Tips on Creating a Great UI

Mobile applications have become the buzzword for users around the world. Attractive and functional downloaded application will give an experience that is deserved for visitors.

Important things to consider when developing mobile applications that are UX and UI. Also, before going deeper into the realm, it is important to understand the target market behavior to which you aspire to display your application.

No matter how much money you intend to develop, in the end, it will all be determined by the wonderful application interface, which improves the reliability of your mobile application. Have you ever heard of the “bad” user experience? Well, the “bad” UI is likely to be the cause.

Style and design cannot destroy all things; However, visually appealing intuitive user interface and can be a key to conversion. Interface design that works with the layout of the interface functionality is actually a subset of the design of the user interface, based on the rest of the world: this is the whole experience. So, if you think that the design of the interface is also the most difficult game, you are absolutely right! In order to be successful in your career as a mobile app developer, here are some helpful tips to help you develop a great user interface, which adds visual appeal to your mobile application:

User as the Focal Point

Well, not a problem, but all you need to know your users inside and outside. This explains all demographics that can track your review request. But more than that, you must know what they need, and what the challenges they face in achieving their goals are. It requires a lot of sympathy for the users, and for that, it has to go beyond basic statistics. You need to know the people who are the users of your mobile application. For this, you can talk to them face to face, or see with your product or even ask your opinion about the design, and so on. Go deeper and do what you want. If it meets your needs, take care of your needs and automatically fulfill all the basic requirements. This knowledge will help you make the right decisions about the right interface to use for your users.

Graphics of Adequate Size

When it comes to graphics, developers often follow the golden rule of “one size fits all”, which is actually a wrong approach. Of course, it simplifies the management of resources, but can damage the visual appeal of your application. Its application to the fantastic aspect, including a schedule adapted to the specific screen devices. Best graphics perfectly loaded at runtime and is a nice user interface.

Totally Sensitive

Note that the UI must be designed in such a way as to make full use of the application on multiple devices and mobile operating systems. Whether it is a tuning media query, CSS or JavaScript, all issues related to application mapping to multiple mobile devices, must be adequately taken into consideration.

Adjust the Format

We all face applications freezes when loading a large image file. This does not happen because of the wrong size, but because of the wrong format. The Android platform supports media formats such as GIF ,PNG, BMP, JPEG, and WebP. PNG for lossless images, while JPEG for quality images. Android stretched times also supported Nine-Patch, which is a good choice when it comes to the size of the storage and charging.

The Iterations for a Better Interface

For the creator of the application is the best methodology for iterate configuration interface design is to create mobile applications that are highly interactive and keep the attention of target users for a long time. Remember that each iteration is the valuable lessons that are perfectly adequate to improve performance and can be reused for future projects.

Colors At the Point

They prefer to use the fine animation to move between the implement and the differentiation of the color management user interface to inform the change of state of the application. This approach gives a professional touch to your mobile application. For example, if the screen disappears between actions in the screen transitions, it will not look very strong, and if after pressing the control buttons it changes color, it means that the user action was done for the purpose.

Round Angles

Typically, each user interface, such as a button or ImageView, displays a rectangle of pixels on the screen, but it is not a hard and fast rule. They do not necessarily always stick sharp rotary controls. It is best to smooth the look of the interface to include circular controls, such as easy-to-use web style.

Must Be Simple

Well, now it is, of course, does not mean minimalist style or design. Saving simple things means an approach in which the first user can immediately start using the application, without having to go to a detailed set of instructions or guidelines. Yes, simple users interface is a type that allows the user to perform multiple actions with a few steps. For example, using the effective color user interface will be simple and easy to understand for users at a glance. This will force users to download your application, and even convince you to visit your app again and again.

Balanced Shadow

The latest versions of Android provide a holographic style, three-dimensional icons, and more. If you use eye shadow tones and other styles in your controls, be especially careful to have permanent illumination, ie the constant orientation of the shadows on the screen. The same thing happens with gradients; Perform consistent values in the graphical editor, which can have a consistent gradient and texture.

A Good Contrast for View

What a great pain to the eyes when you receive the mail, full of fancy fonts and background color from the newbies, who recently opened the word art. It is the same reaction when faced with applications that are very difficult to read and navigate. To avoid this scenario, select the high-contrast color schemes that make the design and content absolutely clear. Always better to use color combinations established in system resources, and then, when confidence comes, start experimenting with color.

Large Transparent Sources

As before, silly sources annoy us a great deal. It destroys the purpose of the application and against the purpose for which the users are initially here. Use fonts that can be read and pleasing to the eye. Font size can also be noted. Use a large, balanced font with other items on the screen.

Follow the Rules of the Platform

Many mobile applications seek benefits to users. They provide a simple and intuitive user interface, which uses controls with the intent to create a good experience. Do not try to reinvent the wheel and to include interface controls and screen layout, which have been accepted by users. Follow the rules of the platform and do not deviate from trying to do something completely different. Take a hint of the platform on how the application should look and function.

If you are trying to introduce innovations at your own risk, be sure to use objective methods, such as user research and A / B tests, to compare with the original version of the user interface. This will demonstrate which of the two versions is preferable, effective and easy to use.

Have a Team of Real Users

If you are a UI designer, remember that it is always good to have real users for your ideas and opinions. This will help you to effectively evaluate what to include and what to leave. Do this at an early stage to avoid confusion and effort to create unnecessary functions. This strategy will keep the need for fear of processing, and will definitely save a lot of time and money.

Back the Guard Button

“Back” button is the last save table for users. He must constantly navigate through the user application. If you are an Android application developer, then the reboot button for the original operating system will make it necessary. However, if you create an iOS app, you will be asked to place the “Back” button in the upper-left corner as users expect it to be there. When complying with the operating system, the behavior and positioning of the buttons was affirmed; You can create a perfect application that corresponds exactly to the expectations of the users.

Guidelines for the User Interface

Follow some recommendations that were highlighted by the user interface. The recommendations vary from one version to another, which will show its application, and for that you need to include alternative resources to get some recommendations. Applications will be carefully studied before they open in major application stores such as the Apple Store and Google Play. Therefore, it is important to follow these rules. These rules cover everything from widget icons on the menu and activities. Follow these recommendations when creating an application user interface for each operating system.

Popular Icons Assist

It was a lot of icons, which occupied an area of comfort among users through the last decades. They are very accustomed to the functions of these icons, and that is why today they are very present in multiple devices. Therefore, if you want your user interface to be larger, try placing these icons on hand for your mobile application to add to it an intuitive factor. Example, x is used to close the file; this is known to everyone. However, if you are interested in introducing new icons, then do not forget to indicate its function with an icon to add clarity.

High-Resolution Image Printing

High-tech smartphones support impressive resolution, which adds to the visual appeal of the interface as a clock and limits. If you want to create the perfect user interface design, you need to leave the images in low resolution, and use sharper images with higher resolution. Aligning images with 264 dpi or higher will lead to the fact that the interface will be impressive and will quickly capture the audience. It will also strengthen clarity on devices with a large screen, which are designed for high resolution. However, vector images are still found to be more effective as they have the ability to auto-scale according to resolution.

Do a Beta Testing

It was often noted that developers are not well versed in quality control or beta testing. Once your application is moving, it is useful to go through several beta with unknown users who have the least idea of the design and purpose of the application. Application designers mistakenly believe that users find their application intuitive, although this may not be the case. By placing the application for users, you can track some unforeseen issues that need to be resolved before publishing.

Content Display

People like to use their favorite apps on multiple devices and in different contexts, for example, in split-view mode on iPad. It is important to meet this expectation by creating a design that fits the screen and change the presentation when changing the display environment. Now the display medium can be the whole screen of the device or only part of it. The interface should be designed in such a way that it could have a view controller, sensitive to changes in the environment screen.

Management of Security Issues

As a rule, security and compliance security requirements for accessibility arise at a later stage of the application development process. It is for this reason that the execution time is established. As user interface practices, it should be noted to connect with your core team and other mid-level specialists to confirm that the relevant data is published with a personalized approach. The strategy should be to reduce the training curve of users and improve the overall experience.

User interface of the attractive application rate depends on the target market. By following the established principles of UI design, you can create a product that is easy to understand and high on the stairs of usability. As soon as the world follows the development of applications to jump, you have to learn how to create an exceptional user interface that makes your mobile application excellent.

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