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  1. I love logos with a double meaning! My favorite out of this collection would probably be Twister Pictures, very cool design!

  2. Your posts are one of my best sources of inspiration. Love to read them!

  3. Awesome collection of logos

  4. If this is a logo contest and I’m the judge it’s gonna be a real problem for me

  5. Wow Dkumar! Beautiful creations! Thanks for sharing.
    Dkumar, how do I share other logo design’s that I think would be a great addition to the collection above, that has not been featured already?

  6. You can also check out logo inspirations on

  7. Great round up of logos. Pick of the bunch for me were: Twister Pictures, Watercolor and Writetime. Cinempire Films was very good though quite detailed, it might not scale well to a smaller size.

  8. Really ccol.Thanks for shearing.

  9. Great collection of representative icons of their logo’s name. Just the type of inspiration I’ve been needing. Thanks!

  10. I love the “lit” logo… it inspired me alot…

  11. Great work! it seems unfair to me, mentioning some of the great artwork, cause there are much to many great logos to mention…

  12. Here a logo for our new company:
    Take a look!!!

  13. Thanks for you great post

  14. good collections

    i like it………

  15. I admire the way you express yourself through writing. Your post is such a refreshing one to read. This is such an interesting and informative article to share with others.

  16. nice logos, i like twister pictures, waterolor and synczone. thanks for share..

  17. Thanks for you great post

  18. amazing collection, keep posting more


  19. Great inspiration!

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