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  1. Hidden Mail, Motion and Radio are some of my favs

  2. Awesome logos. Very inspirational. Thanks for sharing!

  3. quite a few awesome logos here! thanks for sharing…I don’t know how original it is but I love the Bowling logo.

  4. Thank you very much Anders for infecting us with these very beautiful and creative logo designs. Love the originality of each one. Happy Friday and have some FUN with your imaginations. Risk = Yuck! It is ok to laugh you know.

  5. Check out our website logo

  6. Amazing logos, the ‘Imaginary Friend’ and ‘Who You Know’ are great logos.

  7. Really great designs. I got have some new idea from here for my next logo. Thanks

  8. Awesome designs…. love the voodoo connections one!

  9. awww…awesome… i really liked the LOGO THIEF’S logo…interesting and inspiring

    Thanks for latest logos

  10. I like the 1st one and the Hiddenmail logo. Thanks!

  11. Really really awesome batch of logos here. I dared to say the best of it but it’s just a great bunch :)

  12. i have seen my favorite logo here which is “Geek Baby”

  13. Shift and Thief Logo is very nice and impressive work. all the Logos are best these two really impressed me with their design and strong impression.

  14. I loved Fish Marked pier 5 logo. Looks great.

  15. Blue logo with Mario man is the best!

  16. Thanks for sharing these amazing works. Really inspiring.

  17. when i design my next logo. I will apply some of these idea.
    thanks for share great logo design

  18. Hi,
    Excellent post, one of the few articles I’ve read today that said something unique! One new subscriber here :)

  19. Great list of beautifully designed logos.

  20. Thanks for sharing these amazing works. Really inspiring.

  21. Some Great jobs together……. trend setting types…… really appreciate the wrx….. Please do more to motivate the DESIGN Zone.

  22. Very Nice logos. Thnxx a lot for sharing these amazing work….

  23. A clever bunch. Really nice list to peruse.

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