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  1. Interesting collection.

  2. Great collection. I like Bright Puppy.

    Thanks for sharing!

  3. Excellent collections

  4. these are everything but fresh..
    nice list though..

  5. Wow, superb collection. I love fusion, kitchen love and wife-i.

    Goooooooooood one Is!

  6. Simply superb!

  7. Thanks! Really inspiring! :)

  8. Great collection!
    Logo wolrd is very funny.. I like read ideas in logos..

  9. A very nice collection, logopond seems the place to go for logo inspiration tbh

  10. Cool designs! Great use of negative space and simple elements. Thanks for sharing.

  11. That’s really a great collection you have here looks awesome…..

  12. I like it. The subtle background transparency is also really great.

  13. Amazing collection

  14. Gr8 collection.

  15. amazing logo collections.

  16. its a best logo collections.

  17. Great logo collection of logos ……….
    Keep it up .. . .

  18. Flawless and what a superlative collection.

  19. Good ones but MilkyMug and The Writer’s Window take the cake

  20. Some really nice stuff here… Thanks

  21. These are awesome!!
    Saw lots of bees, i thought they were disappearing.

  22. Cool collection! Many clever designs. And a lot of them! :)

  23. I’ve gotta say, this is some wonderful collection. Very inspiring.

  24. Great collection! tnks mn!

  25. I love cityclick logo design.

  26. nice, trully inspiring…

  27. nice logos..

  28. Wow Logos!!!

  29. Nice logo collections! very inspiring!
    i luv the Equestrian Clothing logo, it’s very niiiiice! :)

  30. I love this logo designs

  31. You’re the greeatst! JMHO

  32. wonderful collection, thank you

  33. nice collection of logo

  34. super collection, thanks

  35. I love this site very quality shares, follow-up

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