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  1. Hi,
    Great post indeed. logo is more important to establish your brand.Really this is very nice collection for logo design. thank you for sharing.

  2. THanks Ross for taking time to collect such a wonderful logo. They are really awesome. It is good collection for logo designer to design new logo…

  3. When I design a new logo I try to use as many inspirational sources as possible. Blogs like this are great help to get ideas flowing. From this selection there are a number of logo designs I have seen before but overall these are new to me. I have bookmarked this blog – and I hope I will get more information and interesting post from you in the near future. Keep it up!

  4. Great job picking out this list! My vote goes to SunCity and Hershel Farms, creativity at its best.

  5. Thank you for sharing this. It astounds me how many people don’t put more than a few minutes thought into their logo or who, God forbid, try and design it themselves. The number of websites that we are asked to redesign that really need a new logo design too is phenomenal.

    There were a few logos that really stuck out at me as I was scrolling through the examples you provided: Property Wise (love that little owl), Folkdeer, Hershel Farms (really cute) and Peter Florin.

  6. I really like beautiful logo’s. This is the same blog, what i was searching for. Keep posting more appealing logos like this

  7. Beautiful logos! I think many of these are in fact Gestalt based designs; such as the negative spaced ones.

  8. I am looking for a good forum for creative marketing designers. Now in particular, i am need desperate need to create a very specific logo and need major guidence, inspiration, ideas etc.

    Please if you know for the right forum please let me know, thank you SO much! Btw, awesome post! :)

  9. A great article to read and keep in mind when launching myself in to a new logo design for a client. Thanks for these insights as it is very helpful.

  10. some of them looks like old but all of them are interesting :)

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