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  1. its very nice. :-)

  2. Beautiful… Excellent work..

  3. logo design always made me interest. I have seen many logos inspiration and there are only a few are truly unique and creative, respect to the designers who create these amazing work ^_^)>

  4. creative listing you sharing.

  5. Can we please stop with the posting of logos that have been posted on other blogs already? And for that matter, posting of logos in general. There are already plenty of logo gallery sites on the internet. You efforts at InstantShift are better spent elsewhere writing the knowledgeable articles you are good at.

  6. cool collection of creative logos.. Thanks for share.

  7. nice collection. does anybody know which font is used for the e-mphasis logo?

  8. Great set of inspirational examples. I find something useful or inspiring every time I stop by.

  9. Saki, I believe the font in question is Max.

  10. NoName, yes it’s max. thank you very much!

  11. i like your designed logos really grate.

  12. Great List!

    very creative & inspiring, i should have Redesign my logo :|

  13. Thanks for the inspiration. It’s always great to see what others are designing. Sometimes its enough to spark your creativity

  14. hi
    the logos are great…they are truly very creative and inspirational.
    i am too doing an animation and graphic design course.
    I am stuck with a problem. My elder brother is opening a hospital. He proposes to name it “Sanjeevani Hospital” or “Sanjeevani nursing home”.
    I am stuck in finalizing the logo. Can you guys pls come up with some creative logos. It would be of great help.
    Thanx…hope you guys will help.

  15. Huh! What’s a post.I am really impressed to see the content and theme of this post.Although the picture of this post is funny but if we think well then we see that it is one of the best informative post on web design.Thanks for this great post.

  16. I am happy to find your distinguished way of writing the post. Now you make it easy for me to understand and implement.

  17. Cool stuff here =) Thanks!

  18. Best!

  19. Some of the logo’s in this collection are really great and creative

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