10 Amazing Things You Can Do With WordPress

Over the past decade, WordPress has been used by a large number of online businesses. It is a powerful content management and blogging platform without which you can’t imagine WordPress development.

At present, there are almost 25% of the websites all across the globe running on WordPress. This versatile platform has shown its strength and has gradually proved its worth in the online world.

With more than 1.2 billion downloads to date, WordPress has shown drastically shown how powerful it can be, and that it’s not just a blogging tool any longer. In this, write-up, you will get some detailed insights into things you can do with WordPress. Let’s get started!

10 Things You Didn’t Realize You Could Do

Things You Can Do With WordPress


WordPress Multisite

WordPress Multisite feature was first of all introduced in 2010 and can simply change your website into a network of websites. With the help of WordPress Multisite, your website can be broken into various sections like forums or online shops that you can use to boost your business presence online. Each part can even have diverse styles so that you can tell the distinction between each page.

Another bonus point you will get when you use WordPress Multisite option is being allowed to make an employee a “super administrator” so that the super administrator has complete charge every page on the network.


Social locker

If you want more social shares for your content then it is the right choice to choose Social locker. This is one of the powerful plugins. You can transform your WordPress site into a social network by using the WP Symposium. It could be a great tool if you want to reach your target audience. This WordPress plugin could be just what you’re searching for. Content lockers are nothing innovative; they need visitors to make little payments to unlock premium and protected content.

With a social content locker, your content gets more visitors. It’s a pioneering way to take more social shares, as you can use this plugin at a relatively small price.



The bbPress WordPress plugin has created a fully-featured and integrated WordPress forum a simple task. The plugin has been developed and maintained by Automattic – the company behind Open source website creation WordPress. So in terms of consistency and safety – you’re pretty safe. Featuring forums using WordPress is best when you are looking to build a community. This is the reason WordPress came up with bbPress to help you run and develop your community all within a WordPress site. WordPress forum installation is just one click away that features multi-site forms.


  • With the WordPress forum, you can create several forum categories.
  • You can reply to individual topics
  • With WordPress forum, you can boost user engagement
  • With extensions like bbPress Notify you can send email notifications to users when new topics and/or replies are posted.



WordPress is an ardent follower of the security rules. This is the reason why it implements a range of security measures and releases key and important security updates now and then. This is why it is important to always update to the most recent version of WordPress.

In case you’re running a new WordPress website, then certainly security is a serious concern. Even though the majority of people focus on security, a lot of sites still get hacked daily. These hacked sites are not shady either. With this, you can make certain that your site is coded correctly and scanned on a standard basis; you also should download a security plugin like Better WP Security. Some of the security features include:

  • User action login
  • Bans difficult users and bots
  • Incorporate 2-factor authentication
  • Import and export settings
  • Ability to secure multiple sites
  • Hides any WordPress security vulnerabilities
  • Monitor your site regularly
  • Keep data backup

Another choice is to use the WordPress All in One Security and Firewall plugin. This free plugin has all the security features like protecting user accounts, registration, user login, database, and file database. This plugin also offers its users with Blacklist Functionality and Firewall Functionality.


Email marketing

It is a well-known fact that email marketing is one of the best ways of marketing the business in the right manner. Email marketing is well known as the evergreen way of traffic generation. With this option of WordPress, you can get leads related to your business and that too at affordable rates. It is like an on-demand source of traffic who’ve particularly tuned in to your site – keen to hear from you. However, for sending emails to clients for generating the leads it is crucial to collect emails first. That’s where WordPress comes into use. OptinMonster and Bloom are some of the popular WordPress Plugins that you can use to boost your subscriber base.

WordPress.com also lets you gather email addresses from your users. Once you distribute a new post, an email will be sent to all your subscribers related to the new post.


Live Chat

If you are looking forward to providing 100% customer satisfaction then live chat is the right option. As for any business type, the primary concern is to keep the customer happy and contented but regrettably, it’s often unnoticed, especially by online businesses. So to avoid such a situation, adding an online chat feature into your website is an immense way to offer real-time customer service – you can attain this using the WP Flat Visual Chat plugin.

The plugin helps you to connect with your target audience within the WordPress dashboard. The WordPress live chat platform helps you to know what services a page visitor is looking at, and can even share precise website elements to assist them.


E-Commerce Site

As we know that WordPress has started as a blogging tool, though, since its launch in the market, it has evolved into a fully practical platform for creating a useful eCommerce site. Thanks to this plugin as now with this plugin you can easily add eCommerce functionality to your website. Well you must be aware of the fact that you can convert your WordPress site into an actual e-commerce site. It is one of the most well-liked ways to monetize your site is through WooCommerce.

This customizable WordPress plugin gives you the ability to keep track of incoming sales, reviews and stock levels. This plugin also comes with the option of payment gateways like PayPal Standard, BACS, and Cash on Delivery. The eCommerce sites that use this plugin also handle all your shipping needs. Fundamentally, this plugin takes care of all your online business needs and that too in an efficient manner.

Things You Can Do With WordPress


Project management tool

WordPress can be used as project management and editorial tool to generate calendars or schedule articles. One of the more inspiring and popular plugins for project and document management is the SP Project and Document Manager. With the help of this plugin you can organize, upload, share and track files with your office colleagues. TaskFreak is one of the WordPress plugins that makes managing tasks a breeze. The plugin gives you the capability to make and assign tasks, as well as keep track of all the tasks easily. The features of this include a project dashboard, task management, file attachments, client details page, and calendar.


Premium Content Tools

If you want to run a membership site then you can easily achieve that by downloading/purchasing Private Content, Magic Members, UserPro, or Membership. Each plugin in the premium content tool allows you to offer members elite content at that too at a small fee. However, one thing that you need t keep is that each plugin has its unique features and cost, so do some investigating before you settle on one of the recommended plugins. The WordPress Landing Pages plugin gives you the aptitude to check and trail conversion rates, and lead activity. Once you have a successful landing page in place, make certain you get people to sign-up for your subscription site through a contact form. Gravity Forms is one of the most well-liked options if you are planning to add a contact form on your WordPress site. It’s trouble-free to use a plugin that can be integrated with FreshBooks, PayPal, Stripe, Mailchimp, and Aweber.

With WordPress, it is quite easy to build a website that supports numerous languages and this open-source website creation tool is not just restricted to one language. With WordPress, you can handle the diverse versions of the content according to your website. If you want to develop a WordPress multi-language supporting website, you can either hire a language translator or simply rely on machine translation.


Clone Themes

Yes, you heard it right! You can clone themes. While that sounds appealing, why would you do attain such a task? The benefits of cloning a theme are a difficult task but with the help of the Clone Themes option, it is possible to convert an old WordPress theme into an existing website. Of course, for this, you can download the plugin like ThemeMatcher.

ThemeMatcher is tremendously simple to use a plugin for cloning themes. In this plugin, you just have to enter the input of the address you want to copy. The plugin helps in packing all the precious information into a .zip theme file. This is a speedy and economical way to clone a theme or site.

Wrapping Up

In nutshell, we can say that it is very trouble-free to do several things with WordPress besides blogging. The above mentioned are some of the amazing things you can do with WordPress which you may don’t know before reading this piece of blog. Undeniably WordPress is a trustworthy platform to start implementing diverse online concepts with simplicity. Hopefully, this write-up helps you to understand the power of WordPress Themes and the kind of work it can render. So, if you want to create a website for yourself, then you can connect with a reliable WordPress development company and grab a theme that offers you with the best quality features.

Moreover, WordPress has empowered online businesses by giving them huge online exposure. Themes designed on WordPress possess remarkable business latent to get your sales high all the time. Undeniably WordPress is capable of doing numerous things and that too at cost-effective price tags. From supporting online e-commerce stores to providing content management tools you can do all the things just using WordPress. Well, those who are not aware of the coding part; can easily add the functionality of e-commerce to their website using the Woocommerce plugin. Realizing the consistency of WordPress, businesses have started to use it for other purposes also along with blogging purposes.

We hope you enjoy this list of the 10 awesome things you can do with WordPress. If you have anything that you think should be included in this list – do let us know!

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