Why Wix Is the Only All-in-One Free Website Builder You Will Ever Need

If you ask average Internet users to name a free website builder, the majority will say “Wix.” It’s the most famous and the most used website editor. Many online reviews evaluate Wix at 4.8–4.9 out of 5 stars. It has been on the market since 2006, and its number of customers is growing continuously.

But is Wix the best website builder? The best website builder should satisfy the endless requirements of its users. My best is different from your best, so it’s impossible to meet everyone’s expectations. Consequently, there is no single best website builder. There are a bunch of efficient solutions that satisfy most users. However, Wix is the most used and liked solution in this respect.

If you are interested in getting your hands dirty with crafting websites by yourself, Wix should be at the top of the list. You can set up an account and start testing the features. But before creating your first website with Wix, it will be quite useful to read this post. I will showcase the most useful Wix features and its drawbacks. Yeah, it has flaws; nothing man-made is perfect!

1. Wix is Updated to the Latest Technologies

This is a capital feature that assures Wix’s existence. It wouldn’t have its current market share if Wix hadn’t constantly been updated. A website with an outdated design is worse than having no website. Wix is 100% transparent in this matter, and its developers present monthly builder updates, which means users are relaxed about the future of their sites. No matter the trends and technologies used in the future, Wix will remain a modern and efficient website builder.

2. Artificial Design Intelligence

Not only is Wix a modern website builder, but it’s also innovative. Currently, Wix is the only website builder gifted with an artificial intelligence assistant. ADI is a valuable help that is only a year old, but it does its job (in fact, your job) pretty well. Maybe ADI hasn’t managed to fully satisfy users so far, but it will be incredibly powerful soon.

3. User-Friendly Interface

Another huge Wix advantage is the user-friendly interface. Wix can be used even by people with zero web experience. While managing a Wix website requires knowledge of a few specific terms such as SEO, favicon, or SSL certificate, launching a website with Wix is a breeze. Additionally, you do have resources at hand explaining the terms and other key concepts.

4. Many Quality Templates

Wix hosts any type of website, from small personal blogs to complex online stores. It isn’t possible to satisfy such a large pallet of needs without a huge collection of templates. There are tons of templates for every website category. Even the most demanding users admit that Wix’s templates are professionally crafted and cover all the potential uses of a site. The filtering system helps you look for themes you want or see the newest and the most popular ones. The below themes should convince you of their modern design.

Quality Wix Templates

Quality Wix Templates

Quality Wix Templates

Quality Wix Templates

Quality Wix Templates

Quality Wix Templates

Quality Wix Templates

5. Complex Customization Options

Not only do you have many templates to choose from, but all of them are highly customizable. Practically speaking, any item from your layout can be tailored to correspond to your needs. Click on it, go to Settings, and add your input. Wix allows you to control both desktop and mobile view, so all users will benefit from the same great user experience.

6. Wix App Market

App Market is a cutting-edge Wix feature that has delighted users. It consists of a collection of 260+ apps that add extended functionality to your website. Instead of cluttering the interface with endless options, Wix externalized some functions. Let’s suppose you want to add a countdown clock to your website. Go to App Market and select Countdown Clock. The editing interface isn’t cluttered with a countdownoption, and users who need it go to the App Market and install it.

7. Search Engine Friendliness

Wix used to have a bad reputation when it comes to SEO. It was partially true because this website builder wasn’t an SEO friendly platform until last year. The things have changed, however, and Wix has become SEO friendly. The URLs look fine and are parameter-free (no more URLs similar to example.com/dhre47&; they look more like example.com/services). You can add alt tags, heading tags or page meta tags. The templates are responsive and mobile-friendly, so Wix helps you reach the first position for your keywords.

Without a doubt, Wix is a great website builder, but it is perfectible. There is room for improvement. Here are two things that users don’t like.

  1. Can’t Change the Website Template: Wix is targeted to users having little to no coding knowledge. Creating a website is trial and error work for them. I am sure that many users want to change the template in the middle of website creation. Bad luck! You can’t modify the template. You need to start again with a new template! People accustomed to the easiness of changing a WordPress theme will suffer a lot.
  2. Wix Ads on Your Website: Unfortunately, Wix ads remain on your site if you choose the free or Connect Domain (the most basic) plans. Perhaps for personal blogs, the ads are unnoticeable, but for a business website, it might hurt your brand. The positive thing is that all the ads are for Wix’s platform—no other brands are promoted.

Wix is a reliable and robust website builder bundled with useful features. Of course, it has minor flaws that annoy users, but Wix has incomparably many more advantages than disadvantages. If you want to create a website and your budget is tight or nonexistent, Wix is a good choice. You can test the free plan and decide if it deserves an upgrade.

Have you ever used Wix? Please let us know by leaving a comment. We are interested in your thoughts.

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