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  1. WOW!!!!! Hands-down, the best logos I’ve seen in years! AWESOME! Thanks for this article; it just gave me faith in modern logo design, as well as my own. :)

  2. Awesome! I love Airtisticss logo

  3. Some great logos there.

  4. Some great inspirational designs indeed!

  5. These are very unique. I love almost all of them. Very creative and inspiring! I hope my new logo makes a list like this one day :-)

  6. Very nice! Some great ideas and work here. Keep posting!

    Its hard to pick the best but my vote goes to Gym-guide.

  7. Some really nice logos here…Great inspiration!!

    I really like the colour fruit logo..


  8. Good
    I really like the colour fruit logo..

  9. Hight reaches new heights!

    Thanks and Regards

    Noel for
    a graphic design studio

  10. Amazing collection, thanks for sharing

  11. Love the logos from artistic and michael spitz, very original indeed..

  12. Great list. Some really cool, new and awesome logos there. Great for inspiration. Thanks ! :)

  13. Great logo Amazing designs loved all of them

  14. My vote goes for ALONE

  15. All logos are awesome.

  16. Thats fantastic list, Nice to see my apl JLM’s Zeebra as well. Wish mine was also included –

  17. Stunning collection of inspiration!! Spartan golf is truely exceptional. Thanks for sharing!

  18. Implausible collection thanks for sharing this exceptional and remarkable logos.

  19. ofcause spartan!

  20. Your logos are great i get many ideas from.

  21. WAW
    GREAT LIST..really love it…

  22. The Unlimited bike logo is very clever, with the infinity sign. Also like the Australian art supplies logo, nice and fresh/simple. Right, I’m off to design an equally brilliant logo now (I hope)!

  23. These logos are fantastic. I think A&M Upholstery and Baby Veggie are my favorites… the former is quite fitting with the stitching representation, and who could resist the cuteness of the Baby Veggie for their children.

  24. Super Collection….

  25. very nice collection

  26. Outstanding logo’s you shared with us, It’s an awesome creativity by the designer, specially ZEEBRA and DIGITAL REACH both are with the nice concepts.

  27. i can really see that you spend lots of time on your design and actually delivered a very very good result. I kinda admire this blog’s design and if you would like an opinion, really, the only thing that bothers me a bit is that they layout is not centered but it’s on the left. Other than that, everything looks very neat.

  28. I loved all of these designs but my favorite had to be “baby veggie”, lol – there was a lot of energy in that logo design :)

  29. At last, someone comes up with the “right” answre!

  30. Inspirational collection. The box fish logo is truly iconic for me

  31. Great looking logos. In my business I see a lot and this collection is outstanding. Loved the Monkey logo

  32. very creative. I like the ‘willd sugar’

  33. Wow, this looks great. Your work is very good and i appreciate you and hopping for some more informative posts.

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