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  1. The ” Panda ” Logo stands out of the Crowd ! very innovative !

  2. amazing corporate identity designs as i got in this roundup, because i got latest list to get more ideas. thanks for sharing

  3. When I’m designing a new logo I try to use as many inspirational sources as possible. Blogs like this are great to get ideas flowing. From this selection there are a number of logo designs I have seen before, but overall these are new to me. I particularly like how many of them use the negative space to add to the logo designs.

    • Hello.
      Hope you are doing well.
      I want to design my logo, can you help me?

  4. Mind blowing!
    Some of the designers are freaking genius.

  5. It is amazing logo design upto now i can’t see this type of logo design. Thanks for sharing with us.

  6. thanks for creative logos designs

  7. Panda logo looks really Great ! just like a dice ;) designers are really awesome

  8. Best inspiration post for today. Thanks.

  9. These are great logo designs, thanks for sharing.

  10. Creative, inspiring and beautiful logotypes. Thanks for sharing!

  11. Very nice gallery ! I especially love all those logos playing with negative spaces ! Panda one looks great indeed, but others like negative reality or sneaky elephant are pretty nice as well ! Thanks for sharing :)

  12. great logo designs.

  13. Good Collection of of Logos. Where did you collect all these logos? I am really thankful to your sharing this information as It would be more helpful to me for my new designing website. Keep updating.

  14. WOW all of these logo designs are amazing, i like Zebra logo because it looks more attractive and totally eye catching logo!

  15. Fat and Happy logo is literally amazing! its so tricky and hidden logo! Such a nice logos list you shared.

    • nice logo

  16. lovely logo..zebra awesome

  17. Awesome logos, thanks a lot

  18. Great clean logos. Like it!

  19. Best inspiration post for today. Thanks for sharing

  20. I have gone through your article thoroughly and would like to thank you for your sharing. As being a Web designer I love the Logo Moose and Logo Faves – sites very much. I have used this sites for getting logo ideas for many times. Thanks a lot for sharing other clean and attractive logo ideas in this blog post as well. I have bookmarked this blog – and I hope I will get more information and interesting articles from you in the near future. Keep it up. :)

  21. Wow! Its really creative and lovely logo design inspiration at one place… cool one…

  22. you are missing one. I love this

  23. awesome Collection !

  24. nice collection, legant and simple, thanks for sharing :)

  25. Feels like 2012 really offers more logos of the animal type. What I mean is that a lot of companies do seem to want an animal to respresent their business. Might be because of the recent upraise of Twitter with their bird and more.

  26. Nice share. Thanks

  27. awesome quality

  28. Awesome logo inspiration collections, thanks for sharing.

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