.


    Simple is nice.

  25. nice collections!! it’s so helpful and so inspirational..thanks

  26. Absolutely stunning.

  27. These are really cool logos and my personal fav is Koloroo. Love the colors and typo. :)

    Elizabeth, I also think these ads are just for web not for printing purpose. But I don’t see any reason why these cannot be used for stationary.

  28. Thanks for the addition.

    @elizabeth/old school

    To say ‘none’ of these will work in print isn’t true at all. Sure, a few of them wouldn’t, but most of them would. Remember, just because the way they are displayed here (or whatever gallery they came from) doesn’t meant they couldn’t slightly be modified for another application. This is the web, so why shouldn’t or wouldn’t we jazz up the creativity and make full-use of of our resources when we are able?

  29. Wow, Awesome Awesome List !

  30. Liking Cocoa Stuff and Lochness

  31. Very nice logo collection. Thx ;)

  32. These are just fantastic! they are so creative, they made me smile. Creative logos are so interesting. There are tons of logos that you can look at and think they look nice, but when they use the literal definition of the word their logo is based on, they always have more of an interesting outcome. Great collection!

  33. Thanks for putting all of this together, all the logos are fantastic and this post will be very handy for inspiration in the future.

  34. Awesome logos, I think the professional logo designers don’t need inspiration from “other” logos because they are real creative people and can make anything with their own mind and ideas.

    BTW, I LOVE this logo very much :)

    Great work.

  35. There are some very nice Logos in your collection. But as already mentioned, some of them would not survive printing them in b/w, or sendig them through a fax machine. Even a Logo which is designed for the Web should be printable.

    And in some cases, i really don’t know what the Logo is about, because I really can’t read it.

    But apart from that there are some really nice works. A great pool for searching inspiration :-)

  36. Great selection – and im pretty surprised to see one of mine up there!

    to Webmasters Gossip – of course professional logo designers need inspiration. Even the best designers sometimes have a mental block… Thats why they create logo catalogues and design books etc etc.

    im sure the best of the best logo designers have hundreds of books on logos… you cant just pull an idea out of nowhere.

  37. Thanks for showcasing our LemonStand logo. Glad you enjoyed it.

    @Paul said it best regarding if the logos would work in print.
    For example, we have 2-color version of our logo for print, and could even go 1 color or black/white. Actually the logo was originally designed like that, and we added visual details for display on screen.

    To say that a logo “fails” because it is shown on the screen with vivid detail is making the assumption there is not an alternative version for other mediums. And I think for most cases, that assumption is not founded in any sort of truth… or even relevance (web only products/sites).

    Print version of logos can be included via CSS stylsheet. Design meant for the screen should not be limited because of technologies like fax, etc. Otherwise we’ll never be able to grow.

  38. awesome,they are very beautiful

  39. Excellent list… there is too much inspiration here, i think I just take some ideas for my new company logo.

  40. mer30

  41. really great designs. thanks for sharing.

  42. nice logos i have too logos site

  43. Nice collection!

  44. WOW… thanks.. perfect collection..

  45. just let love be

  46. awesome….coool :)

  47. thanks for yours time to post logos..its great

  48. thanks for sharing valuable logos..its good !!!

  49. Beautiful designs! I am playing around with psd and I cannot seem to figure out how to create a simply faded background from grey (at the edges) to white like many of the logos presented here. Is this a gradient overlay function??

  50. It is really a nice collection. which help me to create my own logo.

  51. duktig :)

  52. wow looks awesome

  53. the logos are very nice…thanks for sharing

  54. wow awesome logos….love all..thanks for the wonderful post

  55. Love the logos the paint works is particularly good

  56. dem are really cool

  57. HOT

  58. Amazing Logo

  59. What strikes me is how tough the brief for some of these must have looked. There are some really terrible company names, I wouldn’t know where to begin. My favourite is Saxon photography, very tasteful.

  60. Outstanding work you do and your logo is amazing.I am never saw that types of logos.

  61. v good templates!

  62. Great collection. is worth mentioning for design inspirations.

  63. Really nice!!!! collection of logos.
    Thanks for sharing

  64. Really inspiring , thank you for sharing

  65. nice collection thanks

  66. Thansk Nice Post Goood Post :D..

  67. It’s kind of gay that half of these are not actual company logos. A huge part of creating a logo is the struggle of the client, and having a push and pull relationship. Though some of them are nice, they’re cheap because they don’t involve that struggle.

  68. Nice collections.. awesome detailing on every piece

  69. Same question…I have a site with decent traffic but I’ve found many networks require 500k+ pageviews. Not there yet….

  70. all designs are amazing ,its create new ideas thanks for sharing.

  71. Any idea what font was use for five logo thanks

  72. great collection, Thank you very much great post…thanks for share this

  73. Thank you very much great post…thanks for share this

  74. My first thoughts were that a lot of these are probably not very flexible for real usage. For example some are very busy, and just wouldn’t work small, etc.

    But there’s definitely some amazing designs there. So well worth a scroll through.

  75. great collection,

  76. inspiring collection..!!nice work..go ahead!!

  77. Some lovely fresh and modern logos there, although a few look like they could easily be stock logos though.

  78. Many of these are great, but many of them wouldn’t really be good logos because they’re dependent on many colors to create the shape. You could never print it simply in one color.

  79. Thanks for a very nice collections! Great!!!

  80. Awesome, great inspiration blog. Especially webisode!

  81. Wow, they are some awesome designs!! Thanks for sharing.

  82. Wow, I honestly didn’t even know that you could publish the app so that it was universal. This is a fantastic guide! I’m going to cue up your blog so that I can read more later. I have a page that you might like that I set up for total beginners such as myself.

  83. Took a lot of time to read but I really found this very interesting and informative, thank you buddy for sharing.

  84. Couldnt be written any better. Reading this post reminds me of my old room mate! He always kept talking about this.

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  88. So nice, I’ve learned a lot of idea for creating a great logo…thanks

  89. Great work!! Thank you very much great post…thanks for share this!

  90. Wow, awesome designs, Thanks for sharing!!

  91. nice collection, elegant and simple, thanx for sharing :)

  92. Nice collections

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