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  1. @Enk.– Thanks for the heads up…post updated :)

  2. amazing logos. i am looking for someone who can design a logo for my blog from long time, even some designers did it for me but could what i am looking for. these logos are really good for inspiration.

  3. Great collection! Thanks for taking the time to put this list together!

  4. These are really inspirational. thanks for the share

  5. I’m not easily impressed, but there are some very fan-tas-tic logo’s here…which I did not see before.

    Great roundup…

  6. Some great logos, love the two tone ones that blend with the background.

  7. Superb collection! Consider me inspired!

  8. A great collection of logo designs for inspiration from “instantShift”… thanks “deepak” for sending me these !!

  9. Very nice collection. Quote builder is awesome. I love how they incorporated the quote into the hammer.

  10. Awesome list, a couple of them were old but had some really good inspirations.
    SpaceEgg Logo is repeated at the last.

  11. This cool

  12. This is an awesome so much inspiration I have no idea where to start looking

  13. Really nice designs , Thanks for sharing

  14. Great collection,really inspirational stuff

  15. The second one is very cool.

  16. nice logos

  17. This article has been shared on Go and vote it!

  18. Nice collection. Hope I could design as beautiful as these designers.

  19. This is a fresh collection indeed. Nice to see something new once in a while.

  20. Awesome, awesome post! Appreciate the hard work of putting all of these together. The Oemplus is my favorite. So simple yet it works for me.

  21. Extremely great collection!!!

  22. Wow, clean, unique and sleek!

    Thanks for the inspiration

  23. Nice logos

  24. great collectionn “SpaceEgg” my fav one..

  25. Amazing logos

  26. Thank you for sharing – this website helps our team out so much with inspiration.

  27. Excellent work! all the logos are really nice. Simple yet very eye catching. keep it up!

  28. Oops, i donno how i missed this list. Im so honoured to see my 2 logos as well :) Winky cloud and M4 :) Thanks mate

  29. Nice Logo but I think they should have been design without any background color at all.

  30. Great Logos, Good Works, Thanks

  31. Great Logos Thanks for sharing

  32. Nice article i am also associated with this business so i am well aware how useful this article really is..

    Commented by:Logo and Stationary Design Firm

  33. I just found this list, and saw that my Coffee Shopaholic logo was on it! That was a pleasant little surprise!

  34. Great collection…Such wonderful inspiration.
    thanks for sharing.

  35. Hey, that’s the gretaset! So with ll this brain power AWHFY?

  36. Some of the logos are awesome!Thanks Admin very great collection.

  37. Great and inspirational logos! Amazing the creativity in all and the use of the colors

  38. Great Designs.. Amazing…

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