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  4. Great tips, especially about the logo design process steps with the client.

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  9. This article contains useful information, but it is not very well written. It seems the author’s native language is not English. That is not a problem if a native speaker takes time to correct the article before publishing it, but it seems this didn’t happen.

  10. Nice list and guides, thanks

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  12. ok let me be clear..i desperately needed this for my wife…she was recently learning about logos but left in a midway as she could not find sufficient info on it…thanks a lot…

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  17. Great article Daniel! Regarding your question about how many hours a day we get creative…well, I often get creative when I go to sleep :) During daytime it happens for one or two hours at most.

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  20. What self-respecting designer uses Arial in a logo?

  21. Woa! you have grabbed the essence of whole Logo designing in some bunch of paras. I have read the half of this post but checked all the links you provided, it was all relevant and made the article mind blowing :) Like it a lot..

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