Wix Logo Maker: An Enjoyable Tool for Your Brand Identity

We recommended keeping an eye on Wix last year. We also suggested you pay attention to Wix Code, an innovative tool to extend a Wix site’s functionality. In a world dominated by WordPress, Wix has no choice but to come with excellent new tools. Luckily for us, Wix is a serious contender and brings to the table new and exciting options.

While the Wix website builder is intuitive and setting up a site is simple, Wix Code empowers users to manipulate data. Now it’s time to showcase a new tool: Wix online Logo Maker. It’s a natural addition to the all-in-one Wix site builder. Wix users can now craft their visual identity using this logo maker.

Wix Logo Maker is an exciting tool that lets anyone with a good aesthetic sense design their own logo. It’s not perfect, but Wix Logo Maker fully deserves your attention. Here are a few features worth mentioning.

1. User-Friendly Interface

Wix Logo Maker

When I say user-friendly, I mean user-friendly! I doubt that anyone who owns a Wix account wouldn’t be able to create a logo.

The process is simple. Click “Start Now” and log in to your account or sign up for an account. Next, enter your business name—a tagline and the industry you work in are optional. Choosing a few adjectives to describe your logo is also optional. Finally, you are invited to rate five logos (you can also skip this step).

Wix Logo Maker analyses your preferences, and in just a few seconds, it displays a variety of solutions. Select the best logo and start customizing it.

 User-Friendly Interface

That is all you need to do! Could you get stuck in this process? I doubt it!

2. Countless Features

Countless Features

Even though it’s simple to create a logo, fine-tuning it may take you longer because you have endless customization options. (This part depends on you, you can choose to invest more or less time on this, depending on your time constraints). You have full color palettes to choose from. The name of your business is fully customizable as well: the color, font, size, letter spacing, and alignment are adaptable to suit your needs.

The sky is the limit with Wix Logo Maker because you have tons of icons and shapes at your disposal for your logo.

3. Enjoyable to Work With

Enjoyable to Work With

You find many logo makers on the internet. Some of them are good while others are just decent. It’s hard to say that Wix Logo Maker is better than all of them—that depends on your preferences. But creating a logo with Wix Logo Maker is certainly the most enjoyable experience. It’s similar to customizing a hero when you play your favorite video game.

You don’t have to know what kerning, typographic ligature, and leading are to create a logo with this magic tool, and you don’t have to be an expert in Illustrator or Photoshop. Instead, Wix Logo Maker requires imagination, patience, and aesthetic sense only, so you can have fun while creating your logo. Pretty cool, isn’t it?

4. Logo Gallery

Logo Gallery

Creating logos isn’t only about technical skills—it’s also about inspiration. Reading branding best practices and practicing a lot is the perfect strategy to sharpen your technical skills. But sadly, inspiration is a subjective matter. You can’t train to become more inspired. What you CAN do, is study other logo designs from your niche, take a peek at famous logos we all know and recognize and try to decipher their secret of success, see how logo designs changed over the years, or simply go on a stroll outside to free your mind. When it comes to inspiration, everything goes!

Many logo designers get inspiration from studying other logos. Wix developers know this and have created a gallery to give you some logo ideas.

Logo Maker is a good addition to Wix. It’s another step in the right direction toward making Wix a complete website builder. But despite the colossal endeavors of the developers who wrote countless lines of code, this tool can’t replace the work of a good logo designer. Currently, any logo maker in the market lags behind a talented logo designer. In 2018 (and maybe forever?), human imagination beats any logo builder! However, a graphic designer is also very expensive, some business, especially small ones, do not have the resources to spend so much on this part of their branding, or maybe they prefer to invest their resources somewhere else, for these type of small businesses and initiatives Wix logo maker provides a perfect solution.

Pricing Plans

You are welcome to create as many logos as you want for all your businesses. It’s free no matter the business size, purpose, or site platform—that’s right, you can use it for websites outside the Wix environment.

Wix Logo Maker stores your sketches and logos indefinitely. Download a free sample to get a clear idea about your logo. Once you’ve made the final decision, there are three pricing plans:

  1. Basic Logo: You will get full commercial usage rights and high-resolution files of your logos by paying €12.99.
  2. Professional Logo: In addition to the Basic Logo package, you will get vector files, a social media kit, print-ready files, and a brand guide by paying €49.99.
  3. In addition to the Professional Logo package, you will get a $168 promo code for your site and a domain by paying €99.99.


Wix Logo Maker impresses with its endless customization options. It’s a sophisticated tool, but it’s suitable even for people who don’t have logo design skills. Everyone should give it a try, but Wix Logo Maker works the best for:

  • Wix users
  • People who have a good aesthetic sense and basic design skills
  • Entrepreneurs on tight budgets
  • Logo designers who want to streamline their work
  • Students who wish to sharpen their design abilities.

Have you ever tried to design a logo with Wix Logo Maker? Are you interested in creating a logo by using this cool logo builder? Feel free to share your opinions with us. Leave a comment with your thoughts about Wix Logo Maker.

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