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  1. This is a nice collection logo design inspirations with a range of different trends throughout. There are a number of them I have seen before on similar blogs, however the majority of these are new to me. I particularly like the Night Golf, Wriking, 24/7 and Hidden logos for their creative use of imagery as well as colour choices and text they have used. When creating a corporate image for a organisation or non-commercial entities it is important to ensure the logo fits and is easy to read or understand so the viewer can associate the branding with you.

  2. Great post with some new logos I haven’t seen before. Some of these are excellent. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I wanna just say fuckin awesome examples dude! :) Very very professinal works

  4. Great post

  5. Some of these are very nice. Loving the el amigo meat market one, that is such a sweet style!

  6. Some nice logos on there. Were they all from design contests?

  7. Bowling Shoe and Bulb Fiction are mind blowing. Name an concept both.

  8. Wow, beautiful!

  9. I like “Night golf” logo.

  10. All of all this logos I can’t get the “Flo Entertainment” logo out of my mind, that type and orange are like eye candy.

  11. Some great designs here!

  12. I’m feeling Inspired thanks!

  13. I love this set! They’re all so clean and sharply designed. I really envy those people who are good in making art or even just simple PS tricks. I tried it once, but I never picked it up again. Maybe one of these days.

  14. good….i like it…

  15. wooow im lovin it :D thanks a lot

  16. Wow awesome designs! I recently launched a contest at htttp:// and I was quite surprised with the awesome designs!

  17. Very creative logos, the “Balloon your room” and “Movie quotes” logos are great :)

  18. Very nice collection. This website was recently launched and has a great design, also built on WordPress.

  19. cool logos…

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