Almost Next to Nothing… How Far Can You Go for Minimalist’s Sake?

“Minimalism is the intentional promotion of the things we most value and the removal of anything that distracts us from it.” – Joshua Becker

It may sound strange, but notwithstanding the increased information flow, current websites and web apps tend to less clutter. Today’s web is oriented on utmost simplicity and intuitiveness which provide better user experience. However, making things simpler turned out to be a complicated task not every developer can cope with. That’s why we decided to list corporate websites of the companies that managed to convey the major message with fewer words or without them at all.

Actually, minimalist web designs got into focus in the last few years. The opinions on how good or bad the trend is differ. There are plenty of articles on minimalism in web design where the attitude to the trend depends on author’s personal viewpoint. There is little use of such approach, that’s why we will try to be as unbiased as possible.

We believe that nobody will deny the fact that design is more about how something works, not looks. The first “WOW” effect goes very quickly and the users stay with bare website’s functions one on one. If something seems confusing they just leave and find another website rendering the same services but having more user-friendly design.

Let us give you a common example:

Focused, minimalist landing pages convert better. Check out the most successful web companies home pages and see what works.

Main principle of minimalism “less is more” should be understood as follows: become simple by means of analyzing everything and eliminating anything that is not absolutely needed. We would define minimalist website design as clean, uncluttered, and direct, with special emphasis on UI over “pretty pictures”. Use the least amount of page elements to accomplish your goal. It can be driving a viewer to contact you, purchase something, sign up for something, and many others.

Minimalist approach is similar to coming back to basics: making designs unsophisticated, more aesthetic and airy.

Minimalism lets developers concentrate on users’ needs. Minimal designs just give the users what they want quickly and without any effort from their side. Site visitors don’t need to feel themselves like Indiana Jones on the hunt for a unique artifact to find out the initial purpose of the website.

In our opinion, we should thank the popularity and breakthrough in mobile devices. It’s difficult to believe now, but not so long ago mobiles were not seen as the major sources of the Internet traffic. So, there emerged a necessity to clear off all the superfluous nonsense present with the only aim to beautify the design. The priority shifted to provide the user a good experience across the majority of platforms. Hence, the things became simpler.

Did you know that the term ‘minimalist design’ appeared a century ago?

It became a significant trend in many areas like arts, architecture, technical, and even film and games design. In term of web design, minimalism refers to a site which has simple main elements, plain colors and clear layout. Even if your knowledge in web design is extensive, building a minimalist website will require experience, creativity and skills.

Here are some simple tips that are aimed to contribute to the success of your minimalist website:

  1. Find out which elements are fundamental and focus on them.

    Finding the main elements is the core of a good minimalist web design. It strongly depends on website’s purpose. For example, if you offer some service online, main element is the signup form, which includes a title, several inserting fields, and a submit button. The elements that should be omitted from the input form are wordy introductions or explanations for each field, as well as other unnecessary information. Never forget that if you wish to create a minimalist design, only main element deserves being focused. Think twice to take final decision about such key elements.

  2. Stick to accurate grid alignments.

    Minimalist websites often attract the users with smart visual effects and hidden ideas, messages. Therefore, when you’ve finished choosing main element and its supplement, there is a turn to arrange them right. They should be managed, placed and decorated in the manner that makes them effectively convey the message a site owner tries to deliver to the visitors. A small prompt: the most efficient way is to line up the objects in a predictable manner, familiar pattern. And again we repeat: use the smallest number of elements possible to achieve the final purpose.

  3. Mind the typography.

    As a rule, there is always a well-designed short sentence, phrase or word dominating the screen in minimalist designs. They should catch visitor’s attention. It’s rather complicated without good typography. We know that Arial is the most common font in many cases, however, in minimalist web design, using Arial or other similar simple fonts can be a failure.

  4. Use less color.

    Using fewer elements, use fewer colors either. Try to choose only those that interact well with each other and affect the visitors the way you wish. Colors should facilitate you in creating the feel of your website and conveying your ideas better.

  5. Powerful contrast.

    An intensified contrast can drastically improve your design’s readability and user-friendliness as the result.

  6. Pal up with white space.

    Large whitespace appears in minimalist websites due to the omitting of many unnecessary elements. You should just accept the fact that design won’t be minimalist if every piece of its space is occupied by something.

To sum up everything said above, we should say that minimalist web design can be considered an art. No matter how many tips we would have listed here and how detailed they were, there is no guarantee that you’ll succeed in your minimalist project. The success depends on how much time, creativity and persistence you put into your design. “No pains, no gains” – this folk wisdom is the biggest secret of great minimalist designs.

We hope that minimalist websites showcase, following this introduction will fill your head with new original ideas. Have a good time!

1. NTN

Minimal Website Design - NTN

Minimalism has the perfect ability to focus attention at the right places or on the right objects.

2. Penson

Minimal Website Design - Penson

Minimalism is tedious by no means, if used masterly, of course.

3. Uva

Minimal Website Design - Uva

One can tell so much without uttering a word…

4. Carte

Minimal Website Design - Carte

A great example of minimalist design with uncommon navigation.

5. Trois Oiseaux

Minimal Website Design - Trois Oiseaux

Rich green background helps to keep the website minimalist, yet interesting for further investigation.

6. Leandro Farina

Minimal Website Design - Leandro Farina

These crystal pyramids, as the way of products presentation can be considered a brilliant idea.


Minimal Website Design - WCWP

Don’t you think that namely the absence of some elements stirs our curiosity?

8. A good book

Minimal Website Design - A good book

Don’t you think that such unobtrusive product presentation makes the customers stay onsite longer?

9. Borheh

Minimal Website Design - Borheh

No images, no text, just white and black stripes on the page create a charming optical illusion of movement. (Don’t look here is you have a weak vestibular system).

10. Awayo

Minimal Website Design - Awayo

Hover the images and see what will happen. (A great space saving method).

11. Electric Bodies

Minimal Website Design - Electric Bodies

Did you know that it is possible to present electric guitar bodies in the minimalist style?

12. Gyorgy Korossy

Minimal Website Design - Gyorgy Korossy

Ready-made projects always tell visitors much more than words.

13. Arne Meister

Minimal Website Design - Arne Meister

Big text over the pure white background… This way your message will definitely be read by the viewer.

14. Polly Stanton

Minimal Website Design - Polly Stanton

White landscape, subtle logo and main menu – a good example of minimalist design, isn’t it?

15. Ippon Matsu

Minimal Website Design - Ippon Matsu

Have you ever seen such kind of design for Beer Company? It will definitely stand out against the others.

16. Viso

Minimal Website Design - Viso

Even a graphic design company can perfectly present itself on the net with the help of minimalist style.

17. Har Du Det I Deg

Minimal Website Design - Har Du Det I Deg

This round blue button is impossible to avoid as there is nothing more on the page. So, it’s a kind of guarantee that the visitors will pass the test a website offers.

18. Soul Wire

Minimal Website Design - Soul Wire

The mopping and mowing guy’s face is a great way to draw users’ attention to the website’s message.

19. Tebukulo

Minimal Website Design - Tebukulo

What do you think it is? Maybe a green cloud with legs? Minimalism is revealed in vagueness here. Would like to know more? Browse the whole site.

20. Infamous Studio

Minimal Website Design - Infamous Studio

Chaotic scribbles over the grey background look very unusual and interesting. You will find out that this website is full of unexpected design elements, just scroll down to see them all.

21. Wanda Print

Minimal Website Design - Wanda Print

Minimalist home page… The wonderful things start after you begin scrolling.

22. Web Movement

Minimal Website Design - Web Movement

Want somebody do something? Use minimalist approach like these guys.

23. Tomlrn

Minimal Website Design - Tomlrn

Simple geometrical figures instead of ordinary menu? A creative idea!

24. Square Space

Minimal Website Design - Square Space

Hidden vertical menu and sketchy, icon-based horizontal one are placed over the snowy mountain peaks background photo. Such layout creates the feel of purity and air on the page.

25. MIXD

Minimal Website Design - MIXD

Minimalist doesn’t always mean white or fair, some websites are bright like this one, for instance.

26. Jays

Minimal Website Design - Jays

Undoubtedly, it’s because of black and white color scheme this website looks so neat.

27. Killthemessenger

Minimal Website Design - Killthemessenger

Minimalist websites can have trend video backgrounds. Just agree that it looks impressive.

28. Hega

Minimal Website Design - Hega

A very laconic design for digital activists, reflecting the essence of their work in one single objective placed into the center of the page.


That was the last minimalist website in our collection. We hope it inspired you for new designs creation. If you met some extraordinary minimalist websites on the net or designed them yourself, please share the links with us. Have some practical advice on the technique? They are welcome either in the comment section. We wish to know what you are able to for minimalist’s sake…

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