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  1. Cool tutorials. I cant say it’s the best once but it’s handy list.

  2. Sober collection of some of the easy and best tutorials around. Thanks for sharing. Cheers :)

  3. Most of these tutorials are old. Can you compile a collection of fresh logo and icon design illustrator tutorials.

  4. Great list, may be I’ll be an Illustrator master after follow all of these tutorials.

  5. fantastic resource, thank you very much!

  6. some of tutorials seems HARD, but nice try, n good paves. thank u

  7. glad that you liked them.

  8. Good tutorials.Impressing.

  9. Cool tutorials! thanks

  10. Good Style Of Work.I appreciated on your work.

    Keep Continue

  11. Thanks for sharing

  12. you are welcome!

  13. Nice tutorials, thanks.

  14. love the automobiles logo tutorial.
    very stunning

  15. Great selection here. I just have to practice with the pen tool to do these properly! Thanks.

  16. Nice tutorial. It’s probably a bit complex if you are new to Illustrator, but great info for jazzing up your visuals. Thanks.

  17. you are all welcome! Glad that you liked it.

  18. Great tutorial! logo designs are good enough.very informative also.

  19. Great job! This is a cool list of logo tutorials, many thanks! Max.

  20. thank you guys, glad that you liked them!

  21. Good collection of icons and the tutorial is very intresting Thanks for posting

  22. Nice collection of articles, I love the Panda :)

  23. These are great tutorials! I will learn a lot of great skill from this.

  24. Nice collection


  25. loveable Tutorials can i get more logo n thank u so much helping by all this …………………………

  26. nice!..nice..,great work.,…
    big thankz:)

  27. This is A really Great tuts, thank you very much for sharing keep it up instant shift. . .

  28. This is just a great list of tutorials!
    I am going to use on of them! thanks for sharing and keep it up!

  29. I have to create a logo/icon with the title “Good Day”- implies have a good day..

    Please anybody give me a idea to design it..

    Thanks in advance..


  30. awesome Design Tutorials

  31. Hi thank you for this helpful collections :)
    I found this around might be help beginners .

  32. Hye, thanks a lot you for this helpful collections :)
    I found this around might be help beginners .

  33. I found this article really helpful as I was looking for the same information for couple of hours on web.

  34. Fantastic…

  35. Fantastic tutorial, great collection.

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