10 Crucial Reasons Why Your Exhibit Needs a Landing Page

Would you like to turn your business upside down? You must try something different to beat the competitive market in this industry. That’s why you must be thinking of having a landing page in your next exhibit. You could try printing a number of booklets or have a pdf book about your business on your landing page.

Your website is a great tool for helping people to find your business online. Developing a landing page will lead you closer to success in your upcoming exhibit.

As you plan to launch your brand in your upcoming trade show, you should find ways to manage different challenges, whether practical, logistical or physical.

You should also have a positive visual image by creating attractive print materials that talk more about your brand. That might be magazines, booklets and posters. You should be
thinking of getting cheap booklet printing services to cater for this need.

Even though your website could give your customers information about your business, it’s not enough. You need a landing page to offer your customers information about your marketing campaign.

What is a Landing page?

A landing page is a clean, appealing and stylish web page that attracts the attention of your readers the moment they see it. The purpose of creating a landing page is to offer a service, promote a product or put a freebie for download. A landing page targets your desired audience by attracting them to know more about what you have.

How will You Benefit From Having a Landing Page for Your Exhibit?

Benefit of Having a Landing Page

1. Gathering Information about Potential Clients

You must have set a goal for your trade show during your pre-exhibit preparation. It is your landing page that will help you achieve that goal.

If you wanted to collect contact details of your potential clients, you could incorporate a form of filling out such information on your landing page.

Let the contact forms of your landing page be linked to your CRM system. This ensures that when they enter their details, you can get them on your system.

2. Provide Leads with Promised Information

No one is willing to give you their contact information with nothing in return. That’s why you need to offer your leads with a freebie that they can download through your landing page.

All they need is to fill out their details and get the gift. A landing page, therefore, directs your potential clients to an area in your website and gets the reward. It might be a free course, free consultation or an eBook. Whatever you offer, it should further lead them to purchase something from you.

3. It Helps You Achieve Your Goals

The reason for having an exhibit is to somehow achieve specific goals about your business. A landing page guides your customers by providing details about your exhibit. Creating achievable and smart goals is essential.

A landing page offers a simple avenue of getting crucial information from your leads. You can put the URL of your landing page on all promotional materials you will use on your trade show. You can also add that link to your social media profiles and connect with as many leads as possible.

In trade show marketing, a landing page gives your potential customers enough information about what you are selling. Through a landing page, you get connected with your potential clients and understand their needs. Understanding their needs helps you to find ways of meeting them hence achieving your goals.

4. Offers Purpose and Clarity

Landing pages are supposed to be short and precise. A short landing page helps your leads to know about your business within a short time. With appropriate colours and images, your customers will get the message without figuring out. Your prospects will take action shortly after reading the page and give you their contact details.

5. Simplifies The Decision of Your Visitors

Your potential customers have problems they would like to solve. Perhaps your business has that service or product which is the solution to their problem. Your website may have tons of information about your products and services.

But your visitors may not have time to go through all that. A landing page has a summary of what your audience to know. It also has a call to action which simplifies their decision making.

6. Helps You Understand the Prospects Who are More Engaged

Would you like to track the reconversions of the leads existing? Create a landing page and you will be able to do that. Through a landing page, it will be easier to know active prospects in your business. Understanding prospects that are more engaged helps you know activities on your website.

7. It Provides a Living Place for Your Offers

If you have a marketing offer, a landing page is the best place to host it. It will be hard to generate leads for your painting services or something else without a landing page. The good thing about it is that it will always be there.

So long as your website is live, your offers will be live as well. Your landing page is a place for collecting contact information of your potential clients. Once you get their contacts at the exhibition, you can be sure to be in touch with them.

8. It Fuels Other Marketing Channels

Any marketing strategy relies on a lot of content to be successful. If you have an amazing offer, there is a possibility that your prospects can share it on social media.

If you have lead nurturing campaigns, your landing page can be linked to Pay per Click Advertisements and help your page appear on organic search.

9. Increases Credibility

A landing page has a clear message and objective for a user. You need to optimize the content to be focused to a certain course of action. Doing this helps a potential client know that you understand their struggles.

Your visitors will be aware that you also have a solution to their struggles as well. You may also include testimonials of the service or product you are offering. Most potential customers feel secure to buy someone who has helped others succeed.

Testimonials boost your credibility. Your visitors could trust your product or service because someone else benefited from using them before.

10. Improve Your Brand Awareness

Would you like to improve your brand awareness in the market? You need a consistent branding. When you design a landing page you should ensure that its feel, look, copy and page style are consistent with any content linking to it.

Consistency in branding on various media platforms offers users a chance to recognize your brand. Customers love buying frequently from a company or business they know well.

What Factors Should You Consider While Designing a Landing Page?

The following factors will help you design high converting landing pages for your exhibition.

Landing Page Designing Factors


You need to consider who is going to visit your page. You might want to print booklets for those attending the show. It should have an appealing design.

You can make it available for downloading on your landing page as a pdf for those who can’t get the hard copy.


A successful business considers the interest of their customers. When creating a landing page, you should consider what your customers might want to look. Ensure that your
landing page conveys essential information about your business.

Who are you, and what do you do? How can people find more information about your business? Consider things that make you beat your competitors. Knowing your goal helps you to include relevant information on the landing page.

You could provide information such as how your leads can find you at the trade show. Your goal is to deliver crucial information to your leads without including any sales pitch.


Your landing page speaks volumes about your business. Before creating, consider thinking of a design that will attract your potential clients. With an eye-catching landing page, you don’t have to write a lot of words about your brand.

You need a great appearance with a short strapline. You need to be careful with your image and colour selection as well.

You should put an informational section and call to action. You might consider incorporating an explanation video of how your business will help your clients.

Include examples of what you would have at the exhibition. This should target new potential clients. To increase the page’s usability, you shouldn’t put a sales pitch on the landing page.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Before creating your landing page, consider the aspect of SEO. Your landing page should be visible on search engines. You are not only targeting potential customers at the show but also from search engines. You should add relevant keywords and meta-title alongside your brand name. Have a short description of your business and include a keyword in it. Add the main keywords in your title, which talks about the purpose of your landing page.

Considering search engines helps you get a lot of traffic, which may turn into leads. You should have a landing page as a marketing strategy on your exhibit.


A headline can determine whether someone will keep reading the content in your page or not. It is the first thing that your visitors come across immediately they land on your page. A good headline should be short and clear. It answers the question of what the visitors will receive from your page.


What’s the value of your offer? You are trying to solve someone’s problem. You should focus on your client’s pain points. Your copy needs to be simple, clear yet compelling. You can improve the readability of your copy by using short sentences and bullet points. Avoid using large blocks of texts as they tend to be boring and tiring as well.

Incorporate Social Sharing Buttons

If you have an enticing offer, your visitors would be happy to tell their connections about it. You can simplify this by adding social sharing buttons on your landing page. These include Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook among other social media platforms. You will realize that social sharing buttons will create more leads to your business.

Those who never attended your tradeshow will also know about your landing page and products you offer.

Hidden Navigation

Would you like to reduce distractions on your landing page? Your primary goal of creating this page is to make your visitors take action.

Any distractions like side or top navigation bars can shift their attention away. This would lead to a possible bounce rate and low conversion. You should have hidden navigation bars to increase conversion rates.

Conversion/Lead Capture Form

The purpose of your landing page is to get contact information of your potential customers when they download a freebie. You need to add a lead capture form where they will submit their information before getting your free gift. Ensure that you offer a valuable free gift that they would be interested to get.

Catchy Image

Want to make your landing page interesting? Consider incorporating a relevant image to the message you are trying to put across. Some visitors will see your image and want to know more about your offer.

It’s a great way of getting the attention of your potential customers. Be as creative as possible when selecting an image.

Have One Offer

You should be specific with your offer? Do you have more than one offer? If yes, you should only choose one. Adding multiple offers on your page decreases conversion.

Visitors may have hard time decided which offer to choose and may leave your page without taking any action.

A landing page is one of the simplest ways of giving customers information about your business. It is the best thing because it reaches even visitor who couldn’t be present at the

Incorporating all your information in a clear-cut manner helps you get the contact information of your customers. With this, you will be able to do excellent marketing and reach your goals in your exhibit.

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