20 Free High Quality Web/Mobile UI Kits

While developing any mobile app or web application, the most important thing that can devilishly impact its success is the “User Interface“. It is the only way which allows a user to interact with the application. Typically, designing a user interface need a set of small UI elements such as buttons, icons, forms, navigation and many more.

But what if you need to design a lot of UI elements in each application? This would be quite hectic. Right!

Therefore, a smart solution is to have a small package containing the entire UI element that you may need to create a unique and exclusive user interface. Yes, I am talking about the “Pre-made UI Kits” which offers a great and quick solution to convert your design thoughts into reality.

UI kits are just like a key to do your design work in minimum time and effort. With these UI kits you can smoothly overcome from the biggest UI design challenge. Also, you can easily give an amazing look to any mobile app or website without scratching your head.

Here, I have collected top 20 pixel perfect and high quality FREE UI kits, available in PSD format for easy customization. The UI PSD’s are created by professional designers and 100% editable in Photoshop. All the UI kits are built with modern design styles with inspiring layout and design elements.

This list of UI kits includes a lot of creative and useful UI components such as buttons, custom icons, menus, navigation, logos, widgets etc. Some of them contain a complete package of UI elements for a particular application related to categories like real estate, eCommerce, travel etc.

Just scroll down and select the best UI kit that you need in your next web or mobile application and feel free to use it for any personal or commercial purpose.

1. Android Travel App UI Kit

Android Travel App UI Kit

A great UI set for the Android travel app, including a huge collection of travel UI elements such as logos, icons, flight booking, flight schedule, latest travel deals, search trains and many more. The PSD is crafted by expert mobile app designers with an exclusive set of rich UI elements that has high customization capabilities in Photoshop.

Download UI Kit

2. Android Material Design App Screens

Android Material Design App Screens

5 High quality, nicely designed material design app screens with beautiful color themes and background. Each screen is 1000px wide and created with modern design styles and dark color contrast. Check the screens and grab the best one that you like the most.

Download UI Kit

3. Dashboard UI design for User Activity

Dashboard UI design for User Activity

When designing a dashboard, you need to be very attentive about the color combination to easily distinguish all the statistics. To clearly understand the user activities, it should not be too complex. Here I have picked a dashboard UI kit for user activity with nice and simple design style. With a little knowledge of Photoshop you can easily edit its UI elements according to your application.

Download UI Kit

4. Food and Drink UI Kit

Food and Drink UI Kit

A lovely food and drink UI kit including the UI elements for ordering food, recipes, shopping and many more. With this PSD, you can create a fully new and unique food and drink user interface in a very little time.

Download UI Kit

5. Online Shopping/Social UI Kit

Online Shopping/Social UI Kit

Online shopping and social application need a lot of UI elements which is probably not possible to create in limited time and budget. Hence, this PSD can be a handy source to create a shopping or social application. It contains UI components for shopping cart, widgets, user profile and a lot more. Download it and explore your own design ideas to have a unique shopping/social application.

Download UI Kit

6. Ecommerce Web UI Design PSD

Ecommerce Web UI Design PSD

A well designed PSD for eCommerce web application with stunning typography and colors. It consists of UI elements like products, navigation bar, search products etc.

Download UI Kit

7. Sketch Blog UI Kit

Sketch Blog UI Kit

Free UI Kit for sketch with 20 inspirational UI elements. Explore your design idea and create the next UI project with this UI kit.

Download UI Kit

8. Free Material design UI kit

Free Material design UI kit

Free PSD consisting of material design UI elements for calculator, keyboard, keypad, sliders, checkboxes, stopwatch, photos and radio.

Download UI Kit

9. Flat Design UI kit

Flat Design UI kit

A complete free UI kit for flat design widgets like mailbox, time, event scheduling, dashboard, profile etc.

Download UI Kit

10. Sales Dashboard UI Kit

Sales Dashboard UI Kit

Designing a sales dashboard comparatively needs more efforts than any other simple dashboard. It requires to integrate different types of UI elements like line graph, bar graph, pie chart, custom icons etc. This PSD is a complete package of sales dashboard UI and highly editable in Photoshop.

Download UI Kit

11. Material Design Widgets UI Kit PSD

Material Design Widgets UI Kit PSD

If you want to create widgets for your Android material design app, then download this free PSD. It consists UI elements for widgets like time, whether, calendar, music, reminder, dashboard etc.

Download UI Kit

12. Free Cross Platform UI Kit

Free Cross Platform UI Kit

A beautifully designed cross platform UI kit for mobile web and tablets available in PSD as well as sketch format. The kit includes templates (for web, mobile, tablets), custom icons and more than 180 UI components.

Download UI Kit

13. iPhone 6 UI Screens for social app

iPhone 6 UI Screens for social app

A free collection of well-designed and high resolution iPhone 6 social app screens for user profile, friend list, Sign Up/Sign In, latest updates, side menu etc.

Download UI Kit

14. Fashion App UI PSD for Android and IOS

Fashion App UI PSD for Android and IOS

Fully layered, high quality and stylish fashion eCommerce app UI kit for Android and iOS. The kit has total 30 PSD file (15 for each Android and iOS), all the PSD’s are highly customizable and designed by professional designing experts.

Download UI Kit

15. Free Android app screens UI kit

Free Android app screens UI kit

Free Collection 6 Android app screens for login, user profile, playlist, search friends, dialogues and menus. Download, customize and feel free to use for commercial or personal purpose.

Download UI Kit

16. Free Ui kit for mail app

Free Ui kit for mail app

A mail app UI kit in sketch format, including all the UI components to create a mailing app.

Download UI Kit

17. Free Android UI Kit

Free Android UI Kit

A well organized free Android UI kit consisting of UI components for profile, notification, photos, feeds etc. Use it in any Android application and make your design work easy.

Download UI Kit

18. Shopping App UI Screens for iOS

Shopping App UI Screens for iOS

Free set of exclusive shopping app screens for showing products, profile and many more. Download, customize and use it for any iOS shopping application.

Download UI Kit

19. Travel website UI Kit

Travel website UI Kit

A pixel perfect and beautifully created UI kit for travel websites, including more than 20 UI elements such as calendar, maps, room listing, gallery, booking form and much more.

Download UI Kit

20. Free mobile App UI kit

Free mobile App UI kit

An easy to use mobile app UI kit, created in layered structure for simple editing. Download and feel free to use it for personal or commercial purpose.

Download UI Kit


If you find the above PSD’s useful for your project, feel free to share it on social media. If you have your own creative design idea or any other high quality PSD resource, then don’t forget to mention in the comment section below.

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