10 Major Tools Used to Recover Stolen or Lost Mobile/iPhone/iPad

Have you ever encountered a downcast mood when your iPad or iPhone is missing? Have you ever encountered that mood of awful mood of sheer disappointment at the mindset of where your vital information could be? Do you have that phobia of not regaining back your documents, photos and other useful information?

In a situation whereby you lost your laptop or mobile phone, the loss is mostly hardware. What the finder mostly does is to change the sim card and changes it with his or her own card. No one is that sensible or wiser.

The present day iPads and iPhones depicts a summary of various pictures. There is much more at stake. You will lose so much of your data, including: music, applications, photos, contacts and a whole of vital information that has been stored up in your iPad or iPhone. So what will you do recover your lost or stolen smartphone.

Definitely, there is need to purchase another but this requires retrieving all your vital data and information. The main concern is the fact that the finder who recovers your iPad or iPhone will have permission to all your vital data and information including your social networking sites such as twitter, facebook including your emails.

If you are addicted in carrying out online transaction, such a rogue will have permission to your accounts. The primary role to carry out in such a case like this is to carry out changes on your password. It is therefore important for you to note that your smartphone is a thorough and highly proficient device to your identity or identification.

How to retrieve your lost mobile device apps

How the Apps Functions:

Since the iPad and iPhone have resulted as been one of the smartest device around the globe, apps have been built for tracing the gadget at a wide distance by accessing the GPS function of the Smartphone. The service is easily accessible on some apps. For some, there is need for online subscription. The particular station of the phone can be traced by using Google maps. The possessor of the phone can also dispatch a message to the phone, as this will be shown on the screen of the phone.

It is also possible to dispatch such message even if the phone is locked. It is also important to note that in some apps, it is possible to ensure that the phone produces some sound as this assist one in tracing the phone, if it is undisclosed in a particular location like in the kitchen, cupboard or probably in a bedroom. The owner of the phone can just log-on and access the Smartphone present whereabouts. In some cases, if the thief who has disposed you of your iPhone has removed and change the sim card, you can still trace the number. The basic accuracy in retrieving your phone is provided by these apps. Losing or dropping an iPhone is usually a serious issue. Below are some of the apps that can be used to regain or retain a phone.

1. Find my Friends (Free App)

App available for: iOS

Find my Friends

This is a free app for IPod touch, iPad and iPhone, which can be used effectively in tracking a lost device. First, there is the requirement of one inputting friends and family member’s personal and vital information on the phone. In accessing this numbers, which have been prior approved by the device, you can trace the whereabouts of the phone on a map.

There is need to setup the free app on your device as this has a fully effective IOS 5. You must also try to login with the Apple ID by using also icloud. Adding family member and friends is very easy, just forward a request and view their location, if family member accepts the application of the find my friends app on his or her device, you can be able to view the location. In addition, friends can view your location through the means of triangulation data.

You can apportion the location at a restricted time to monitor track of family members and friends. What you need is IOS 5, icloud account or later. You can also register for an icloud account just free on the device. The notification in respect to you or the phone whereabouts displays under the me>followers. All you need to do is to lock the phone with a pass code. This app is free for Android and iPhone users and therefore you are allowed three free locations in which after that you pay a fee in every month.

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2. Motion Alarm (Paid App)

App available for: iOS

Motion Alarm

This app provides an alarm, which can be customized to alert an individual. This alarm is operated when the set level of movement is actualized, the alarm switches off. It is also important to note that GPS tracking system is present in the app. You can encounter the current trace of the phone which will conveyed to your mailbox.

The Motion Alarm is for IOS users while the sound and motion alarm is for Android users. This technology applies deterrence, which is powered by motion.

However, uninvited hands cannot handle your phone. The darkened screen mode or stealth mode is mostly accessed by the application for the sole aim of creating confusion as this assist in disguising the operation of the app. The device can also be regulated slightly through conveying text messages and any other instructions or commands to the phone.

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3. Mobile Spy (Paid App)

App available for: iOS, Android, BlackBerry

Mobile Spy

This app ensures that the device possessor or owner spy or traces the iPad or iPhone he has misplaced as this monitoring can be carried out in real time. This app ensures it presents the entire report of outgoing and incoming calls from the phone. This app also provides necessary information of any sms that is conveyed including contact details, websites URLs and emails that is surfed on the internet as well as the videos and photos being uploaded by the individual or person. Mobile Spy also provides the GPS location or whereabouts of the device.

There are numerous versions for iPhone 4 and 5. There is need for one to follow the three major steps for signing up the account as well as enabling your username and password. You must have to set up the app straight to the tracked phone and initiate the program and after an hour, you can login to the account to view the logs at any point in time to monitor them.

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4. Find my iPhone (Free App)

App available for: iOS

Find my Iphon

This free app ensure the person has access to the use of an IOS device as this will enable him or her in tracing the missing device on a map. This also helps one to shield any data or information, which you have saved on your phone. You can even exhibit a message on the phone or ensures it play a maximum sound volume as this is possible with the app despite if you had placed your phone on silent. You can lock the device remotely wherever you find yourself.

In addition, if you tend to allow this app to trace your iPhone, there is need for you to upgrade the iPhone to an IOS of five or above. It is also very necessary to sign up your phone with icloud account as well as your Apple ID. Lastly, you must set up the Find my iPhone app.

Next, move to settings, icloud and then move to find my iPhone. Click on allow in order to ratify the option chosen. If you app is switched on and you are connected to the internet, you can trace the whereabouts or location of your lost or stolen iPhone.

This app was majorly established in 2009. Basically, it ensured that users trace their phone through the GPS in the device. This service later became free after the IOS 4.2 was established. Those in possession of iPhones in early or beginning version can access their service, which is available on friend’s phone and sign up their free Mobile Me account. They can also use their older version phones since it is running on IOS 4.

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5. I Hound (Paid App)

App available for: iOS, Android

I Hound

The I Hound app assist one in tracking iPad or iPhone through the process of remotely locking it, this app can also clean and erase remotely. It monitors the location and plays siren alerts. One can install I Hound free but you need to ensure that it is a three-month subscription.

The I Hound allows you to recover the missing or stolen iPad or iPhones by using geo location to monitor the locations of the phone. An Android version assists one to lock the mobile device so that your vital information can be fully secured against theft. If the device comes across wrong hands, the device is still secured. The remote messaging characteristics available in this app are also very vital. It ensures one to communicate with the person who currently handles the phone.

The I Hound app signals the owner if the thief pairs your device to computer or any other gadget. When the lost device is plugged to a computer, the app hastily conveys a message by email to let you know that the phone is securely located. You can sign in into the site of I Hound and go through the necessary information about the phone and the present location it is been connected to a computer. This is a very vital characteristic when the individual who stole your device turn it off and then access the computer in erasing all the information on the memory card.

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6. Gadget Trak (Paid App)

App available for: iOS, Mac, Android, BlackBerry

Gadget Trak

This application helps in maximizing the ability of tracing or locating a stolen or lost iPad or iPhone. The app can create reports about the location. Gadget Trak convey prudent messages to the phone. It can also convey snapshots of the person who is presently using the iPhone by accessing the in-built camera. The Gadget Trak cannot be erased from the iPhone; hence, the person stealing the iPhone cannot delete the app.

There is need to set up the app before one can lose the device. Purchase Gadget trak and click the icon of the application on the phone to initiate it. Next, you need to sign up for an account and log in into the account, generate a pass code so that it will be difficult for others to tamper with the settings in the Gadget Trak. They will also be able to view the monitoring status of the app. There are various extended version presented for IOS and Android devices. The snapshots are very interesting characteristics for Apple devices. The owner of the device can thus be willing to collect evidence in assisting to trace the phone and to catch the accomplice.

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7. Phone Trace 4 (Paid App)

App available for: iOS

Phone Trace 4

The Phone Trace 4 ensures genuine-time tracing of the misplaced and stolen device. The app also provides new numbers, which is being accessed by the person handling the phone. The app can send commands and emails as well as sms at a distance. It is easily used with iPad, IPod touch and iPhone. Phone Trace 4 needs an IOS of 3.2 or later. The app also ensures that one traces users of one iPhone and sees their movement during the past forty-eight hours. There is also the availability of permission-based system, which is used in ensuring or prohibiting other iPhone users and stopping them from following you. Some of the versions ensure the monitoring of two iPhones at a time and the permission of two phones to follow your jurisdiction.

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8. Navizon (Free App)

App available for: iOS, Android


This free app ensures the tracing of the stolen device in true time and perfect whereabouts of the device by tracking the position perfectly. It is perfected in such a way as to provide the true position of the Smartphone wherever it is situated anywhere in the globe, whether outdoors or indoors. Users can trace their phones through malls, world trade centers and buildings at the airports. Most major Smartphone’s are linked by this app including symbian, blackberry, Android and iPhone.

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9. If Found (Paid App)

App available for: iOS

If Found

This app is used to change the background of one’s iPhone with a message. Therefore, even though your iPhone has been locked, if someone recovers it and wants to give it back to you, he can trace you and contact you in case. If found + provides a treasurable service when the wallpaper background of the device is changed with your message. A good fellow can return the phone to you even though you have sealed it. It is vital to personalize your phone by making use of this app. You can change the color and fade the wall paper image as well and also include any other information which can make it convenient for you to trace the phone in case if it is lost.

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10. Device Locator (Paid App)

App available for: iOS

Device Locator

This device allows one to monitor his or her lost iPad or iPhone. This is done by remotely ensured by pressing an alarm on the phone as well as taking a snapshot presently in possession of it. Device locator also conveys a message along with the sound. There is usually a monthly or yearly fee when using this app.

There is need to set up the device locator before the device is lost and initiated by clicking on the icon. Next, generate your account in the website and design your settings in the phone. When ensuring to trace the phone, you must login to your account after accessing the website and make sure the account is set up on emergency mode. You need to lock the app from the website and then trace its whereabouts and it current positions on the map.

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In our Present days, most of us possess expensive devices such as iPads and iPhones. On a flight, we watch movies on iPad or read a kindle eBooks or probably we pay attention to music. If your iPad or iPhone gets missing or stolen, whom actually do we meet for help? Misplacing your Smartphone totally entails losing all your sensitive, previous data and contacts. Accidents usually occur. There is no assurance that you will not misplace your iPad or iPhone. You can carry out some necessary security tasks so that, in the ugliest scenario, you will be willing to erase sensitive data from your device and even, try to track the device.

The fascinating news is that there are numerous apps, which can assist you to counter ugly occurrence of theft or misplaced phones. These apps can assist you in retrieving a misplaced or accidentally taken smart device with the list of helpful tools listed and explained above, you can provide a formidable solution in securing your smart device to ensure a little piece of mind.

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