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  1. Another set of great logos for designer inspiration!!! Love the DesignDraco one~ Nice!!!!!

  2. All logos are great inspiration. Thank you for sharing with us.

  3. Great collection some are style over substance but some good idideas in there, thanks for sharing

  4. Great selection, loving the octopus !!

  5. Some of these are great, but others are quite literally iStock vectors used illegally as logos (in the case of Color Accounting:

    istock link:

  6. Wow truly inspiring logo designs – my favorites are The lions an lions , liquid dynamite and color accounting.

    Nice blog.

  7. Omg. This are awesome. Downloading right away. Thank you.

  8. I fell in love in a logotype «The Scrapbook Bunny» )

  9. thank you for including me too in the list

  10. Wonderful inspiration in mind, they are beautiful!artistic!

  11. Cool logo designs and nice collection.

  12. Nitpick incoming –

    Logos aren’t brands! Visual representations of brands are referred to as Visual Identities, logos and their usage fall under that.

    Brand is a conceptual description of a company’s personality. E.g. Coke’s brand is not about the swoosh or the Coke-a-cola wordmark, its about authenticity and happiness.

    I don’t mean to nitpick but its a critical difference. If you’re looking for inspiration for your logo, try your brand!

  13. Thank you for the motivation, this is a great collection. Very inspirational, love the night golf logo more.

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