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  1. Great list with HTML newsletters.

  2. All in one place… i like very much

    Thanks for the templates

  3. fantastic
    impressive work
    thanks for great collection

  4. I think your comment system does not work so good. I tried several times to post and it doesn’t work. Anyway this is a very good list with HTML templates

  5. Excellent work, Got impressed


  6. Many people do not read advertising emails but I am sure if they see any of these beautiful templates they will surely wait a second (before sending the email to SPAM folder) and read the content :)

  7. Very Nice List

  8. Brilliant give away!

  9. Nice list, thanks for sharing!

  10. excellent designs and useful stuff you sharing.

  11. wow, great! very nice collection, i am gonna to use one, thanks! ;)

  12. These templates suits best for my Job site.

  13. No Limits!! Cool :)

  14. Excellent templates! Very useful!

  15. Here is another set of 58 free newsletter templates.

    Cheers Max.

  16. Awesome – thanks very much for the newsletter template links!

  17. Emailwear just realeased a collection of free newsletter templates

  18. Thanks a lot , i got a nice email template for renovation news letters of this list, very helpfull

  19. Thanks a lot , i got a nice email template for renovation news letters of this list, very helpfull. Thank you

  20. These are superb! I really like them. My favorite one would be business template.

  21. Now thats a lot of links for email templates. If anyone else needs more options for their email marketing, ActiveCampaign got some nice html email templates if anyone needs it … I’ll add all of these to my bookmark list of email templates. Thanks.

  22. Nice list of templates! I decided to go with airmail design for our newsletters. Thanks

  23. I’m new to this. the list of templates looks great!! Could someone tell me where I can read up on how to use a template once I’ve downloaded it?


  24. Nice collection! thanks for sharing..

  25. It was really impressive.I would also recommend a worthy feature wherein you can send bulk emails with ‘schedule time’ option.

  26. Nice !! I recommend that provides high quality html email template newsletter for online marketing.

  27. Wow! Awesome list of newsletter templates :) Thanks!

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