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  1. Logo designs never fail to amaze me, seriously it’s creativity at it’s finest, how clever some logo’s are made it just makes me drop my jaw in awe.

  2. Bee’s Kitceh is great.

    Thanks for the inspiration Anders:)

  3. Can I add my logo too? It’s in my gravatar and also located at

  4. Wow thanks for featuring quite a few of mine. I haven’t seen a few of these due to the fact I never go on deviant for logo inspiration but great list nonetheless.

  5. Well, these are reall creative logos, thanks for the effort putting this together. I saw some logo collections lately but this one is the best.

  6. very good logos

  7. lol… national giraffic

    thats cute.

  8. Amazing collection, great logos!

  9. Such a nice collection of logos . The logos are mainly used by business undertakings to create an identity . Great Thanks for sharing these one…

  10. Nice collection, Thanks for sharing :)

  11. Wow, some amazing ones here. They’re all really great, but my favorites are kidsclub, Artistic, Kakara, Back, Heavy, Dimitic, Xavier Fence, Say Cheese, Crown Airlines and Royal Theater.

    Really impressive. I like anigrams, but I’m not sure that they’re totally readable – especially that second one which I can only guess at (“Poborb”?).

    And I wonder if/when it will stop making sense to use a string of film in film companies’ logos, especially if they work mostly or only digitally. It’s still a very handy image to be able to use, though.

  12. what a great collection..
    keep sharing..

  13. really cool collection.

  14. I have always been waiting for instantShift’s logo collection post.All logos are awesome. Few of I like most Chillys, Palmtree Design, World Dog Show, Eagle Songs Studio, Heavy Design….Thanks for sharing.

    Best Regards

  15. Man…………These Logo’s were so awesome :)

  16. nice post.
    my website name deuly how to design…….

  17. Absolutely love the ‘say cheese’ Logo, the guy that created that is genius!!

  18. That’s really thinking out of the box. Tnhask!

  19. Amazing collection of logos. Al are looking unique and beautiful. I think it will inspire the designer to make a unique and standard logo. Thanks for your creative job

  20. I’m looking for inspiration on making my own logo. This post helped me to do that. Grungy Circular Logo is my favorite so far.

  21. some logo’s design is wonderful . thanks for sharing

  22. In a word I say you really awesome.

  23. Really nice collection of logo.

  24. Great & Creative logo design. Thanks

  25. All of these logo are looking very spanking . You have a great thanks for this post guy , well-done for this post .

  26. Thanks For sharing a Great post.

  27. Amazing, these are really creative logos, thanks for the effort putting this together. I saw some logo collections lately but this one is the best.

  28. Wow, Excellent.

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