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  1. Nice logos…….

  2. Once again an increduble collection, very inspirationnal….
    I Love it


  3. Great collection. Some of these were very interesting.
    Thanks for the inspiration!!

  4. I have the same opinion with the sentence “Corporate Logos go a long way with you to deliver the meaning of your product”. Every logo mostly depends on the contributor service. Here you share great collection of corporate logos. All these logos are very gorgeous and simply conveys the message, what that firm provides.

  5. The lion in the Kendra Seregeti logo is great!

  6. Really cool Thanks for sharing.
    Best Regards

  7. stunning collection of professional logo designs, this is an bundle for designers inspiration.

  8. wow great collection of logo ;) thanks for sharing , I like all :D

  9. Awesome designs!

  10. I love them all! :D

  11. ir is the really nice of peace of work make me love it

  12. Me too!

  13. Wonderful !!!

  14. Just wondering how much it cost to design something similar!!!

    And where?

    tried many websites but nothing was similar to that level

    Do you have any recommendation?

  15. The best logos are for fictitious companies.. I’m so jealous

  16. All the works available are creative support providing

  17. Great set of logos, love them.

  18. Good resources. Thanks for sharing. Very impressive design.

  19. Great collection to get some new ideas before designing a logo. Keep Posting Such a use full post.

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