How Online Education Can Improve Kids Learning

With the passage of time, the new invention is done which directly influences the living styles of the people. From past few years, there has been tremendous growth in technology and as a result, many things have changed. Exactly, the same way technology has influenced the teaching methodologies also.

The change is teaching style has been widely accepted across the globe due to a lot of problems which students have been facing with the traditional teaching style. For the youth of 21st century that teaching style was not only outdated but also not up to the mark.

The biggest challenge which students faced was that every single thing was done manually and it created a lot of burden on the teachers and students to maintain and record every single thing. As a result to all this, students who were slow learners were always left behind as teachers lacked the time to entertain their queries.

Now, something has to be done in this regard to bring the change. And the answer was Online Education.

Why online Education?
  • Online education is the ultimate choice because it is believed that the technology possesses the ability to improve the learning and teaching methods which will enable students to be successful.
  • In traditional teaching styles, everyone has been focusing on small class sizes so that a teacher can devote his/her attention to every single child. But online education opens doors for the teachers and students to connect to each other in a most convenient way. Therefore, technology is considered as a “Force multiplier”.
  • The best part of online teaching is that the teaching doesn’t end at a particular time. Like in the traditional school system, after the school timings students had to go home but in online teaching, students are able to connect to their teachers and fellows anytime.
  • The availability of portals, podcast, online tutorials has tremendously decreased the manual work of teachers and offers unlimited resources for the kids that can enable them to learn at their own pace.
  • Other than teachers and students, online teaching can offer a lot of opportunities for the parents who have got a really busy schedule. With the help of online portals, parents can see what their child is learning these days and directly help them. Also, they can connect to teachers very easily with the help of e-mail and know their child’s performance.
  • Online education can also help students to develop a sense of inquiry. Project-based on technology can help the student to explore and learn in unique styles. Online projects can offer unlimited opportunities for the student to explore new ways with which they can connect to each other.

People belonging from the diverse background will always have diverse thoughts on a particular thing and its worthiness. A lot of people have questioned the efficacy of the online education. However, a lot of people have appreciated it.

Let’s See How Online Education Can Improve the Learning of Students

Learning by using simulation as well as models

The best part of using technology in education is that it can improve the experience of a student within a controlled setting which helps students to excel and feel confident when they encounter the similar scenario in a real-life setting. The use of models and simulation enables the students to have the best real-life experience to a scenario where they can use their critical reasoning and enrich their reasoning.

Learning across the globe

The use of technology has very significantly opened the doors for the people belonging from a different nation to connect to each other in a real-time. With the help of online teaching student and teacher though belonging from a different part of the world can connect to each other. The diversity in ideas and thoughts provide a lot of opportunities for the students and teachers to get engaged in healthy discussion.

Manipulative learning

Unlike traditional learning, students do not have to rely on teachers to write an equation and then learn the final results, rather in online education, with the help of software, students get the opportunity to manipulate the reactants by themselves and explore its results. This strengthens their concepts and lets them enrich experience which can last for their lifetime.

New assessment tools

Online assessment tools with the help of quality pictures and videos can help students to retrieve the information in a better way and answer the questions effectively. This improves the quality of learning and students are also happy to get the spontaneous feedback.

Digital Textbooks

In a world where everything is becoming handy and easy to carry then why not textbooks. E-books have very nicely enabled the students to carry their essential books anywhere in a very easy and handy manner. Today, students are not supposed to carry heavy textbooks in their bags, rather the books are right there just a click away. This enables the students to learn anywhere anytime with a lot of easiness.

According to latest researches, online education changes the students’ capacities and as a result, student receiving online education tend to perform better than those receiving face-to-face instructions. Upon examining the students’ performance, it has been said that online education is not just better than the traditional classrooms but it is better than traditional teaching styles in so many ways. Therefore, prompt measures should be taken in order to widen the scope of online teaching so that maximum students can get the benefit.

Here one important consideration which teachers should make is that by no means online education should be an electronic version of their traditional teaching styles. Rather, in online teaching, there should be possibilities of providing students the best learning experience which is not possible in classrooms.

There are certain tips and tricks for teachers which they should consider while using online teaching as a tool to enrich the students’ experience.

Tips for Online Education

Online education is a tool which can be very much engaging for the students or it can merely be a total time-waste. Its effectiveness highly depends on teachers and how they make the course a lot interesting for the students. Following the simple tips can make a huge difference and make the students love the course and stay hooked to it.

Use of images

Using images have always contributed to increasing the student’s concentration. However, when using images it is important that teachers do not overdo it. There should be a balance of images, text, tutorials etc. using too many images may confuse the readers and they will not be able to know what thing is very much important and which is not.

Select proper fonts

Since in online teaching, students are not supposed to listen to the teachers rather it’s more like reading the text. Therefore, the font should be selected in a way that it does not distract the readers. The fond should be in a way that it makes the reading pleasing. Also, teachers can select fonts as per the age groups of the students.

Selecting images which are relevant

Narrowing the content to a text-only will be too boring for the student to read everything and retain it. Rather, using an approach in which there is a balance of text and simple, relevant images improves the learning and helps students to retain the information.

Easy navigation

Since online teaching is all individual based, therefore it should be as simple as possible. Complicated websites and portals make are very difficult for the learners to find the content easily. Therefore, navigation aids should be provided to the students and it should be made as simple as possible.


The basic purpose of education is to prepare students to prepare for the real-life scenarios. Real life is not like a bed of roses rather it’s difficult and full of competition. Unlike traditional schools, in online teaching, no one is there who would spoon-feed a student and remind them of everything important coming in. Thus, it is highly said that online teaching contributes to preparing the students for real life.

Online Education Prepares Students for Real Life

Students learn self-discipline

In the online education system, a teacher is not there throughout the day who keeps giving lectures to the students to make them motivated. Rather, here students have to develop self-reliance in order to succeed in the absence of someone who’d motivate them to study. This is one of the best quality which is needed in real life, where no one is actually there to push you.

Online education prepares students to track their deadline

I still remember how my teachers would remind us a week or a month earlier for the assignment submission as well as exam dates. This always made us dependent on their instructions. However, in online education, students have to manage their time and know all the deadlines for themselves. This helps them to work independently without relying on anyone.

Most of the people you meet online

This happens very frequently in online teaching where a lot of students from different nations are interacting with a single platform. Therefore, there is a high possibility that students do not meet most of their colleagues in person. Exactly the same thing happens in real life where you have to connect to individuals working for the same company over the internet. Thus, online teaching prepares you for it also.

Students get accustomed to using the technology

Students studying in traditional schools uses the manual methods of doing the thing and they lack the qualities to get work done by using the technology. However, this is not the case with online teaching as students have to rely on technology only for their learning purpose. This improves their competency in using technology and therefore, when dealing with job life, such students do not have to face a lot of difficulties in order to adjust to their work environment. As a result, their transition is very much easy.


In a nutshell, online education offers endless opportunities for the students and teacher to collaborate in a very different style. The transition from traditional schooling system to an online system may seem a bit overwhelming but it is worth it.

In online education students are self-reliant and possess the qualities which can enable them to excel in a real world. While thinking of online education, it is very much important for the teachers to note that online teaching by no means is the electronic version of their traditional teaching style. Rather it is more than it. It should be planned in a way that online teaching provides students to get endless opportunities to learn and build their concepts. One important thing that teachers need to consider is that the navigation of the online teaching should be simple so that students do not face difficulty while accessing the course.

Being aware of the fact that every student learns at his/her pace. Minimizing the manual workload of the teachers can also enable them to contribute a quality time for the education of the students who are a little slow. This ensures that they are putting in their time for the good cause and enabling every student to improve their learning.

According to the researchers, there is a lot of scope of online teaching as it prepares the student for the real-life. Thus, we hope that every school will understand its need and put in efforts to switch to online education.

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