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  1. As usual, a very nice post. Logos and Icons are my favorites

  2. I fully agree that the logo is very important, especially in the first contact with a company. Logo can give a positive impression about some company.
    Logo of some companies is so important that it sells goods.

  3. Superb post. Thanks

  4. Brilliant post

  5. creative tips you sharing. thanks

  6. I create logos for a living, just loving how you guys think its so easy !! I would like to see some finished designs from the ‘noobs’ ! :)

  7. Very informative article. There is a small company that helps new business with logo design.

  8. I found a company that has taken the logo creating process to a new efficient level, just fill in a form an click “Go”

  9. Building a relationship with a graphic designer always gets the best results for a logo design and can even help with an overall branding strategy. is a great place to start in Australia.

  10. Great article with some great advice. If anyone needs some advice on a logo your more than welcome to email me or check out my business.

  11. Really Great article, Try if anybody need a good logo

  12. Awesome post, thanks for sharing these tips! :)

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