How to Stay on The Top of Marketing Trends?

A good business venture, idea or invention requires the best of efforts and financial support to succeed. But what acts like a backbone to a business practice or idea is marketing.

Marketing not only leads to the promotion of the idea or the product/service but also makes the people aware of the availability of a product. The concept of marketing is a wider one and has evolved into a better one over the years. Practically every business constantly searches for innovative approaches to market itself to remain in front of the group. Furthermore, why not? It is ideal to gain the competitive edge and draw in new leads and a larger number of clients as opposed to diving into the dimness of darkness.

In today’s time, there are several marketing mediums available and these marketing mediums have changed over the years. In the beginning of the last decade, marketing mediums were generally limited to television broadcasting, newspapers and magazines, but now, the scope of marketing has expanded. Social Media is also playing a vital role in marketing. Social media sites like Facebook and Twitter which were supposed to be an important thing in the last decade, have acquired a daily routine in our lifestyles. New emerging social media sites like Google+ and Pinterest have also become popular in a shorter duration of time. Briefly, it can be said that social media is one of the most brilliant platforms that help in the marketing of a product efficiently.

Marketing Trends are something that keeps on changing from time to time thanks to technology and seemingly endless innovation. So, it’s not an easy task to stay on top of the latest marketing trends. Here are some ways that would help you to know about the current marketing trends.

How to Stay on Top of the Latest Marketing Trends in 2017

1. Go for Google Alerts

The popular search engine has created content that provides change detection and notification service. The service would notify the users if it gets any additional information regarding atopic. Get updates of your rivals, discover when individuals post something on the web and obviously, stay aware of the most recent advertising patterns and imperative updates in your industry.

By creating an alert, you will be getting notifications via emails about the additional info. So, if you create an alert about the topic ‘marketing trends’, you’ll be notified when any marketing practice trends up. They will appear in Google results if you simply express your theme of interest, which could be web-based social networking, content written work or anything identified with digital marketing. You can filter these outcomes facilitate by locale, event, and importance. Similarly, you can likewise utilize the Google News highlight to remain on top of digital media inclines as they rise.

Google alert has also launched its app which makes the work easier and flexible as you’ll be handling the notifications on your mobile device.

2. Look at Marketing Blogs

Blog websites are established platforms which would help you to know about anything and almost everything in detail. Several marketing experts and economists run blogs and they write about all the marketing trends, precautions to be taken while pursuing marketing practices, their benefits etc. So, by reading these blogs, you not only get information about the trends, but they also provide you the necessary information regarding the marketing trend which would help to function more efficiently. It is suggested that all the marketers should have their blog profiles as this helps them to get vital information and helps them to develop as a leader. You never know, following their online blogs may transform you into a digital marketing expert.

Note: If you subscribe to one or two blogs, you would get the info easily but if you subscribe to several blogs, then it is suggested to subscribe via email or set up RSS. Since you will have loads of information and it won’t be possible to get into detailed of each at the same time, feeds can be helpful.

3. Twitter and LinkedIn

Social Media platform are easy to understand and an awesome approach to staying up-to-date with the latest marketing trends. It permits you to follow industry pioneers and get daily refreshes from them alongside their considerations and opinions on digital advertising.

Twitter is one such social media platform where you can express your words and thoughts freely. Several marketing organizations, experts, and economists keep tweeting about the newly evolving marketing practices, their benefits, reasons and much more. They also tweet about their thoughts regarding the marketing practices. So, if you create a Twitter account and follow the marketing companies and experts, you would get plenty of advice about what marketing trend you should pursue that can help you in the best way. You can also take the help of Twitter’s ‘Who to follow’ feature which would allow you to have access to a variety of categories by which you can select the favorable category and find the required twitter handles.

Other online professional networking platform stage LinkedIn is an awesome place to interface with digital advertising specialists as well as bunches. Utilize LinkedIn to get the kind of news that is significant to you by basically setting up with the points, influencers and productions that intrigue you. You can likewise discover recommendations and advice from industry typhoon through the LinkedIn Influencer program. It can provide you with the best idea and answer all your questions regarding marketing trends.

4. Call in the experts

Like following their twitter handles and blogs, you can even directly contact them to clarify all your queries and doubts about a marketing trend. Companies specially hire marketing experts for such things but for small ventures or online ventures or newly emerging ventures, marketing experts give appointment sessions and through them, you can get all the possible details directly from the experts.

They’ll talk about the effect of mobile on digital promoting, multi-channel conversation points. You’ll learn simple tips and significant takeaways on the most proficient method to advance digital battles for better quality transformations and approaches to drive more customized client connections and tips for conveying higher return for capital invested. They are an awesome source of information which they have amassed in their excursion to be fruitful bloggers, business visionaries, and digital advertisers.

5. Webinars

Webinars are those seminars which are conducted over the internet. Such seminars are conducted often over various sites that provide you a medium to discuss the current marketing trends and practices. You can access these with all the colleagues and bosses. These seminars are often attended by specialized experts and retired business persons and they share their own experiences and practices about marketing which might also provide the information you’re looking for. Many well-established companies like Google offer regular webinars that will help you in attaining a better understanding of the marketing trends. Generally, people don’t have time to attend live seminars so webinars are quite a viable alternative but yes, one can also surely attend these seminars live.

Also, it is one of the ideal approaches to fabricate trust with your group of onlookers. This is effective because as you move your leads through the purchaser’s excursion, trust is one of the greatest variables that will decide if they will purchase your items or administrations or your competitions.

6. Subscribe to Trade Journals

Trade journals are the best options because they cover almost everything about business practices and they provide enough details about them. You can go for trade journals and by reading all the necessary details of the marketing column, you might get information about the trends. You can read these journals in print or online. Reading and thoroughly understanding these journals gives you quite an idea about the practices trending up.

Note that organizations in the same industry are not always your opposition; rather you can make openings with them. One approach of doing this is to collaborate to get contracts from bigger customers that you will be unable to deal with all alone. Trade Journals allow you to associate with your community group usefully to develop your business.

7. Network inside your industry

Most experts construct their network over time through vicinity — individuals from your business college gathering, or associates from your present organization or past employments. You may have a couple of anomalies in the blend, yet unless you’ve been deliberate about your networking, by far most of the individuals you know likely work in a same field or industry as you. It might appear to be harmless, yet that accidental nearsightedness can put you at genuine professional hazard.

Just by talking to fellow mates, we can get a lot of ideas about the current scenario of the marketing industry. So, one should connect with the people inside the industry to get better knowledge and views. Above, it’s mentioned about LinkedIn which is a perfect platform to connect with your fellow industry mates. A website called REDDIT is also a good platform to connect inside the industry.

8. Exhibitions and Trade Shows

Going to public expos and trade shows can give astounding chances to fraternize with other advanced marketers. Such stages are useful in interpreting the latest items and industry patterns which, thus, tweak your abilities in digital promoting. Aside from illuminating you about the most recent advanced innovations, they can likewise give tips and counsel on enhancing/fortifying your current methodologies. This platform also helps you to get in touch with few marketing experts and can have a brief discussion at that instance itself without waiting for a planned meeting.


These were some of the ways by which you can get to know about the top trending practices. Surely, these ways are going to help you to an extent but you can also take the help of the all-time mass media that are newspapers and news channels. Also, these days, proper business channels have been established that telecast details about business trends and changing practices.

Succeeding at digital advertising has a lot to do with attempting new techniques, tools, and procedures. You should not delay about experimenting by testing something you haven’t attempted yet. If you’re getting another organization’s technique, remember that what worked for them may not really work for you; but at least you will know where you turned out badly and extemporize in like manner.

As technology changes, it is essential that you, too refresh your insight to devise better strategies. One of the simplest methods for doing as such is by means of kept preparing. Through relentless learning, you will know about the most recent digital advertising conceivable outcomes accessible to you, which you can utilize to remain one step ahead of your rivals.

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