Top 10 Mistakes That Ruin Your Website Design

Are you sure that you are a perfect web designer? Then you must not have faced any issues with any of the websites designed by you. Well first of all we should understand that nobody is perfect. Everyone make mistakes. But what is more important is learning from your mistakes and not repeating them.

Actually my philosophy is that ‘a person who does not make mistake does not usually make anything. ’Mistakes give you the opportunity to grow but they are not considered as mistakes if they get repeated.

When you want to test a real web designer the only way to check him is by checking the websites designed by him/her. Web designing will judge a web designer perfectly. It includes a number of steps and you have to perform each and every step carefully because a single mistake can ruin your complete website. Being a designer you have to design websites for extremely impatient visitors and who will shout out loud at you if their website did not meet their expectations. And because of this the poor web designers have to face a lot of peer pressure for meeting the expectations of their clients. In such a situation anybody would make mistakes and one can even make silly mistakes. Sometimes these errors remain unseen and go live on the websites.

These mistakes could lead to disaster. You have to make sure that when you are designing a website please take care of the mistakes we are going to discuss in this post. Here is a list of mistakes that web designers forget and as a result some unexpected results follow.The biggest challenge for any web designer is to keep himself and his website away from making any errors and present their clients with neat clean and error-free website.

Let us have a look at the mistakes:

1. Low collaboration at the initial stage

The primary stage is when you discuss things with your customers, understand his/her idea and find out what he/she is expecting from your side. It also includes doing a bit of research, making some useful changes and moving on to the ideation. This process is only restricted in between the web designer and the customer. But there are some other equally important stakeholders that participate equally in the website designing part. It is a collaborative process where some role is to be played by the internet marketing team, developers and content writers. So you have to discuss every point with every person who is ultimately going to contribute towards the project. If you are not discussing the points with every person involved then there will be problems with your design, not now but eventually.

2. Unable to understand your target audience

If you are unable to understand what your target audience is expecting from your website you won’t be able to design a website according to their expectations. Sometimes the web designers do not go into deep of what type of audience are you going to target. They have their own mind set ups for designing a website and they design it accordingly. Actually the fact is that searching and looking for the taste of your target audience is very time consuming and hectic. So, web designers do not put in so much of time in searching for the interests of your target audience. In fact they run away from doing such things. But designing a website by keeping your target audience in mind is good because then you will be able to design what is the demand of the hour and what your client and his clients are expecting from you. Because when you know whom to target you strategize your work accordingly.

3. Making Hurry In Every Case

Do not just run for getting your work done quickly. When you put pressure on your designer to complete the work in no time the chances of making mistakes get doubled. You are not giving enough time to your designer to think over the design and the things he want to implement. Every project is given a proper time frame for its completion. But this does not mean that you get the opportunity to delay the project by giving some useless excuses. Always decide how much time it will take to complete the project and then start working on it. Do not take extreme limits and do not make any hurry for completing it.

4. Not focusing on the latest trends

Sometimes designers get so engrossed with their own ideas that they forget to study or update their s elves with the latest innovation in the field. This is not a good practice. You have to remain creative and at the same time you have to keep on upgrading yourselves with all the latest technologies in the market. The simple rule is that do not just follow a single trend. See what’s new in the market and start thinking that way. Change your ideas with the changing trend. This is the only way of designing user friendly and trendy websites.

5. Page Loading speed is very high

For making your website as the best, designers make use of various things and as a result the loading speed of the website becomes very large. It starts taking about 3 to 4 minutes to load which is not acceptable at all. Users love to visit websites that open immediately within seconds and they do not have to wait for the website to load. Even if you website is a brilliant one and is highly functional, gives useful information to your users even then your website won’t be able to reach the level it deserves because of its loading time.

6. Building websites only for search engines

There is no doubt in the fact that search engines crawl your websites to make them rank high but it is humans who browse it. It is okay if you are designing your websites for search engines but only for search engines is not good. Most of the time these designers forget about this and they design a website which is 100% SEO friendly but not at all user friendly. The major problem lies is that the designers mainly focus on their links, keywords just to fit the website in the SEO form but they forget to think about their users.

7. Designing Call to action which is not clear

When you design a website it is important that you design a proper enlarged size ‘call-to-action’ button placed at the side of the website. This button should be larger in size as compared to the rest of the content available on webpage. If it is not large chances are that the button won’t be visible clearly and your visitors won’t be able to contact you as a result loss in business. Call to action buttons are designed especially to tell your visitors about what they have to do next. They go together with the website content and help you in making your visitors into your permanent customers. So when you design a call to action button, make it clear that your button is clearly visible and stand distinct in the crowd. This ensures your users to find out what will happen if they click on a call to action button and what they have to do next.

8. Not placing your Call to Action button at the correct place

Here we are talking in continuation with the above point. What if your call to action button is good and is clearly visible on your website but is not placed at the appropriate location? If it is not placed where it can be seen easily, it will definitely hamper your conversion rates. Only the correct placement draws the eyes of the visitors and allows them to move further. You have to think very carefully if your buttons have to be fixed above the fold or below the fold. If you are using two or more Call to action button on a single page then you should place them above the fold and below the fold. These two places are of paramount importance that you use for evaluating the efficacy of your buttons. If you do not then you will never be able to find out if your call to action buttons are working as per your desire o not.

9. Not using relevant Images

Images speak your business. Sometimes people do not read the content but they get impressed by the images used and the quality of images placed on your website. The images you use should be relevant and clear about what they are describing. If you have a user-friendly website, including informative and wonderful content on your website but with bad image quality and irrelevant images your website is dead before it gets live on the internet. The image that you select for your website should be checked for its quality, clarity, motivational value and usefulness and its engagement with the customers. You can club these characteristics under relevance.

10. No Social media Experience

Who does not know about the power of social media? Every business is hooked up with social media to a great extent that when you want your customers to visit your website they should also look for your social media experiences. So when they are visiting your website they should be able to connect with your friends on the social media and will come to know more about your products and services in detail. If you want to increase your business with social media, please put in some efforts by posting your comments at the relevant posts and also invite them to like your page and let them comment on your page. Start communicating and increase your interactions. This will help you in building a community and you will grow considerably. Enough talking about the benefits of social media but designers forget to add the sharing buttons at the top of your website in order to take your visitors directly to your social media pages and let them know more about your products and services. This could be taken as a blunder while designing a website because at present there is no such website or business that does not have a social media page. These are some major mistakes that are often done by Web designers while designing a website. Being a web designer when you decide to design a website you have to be very careful with the above said points.

At the end,

A person does not easily identify these mistakes and it requires very sharp eyes to find out such mistakes. What you have to do for ensuring that you do not always end up with these mistakes is designing your websites with different perspectives that should be user friendly and proper use of images should be used.

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